Willow and bamboo

Willow and bamboo

Be as the willow and the bamboo.
The willow has a balance. Both feminine and masculine. It bends in beauty with a storm but does not snap and remains strong with masculinity as it flows with the strong winds.
It submits to the wind only to become strong and more willows build a wall that can not break.
A bamboo will shed its seeds to build a forest a man can get lost in and each bamboo will work together to defeat and charge against it.
The willow and bamboo is a metaphor for the individual and its family, it’s community.

You the individual must find balance through thought, meditation and creativity. The primordial mother gave us this gift. This is freedom from slavery of the material world. This is the metaphysical world you must seek and find. As many in the material world are lost and use only rational and logical thought process they slowly die of lack of spiritualism. They are incomplete and that is why they seek the truth but never find it.
But as the individual, you must grow the family and build up your community as this is your meaning for life. The survival and the gift of the offspring.

The Sophia Perennis has given us Mythology turned legend, history and above all the beauty around us and at our feet. The very world is a part of you.

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