Life’s game and your challenge

If you look at life as a game then you can put things into a simple perspective.

Life deals you a hand of cards. The card suits and numbers are your circumstances, where you’re born, who your parents are, gender, race, religion, and geographical location.

These are all cards. You must take your hand of cards with the different suits and numbers and take it to the poker table or “world” and play.

There’s nothing you can do, the dealer has spoken and named the game. That game is life. Now with that hand of cards, there is always a way forward. It is up to you to make your round of bets. Raise or call, or go all in.

This is why you must become smart in strategy. Strategy or war is perfect to apply in the strategy of life and business.

The study of history improves such a strategy.

So if it’s a game to play I offer the advice to play hard.

Do not complain. about situation, race, religion, or economic situations.
Because in truth, no one cares.

It is a miracle and against all odds that you were conceived to walk among us as it is.

Be grateful.
Be great.


Purity, nature, and tradition

The purity of the perfect organism is to survive. To feed and reproduce. Within raw nature, this is natural purity.

This is before the only organism to have a conscious was given life.

In this view, humans are different than any other living or organic life.

We have a conscious. We can plan our actions. We can premeditate on what course of action to do next. And even though we have introduced morality we still can not fight against the basic natural extinct to survive.

We act in self-interest and in the interest of self-preservation, success, survival, and we are greedy. Compassion is obsolete unless we think it is wise because of the view of others or our benefit. This also includes the benefit of making us feel better about ourselves.

We act like we care, that we are compassionate, we give charity and offer help or condolences to those s in need or hurting.

But even this to the majority of humanity is a lie. You can disagree but the actions of those around and history have shown this to be correct.

We even invented religion to make certain universal rules and laws. Some are called “commandments” and ” sins”. Others that are even more plentiful is government law, order, and government rule. This is to control the primal nature of humanity. Yet, look how many not only break the government law but can not follow the basic universal truths that humanity has put forth.

Shall not kill.
Shall not steal. And so on

Yet we go about our lives as molesters and rapists are given chance after chance. We close our eyes and look the other way and even create the “war on drugs” yet blink at a “war on sex slaves”. Oh yes, we say and know it’s bad, but where the outrage and the protest. There never has been one since the American civil war over bondage. Thousands in every country are enslaved. At least our ancestors had courage and standards in the end.

Your enslaved, do you not work for a wage. You give them your entire lives, 8-10 hours a day for a wage that may give you a decent life of what time is left that is yours to be free time.

So I say let’s change, let’s reevaluate and put ourselves through the school of the Ubermensch.

Those with courage.
Those with true compassion.
Those with leadership.
Those with discipline.
Let them rise.
Let them lead.

The hierarchy is the natural way of the survival of the fittest.

Give “the best” the “crown”.

Let those traitors be outcast. Those politicians who have been in politics and leadership roles for 40-50 years and have done nothing! I spit on the bought man. The traitor.

May the ax pluck his brow.
May the best, the great, and the honorable rise.

Aristokratia! To the best.

Lead by the best.

Lead by merit. True merit. The merit and nobility of the next Kings, queens, warriors, artists, and philosophers.

Democracy is the government of the slave.
Socialism is the government of the weak, frail, and the failure. That needs to be spoon-fed like dogs.
The communist is immoral and leads the herd.
When only the alpha can lead the pack. Only the strong.

Let the wolf stand.
Let the lion forward, one roar, And disperse the sheep.
Crown the black prince, the great, the Ceasar.

C.S. Lewis put the problem very well:

“Monarchy can easily be debunked, but watch the faces, mark well the debunkers. These are the men whose taproot in Eden has been cut: whom no rumour of the polyphony, the dance, can reach—men to whom pebbles laid in a row are more beautiful than an arch. Yet even if they desire mere equality they cannot reach it. Where men are forbidden to honour a king they honour millionaires, athletes or film stars instead: even famous prostitutes or gangsters. For spiritual nature, like bodily nature, will be served; deny it food and it will gobble poison.”

Our traditions and our true traditional leaders of the ancients gave us the knowledge of how to live and how to lead, yet we are so forgetful.

Follow the Maxims!
Salute the maxims!

Give heed to the
147 Delphic maxims!

The Maxims found at tomb of Kineas, give heed!

-παῖς ὢν κόσμιος γίνου,ἡβῶν ἐγκρατής,μέσος δίκαιος,πρεσβύτης εὔβουλος,τελευτῶν ἄλυπος.”Païs ôn kosmios ginou -(As children, learn good manners)
hèbôn enkratès,
-(as young men, learn to control the passions)
-mesos dikaios
(in middle age, be just)
-presbutès euboulos
(in old age, give good
-teleutôn alupos.
(then die, without regret.)”

“These wise commandments of men of old- Words of well-known thinkers – stand dedicated In the most holy Pythian shrine From there Klearchos, having copied them carefully, set them up, shining from afar, in the sanctuary of Kineas” – Clearchos

Let these be your guide. Let the ways of the Deitus lead you to improvement. The human of higher virtue, the man, and women evolved. From home sapiens to homo deitus.

Follow the philosophy of the Deitus.

Hannibal LaCroix