Masters of Self Sadism

Are you a master? A God? The God of emptiness? Are you a slave? A slave to the material and abundance?

Only in modern times do we find ourselves in an abundance of things in which we need to survive. Even 100 years ago people lived in a rough situation, even the rich. This is due to Central heating and air, refrigeration and the modern building supplies. The “super” market lined with products. We move further away from self sufficient every decade. We move further away from our mother nature and beauty. We not longer seek to master the skills of basic survival. No longer need to. But in doing this we also begin a oath to mental decay. To box ourselves in with no fresh air. We are in our box called home then we move further inwards Into a box known as the personal computer. The personal computer becomes and extension of ourselves. When this is used for growth and knowledge this can become and advantage but on the mass scale we do not use it for that. We use as life itself. Our life, our hobby, our time. Our soul is no longer nature’s fresh air but 1’s and 0’s.
The Japanese calls this Hikikomori and is a social withdrawal. Not to he confused with a path of enlightenment where one looks inward for knowledge but a path of self destruction. A path of loneliness, of death. The Deitus looks inward for creativity and knowledge as a swordsman looks inward to adopt his craft. The modern man feels depressed and a social failure. A Deitus man or women understands their is truth in both inward and outward. A path of the hermit can tell us what the spirits have to teach. Many of men of genius has to crawl within his place of solitude to meditate and create his Magnus opus. However he must not crawl away, rot, and wither into dust. This is the path of a failure. We seek to transcend to Deitus.
Deitus becoming! Becoming Deity!

Self sufficient from all.
We will (Deitus) never be satisfied, we must be more, we must seek Transcendence. However understand what makes us different. The modern man or women seeks more in the material zone. They seek abundance and more in materialism than in self improvement, health, transcendance, skill in craft and spiritualism. We must always seek self improvement. It is ok to enjoy the material world and it’s luxuries, but do not let yourself succumb to it’s poison. Let the world of degeneracy seek more in material value. It is them that will soon see it is a hollow existence.

What the warrior culture of the Samurai taught us was in daily life, think of daily death as well. In doing so the daily chore no longer seems mundane but a thankful endeavor. The strawberry fruit seems sweeter. The touch of a loved one is more delicate and means more.

Self – sadism.
The current generations practice a craft that has been mastered. Especially and prodominate in Western and 1st world countries.
First When we take away the strive to live to survive, or the drive to seek glory in the arena of combat rather in sport, personal improvement, or in war. When we take away the pride of culture and dedication to and through serving crown and countrt through either conquest or defending the sand with blood of nationalism. Nationalism to be replaced with false patriotism. To no longer have to awake with the concern to survive it gives us a sense of safety. This we are very grateful for our children’s sake. BUT we pay costly for this comfort.

Self Sadism is an art that each generation grows and masters it’s evolution. It is a disease of decay. A ruin, the ruin of our greatness from the very buildings we see to the black puss in our gut and scabs in our brains and boils on our bodies. Of course this is in imagery for the puss is formed from the lunch in a greasy bag. The scabs on our bodies is the fat growing and weighing down our bones and organs. The scabs of our minds is lack of education, lack of knowledge, decades of lies from this who seek to control all due to personal gain. In return philosophy is now a under study and unheard of to most young minds. Professors no longer seek positive debate but criticize and attack if a young mind disagrees. This spills from the University out to the street so those taught do not understand economic rather it on a massive scale or in one’s own pocket.

We are warriors among the ruins. We are the Ronin. The Deitus. Men with no master. Men whom are the slayers of God’s. Women who cures, women who nurses yet can clash with the sound of thunder into a shield wall. The Deitus women is the modern shield maiden.
The one true Goddess.


The Deitus Mirror

The Deitus philosophy is your mirror. To the American Progressive liberal it is your mirror and it is here to judge and keep score. It is here to do what our new culture lacks. To keep score on the children’s soccer game. To tell you your art is garbage. Your art is not good, you have no skill nor talent. Therefore you are not a true artist.
The mirror tells you that regardless of what’s on the cover of a magazine it is not beauty nor healthy to be over weight. You must lose weight and exercise to look good, to he beautiful. Your are unhealthy because you are lazy, in creative, unhappy and you make escuses as does society to make up for your down falls, lack of talent and bad habits.
The mirror of Deitus tells you that you are to be judged. That we are not created equal, we are not equal on terms of strength, talent, creativeness.
The modernity is based on feelings, false systems of I formation and lies from foolish intellects. Your universities are no longer a place for learning or changing of ideas but a place for indocternation.
The media you see is of a barbarian race that is second to a superior civilisation of the past. It’s seeks for political opinion from it’s on believers but can never defend it’s ideas and ideology against it’s critics. It is a false truth. It is vomit spewed forth from drone workers that repeat what they have been told to repeat.
Your instistutions have failed you.
Your religion can no longer defend itself and changes with the times.
Your art is trash….literally.
Your architecture is soulless concrete structures that can not compete with the great past masters.
Your modern masters have fallen and are failures.
You lack morals.
You lack manners.
Your code is failure and playing the victim


Treat yourself like you treat your kids and pets.

Within the Deitus self improvement program or way of life there are techniques we use, even what we call “Magic” to add a sense of fantasy that the world is so lacking in these modern times. From meditation to rituals to better ourselves and to make us see ourselves and evolve from to what we want to be or look like. Today I will discuss one such technique.
Think about the way we raise our kids or take care of our pets, say our dogs. We feed them good dood that is healthy, we water the dogs and give our children good healthy juice. We take our dogs for walk and tell our children to stay active. We out them in sports, martial arts, or tell them to go outside and play. We tell them to make plans to help them with social skills. We support them in their education and try and make sure they learn and get the good grades.
We take the dogs to the vet and make sure they get their shots and make sure they are healthy. We buy the digs toys tomorrow their teeth good and their bodies active and so on.
Yet, we as adults don’t do this…
When we talk about our kids or our dogs we know what they need, we know how to make sure they are healthy, socialble, seeking knowledge.
So we must also treat ourselves as we do our pets, and our children. We must eat and drink healthy. Keep our minds sharp and creative. Be active and even socialble even if we don’t like or enjoy others company. We understand we must know how to talk and act around society.
– Exercise
-Educate our minds constantly
-Eat healthy
-Get proper rest
-Learn the art of social manipulation
-Get check ups from doctor
-Try to do what you love be as a career
-Be financial responsible
-Be creative
-Have discipline

We all know what we need to do to be healthy and happy. But along the line we adopt bad habits especially mentally. Unhealthy habits start, we get lazy, and then we get depressed and drown in a hole that’s hard to get back out.

You hear many times from people “I want a better life for my kids when they grow up” but why not make a better life for yourself while they are young? So you can show and lead by example for not only your kids but for the world. Not only are you showing a great example but you are building a legacy, an empire for your children. The houses you buy and other material value goes to them. The land they can use, the money in your stocks and so on. This is your family legacy. Take the example of the Traditionalist and Aristacrats and build your family into nobility. Make your son’s of into knighthood and your daughter’s the princess they have learned their ancestors were. Your the decendants of conquerors and express, builders and creators.
Act Like It!
Take heed and learn from the Plantagenets and build a dynasty.
Take heed and learn from Ragnar and his sons and carve your way into history.
Learn from history, learn from your ancestors. Give sacrifice and honor them for their sacrifice they have laid down for the blood to boil in your veins. They have explored this map, given us the knowledge of today, and built nation’s.
Now it’s your turn.
Learn the philosophy of Deitus. I but it upon truth and history. In high hopes that many will pass it along and help advance society. A evolving and advanced society that will leave this cultural rot in the past.
The Faustian man and traditional feminine shield maiden will have a hard future. Surrounded by a rotting cultural corpse. Decaying and de-evolving unmoral system of living. No honor, no truth, and filth the streets. Men with no testosterone and women who think of child bearing as a negative thing. When it is what makes wen God’s. To create life, to create energy, to do the impossible.
Yes, more than half of you are filth. You have no morals, you have no honor. I live in hopes of seeing you on the battlefield yet we both know you will run under your rock like the scum you are when the utilities and food runs out.
But remember, we are warriors, we are predators, we are hunters. And we all know what the best prey is.

So any of these sound familiar? Well take them and develope your own self improvement based on knowing what’s good for tour children and incorporate them into your adult life. We all know how to live a good healthy life. Start today, adapt a simple list of advice for your kids. Also don’t forget to have a bit of fun!

Yes this is a bit of humor but we can all learn something. (From our parents) 😊

“Heed your advice and teachings a parent will tell their children”.


Eat your breakfast, drink your milk, make you strong.

Drink your juice.

Make your bed.

Do your homework after school. (Work)

Do your chores. (Be clean and organized and declutter)

Not to much tv or games.

Don’t eat to much candy or sweets.

Not to much junk food, eat your veggies.

Eat everything on your plate to get ice cream.

Don’t be a bully.

Don’t be a taddle tell.

Stick up for yourself.

Stock up for the bullied and stand up to tue bully.

Don’t quit the team.

Do good in school. (College) (online classes)

Respect grown ups. (Talk and learn from your elders, especially vets).

Don’t talk to strangers. (Don’t go walking I to dark alleys)

Don’t do drugs. (Don’t he an addict, get clean, if you do some recreationally do so in Moderation).

Get your learning or (go to college type of mentality) basically “strive for knowledge”
Work hard.

Don’t lie

Don’t hit girls.

Calm down, be good In Public, mind your fucking manners.

Be respectful



Masculinity, technology, and commodity.

Access to commodity has made Western man weak. This is why the feminine social aspect has taken hold of society. We now hear the term “toxic masculinity” in reality they truly mean all “masculinity”. They teach masulinity in a negative light. Even though biology shows it is a natural healthy chemical structure in men. Nature has seen it fit to give mean testosterone to build masulinity. Yet it is now viewed as a negative thing in much of society.
So we have these two things working in unity to help decay society in a rapid speed. Feminine construct with access to commodity and an abundance of anything you want and need.
The third is technology used not in a way that advances us, but Henders us as a society. Instead of using it to advance us like medical, biological, and evolving us as a species it has de-evolved us to rely on it’s easy access. We not use it to cure boredom and to cure the mundane task. We not use it for all communication. We use it for all educational purposes. We use to literally live. Western Society in first world countries today can not go on without technology to guide us and help us live. Even though progressives and liberals condemn and criticize free market government’s in truth Western society can not live without it providing constant commodity, food, and useless crap that we but even though we have no need for it.

We would rather use technology for the next big social media craze than to research for advancement. We all know the very platforms we use for social media have enough money to make sure no belly goes hungry. Yet the very liberals who criticize corporations, the idiot feminist who walk naked in protest screaming about their viginas use the very platforms and buy products from the same companies they protest against!!

We must turn to traditional meaning of masculinity as a natural and positive idea. Not only masculinity but the feminine aspects of the female as well. Without the real feminine type lady we are doomed as she is the very creator of our species. Not only does the women give birth but she provides nurishment when we are sick and growing.

We must use technology in a more reliable manner. To be used for advancement and not a de-evolved source that draws us near uselessness. Medical advancement above all as this also opens up cures, regeneration, and longevity. Technology to be used in agriculture and ocean resources to clean and populate it.

The Deitus must understand and live with this in mind. To live and lead by example. To unplug and educate. To seek out and stand with the advancement of the proper technology. To stand up to those who wish to bring down masculinity and the feminine aspects. The Deitus must be more.
The Deitus must become….
Is becoming…



The Rise and the becoming of Deitus!

Your Democracy has failed. Freedom and equality a lie. Now we await for the fall only to return to the Golden age of Warrior culture, nobility based on skill, merit, and heroism. A society of knighthood and morality.

To replace the whore and weakling on stage with those that may lead society to inspiration. To create, build, and conquer again. As it appears mankind is to be ruled and lead to greatness and achievement. But let us hope not as with establishing a Republic all need to remember tradition, Nationalism, culture, moral and the spiritualism of the people. This is the way…..
Not of deity worship but for the spirit of human kind. Our Art and Architecture, dogma and ritual, morality and merit, skill and craft. These are the true Spiritualism that resides in us and in nature. Mythology and heroism…The Ubermensch, THE DEITUS!

May we once again build the Colossus at our gate.

May we build alters that are inverted, instead of alters to the Deity we build alters to the human spirit. The respect, honor, and passion of the warrior, The hero, The leader!

May the intellect and scholar not only see the beauty of humankind but the beauty of womanhood. Her touch, smell, and she, the goddess whom can heal with her touch. She is the mother, the wife, the nurse, the nourisher. She gives us love, honor and compassion. Teaches us wisdom pass that of strength and war and we should heed her lips.

This is the two sides, the coin, dark and light, yin and yang. Masculinity and feminine. Spirit and nature. Magic and science. Warrior and nurturer.

We are Homo Sapien becoming…..

We are becoming… We have become… We have evolved.. developed..
We are Homo Deus!

We are Deitus!

Never fret for we are here. Today we are criticized, tomorrow we will be begged. The men that have revolted. The men that walk along the ruins. We will re-establish humanity to that of respect and honor. Then and only then may we share compassion and love. For we will be at peace and our soul mates in love. But until then. We must sleep with the battle axe. Learn the will and fear of the shield wall.

Become a man of discipline.

Create, build, exercise, meditate, study, read, grow…….become…

Your philosopher



The Glory and of Heroism

What we view as progress, is it really progress? We give ourselves a picture that we are now evolved and are superior in morals and ways than civilisation of the past. But are we?

Our current civilisation does not touch the glory of previous civilisations. Maybe in digital and some medical technology but far as the spirit within humanity than flame is burning out.

We no longer seek glory and sacrifice for the empire. This is why many of us look towards the American soldier with gratitude and admiration because this flame is in so few. We no longer work to build the nation together due to Nationalism or for the collective society. These ways have been list to the West long ago. We do see a glint of it still in the Asian communities. It still grows a little in China and Japan. But I sigh when I see Japan and it’s culture now moving ever more I to modernity and being *Americanized ever more with each passing year. This and their addiction to degeneracy such as porn is now destroying any sense of the days of old. The glory of the Imperial empire it was.

The West is a culture that was grown and built on heroism. From the beginning of Homer and takes of the Greeks, Spartans, and Trojans and their God’s/Goddesses. The tale of Odysseus and his journey home. We look to the North and the Northmans tales of the mythology we all know and love, building a warrior culture and spreading it’s tales with battle axe and ship around the world. It’s God’s who is so very human, all to human.

The Greeks and Romans with their old God’s/Goddesses that blesses the warrior and even have human emotions towards many men and women of the Greek world. Through this both Greek and Roman build the world’s most amazing and beautiful structures dedicated to the God’s that drive their society. From temples dedicated the Gods to monuments to great men as well. Arch ways, libraries, aqueducts and dwellings dedicated to great Romans. We can nowhere compete with this achievement.

Even the basic residential dwellings of that time toples our achievement. Just gaze and wonder at the Alsace region of France. The entire border of France and Germany is littered with amazing cities and towns that seems to come out of a fairy tale novel. We can read Game of Thrones at a side cafe in a city that resembles what’s in the book. Gaze at a Roman Domus. This is pure superior society at it’s greatest. And we have lost it, abandoned it, turned out back on it.

Moving forward to the Great Constatine. Found his heart with Christ and in that started a era of beauty in art and Architecture that can never be rivaled. Just as the ancient Romans with Temples comes the Cathedrals found all over Europe that no structure can rival.

Back again it was lead from a spirit of humanity that is no longer found but with a selected few of us. The tales of the Crusades and the Knight Templar. The defenders of Christianity. The king’s themselves was generals lead by faith and ideals and now known as men of renown. Richard the Lionheart and many others.

In the history of the West we see this guilding light up until the modern times. Somewhere after the “age of enlightenment” yes we promoted the liberal arts and philosophy and all it’s beauty. But forgot and left behind the spark, the flame of the human spirit of heroism. Of courage and sacrifice to that which is greater. Family, folk, and people. It is in our blood and this is one of the things we know is there but we have forgotten and we are now lost. Cultural pride, and then passion of our ancestors.

Remember my friends. History, stories, tales and mythology is not only poetry but lessons. And lessons of not only heroism and glory upon the battlefield but of love.

Human love.

Of wife and husband..

Love of family…

Love of culture..

Yes we progressed in the liberal arts of the digital science.

We have come far in the medical advancement.

We lead the charge against slavery.

But let us return to morality and that of the warrior culture. A time that heroes are aloud to rise, vanquish evil and gets the wen he loves. Let’s not only read, dream, and fantasize about these stories, let’s live them.

Let’s be them.

The warrior exist. The hero rises. The love and touch of a women drives our desire to win and return home to her arms. The feminine smell of women in our minds right before the joining of a shield wall. Men to get out and build the homestead for his children, rise and leave a legacy. A legacy of admiration and not debt from a degenerate Society!

Do not let a thousand years of blood soak on our land and Earth for nothing. Rise for them. Protect for them. Rise for the future of our children. Rise for our different cultures that are special. The West is special, our ancestors explored and built nation’s that everyone loves. Remember as they criticize western man it is our land, our kingdoms, our nation’s they wish to live in. It is our culture of old they wish to imitate. Not this culture of modern shit but the culture of our ancestors they they are jealous over, that they feared.

Our ancestors built these lands of the West. Yes through blood, yes, through conquest, don’t forget it. That warrior culture and it’s blood runs through your veins. Now seize it and rise to he a better man/women.

The tales of the West is the stories they now make movies about, write books about. That is our story.

When the Indo and Hunter gathers spread to Europe remember…

Cro Magnon and Neaderthal

From the start we soaked the Earth in battle. Many say through genicide even and the Neaderthals were whiped out. Many in India say the tribe that would be known as the Aryans went to war with neighboring tribes through conquest and went North to what would be the Indo Europeans.. at least this is one side of the story but a very viable one..

From this the West gave birth. To a people that would grow into a people of Art, love, exploration, and yes conquest. War has been our birth. To the man of the West the ying and yang is war/love.

Let us continue on our take and story. Let us tell the stories of our heroes. Let us take back our society and instill the culture of beauty, of art, of Architecture, of morality. And above all…

The human spirit. To transcend into something beyond. Human spirit meets the physical flesh, improved with medical science. Each has it’s place.

This we will become

Homo Deus.



The Fianna Motto

Adopt the three mottos of the Fianna.

They had three mottos:

Glaine ár gcroí (Purity of our hearts)

Neart ár ngéag (Strength of our limbs)

Beart de réir ár mbriathar (Action to match our speech)

This refects the Mottos of many warrior cultures. Very similar to the Japanese Samurai, or the Spartan warrior culture, the Knights of Europe, The Roman Legionnaires.

Of course cultures have their differences, but they all have reflections that are similar. The above Mottos we can learn from.

Meditate on these.

Your thinker…



Pride and anger as virtues

The religions and philosophy that tell you that pride, anger, and self interest are bad qualities or negative virtues or even they are sins are incorrect in their analysis. They are wrong and these things written by cowards whom are afraid of false profits. Unhappy miserable philosophers with no courage and no answers to why they are unhappy. They seek out any reason to find others of whom they are jealous of or dislike due to their success and blame the virtues and characteristics that have made them successful. Then teach against it out of spite. Or their dusty sacred books does not allow them to have such carnal desires such as Pride and Lust. They also attack individualism as well because it is now a collective of unhappy people. The growing numbers of obesity and out if shape Americans for example.

Those that don’t have the motivation and drive to get out of the so called rat race, the idiotic coward know it all, known as the American Liberal leftist or Progressive who will sit there with his vegan buddies with bad hair and Che shirts on and make fun and say “I’m a real man” as in criticizing masculinity. Ha. They look at a gentleman who is dressed nice, clean and with style, and who is obviously in shape due to his muscles and they hate them from the inside. Criticizes this man’s way of life out of pure jealousy. You can lie but we all know it’s true. You dislike him because he looks better, is more successful, has more money, and your girlfriend wants to fuck him and it eats you up. That’s right, he walks in head high, shoulder back, biceps and chest pumped, good style. He mentally drinks your milkshake, he orders his shake but due to your jealousy he takes a straw, goes across the room and drinks your shake as well. He then pets your kitty, and what’s worst is there’s a good chance the girl next to you wants him to pet her too. You see but if you understood individualism and if you followed Deitus or hell had some PRIDE you would understand that jealousy you feel is OK, and good. Let go of the liberal leftist attitude, let it turn to anger, let your pride take over. Let your anger feed your drive to do better. To want to be better, look better, feel better, fuck better, to be the best, fuck just better. It’s OK to have role models and see successful people and want what they want. You see Deitus philosophy teaches a version of capitalism for this reason. A man will always want more. A man will always want what another man wants. Capitalism feeds off of this human nature.

To have human nature is to have and want pride. Feed off of your pride and the need to want more. Life is war.
You hide behind what you think is your intelligence. You comment and say things as “well, i don’t care what people think of me”. “I don’t give a shit about nothing”
Also what’s worst is you play the victim cards. You who live in a first world country and have the opportunity to pursue and dream, any passion, can learn any skill and yet you play the victim. Blame the government, blame another because of his political ideology.
It’s because of you we lose our freedoms in the first place. We can no longer have debates or intellectual conversation and pass around ideas because of your stupidity and so called social justice. Your jealousy, not accepting things for what they are, for what human nature is. You are a failure and won’t take the responsibility and step up and yes “be a fucking man”. Due to this we lose our freedoms. For example we no longer have freedom of speech. Say the wrong thing and it hurts someone feelings and your life could be destroyed.

Physical Beauty is a want of every human.
Can you achieve it?
Get up

Goes back to the beginning. Because you have no pride, you have no confidence. You are weak, and unhappy because you won’t use what is natural and earn, build, and drive your way forward. You must learn the same things you are against are the things that make people great. When you look in the mirror and want a better body, that’s your pride. So you go to the gym and build muscle. Look better, feel better, and guess what? You are better.

Oh and to the Deitus

Always remember to honor your family, true friends, folk, and culture. but do not self sacrifice for a world that would stab you in the back. Do not self sacrifice for the so called good. Only sacrifice for what you believe and why you believe in it, Your wife, either, and so on. Give charity to the homeless because it makes you feel better and you are contributing. Building the community around you. Not because a doctrine commands it. Be good because you can be, will be, and you are a gracious GOD. So yes be charitable especially to animals, always to animals and pets. It is their world as well and nature teaches us about life.

Get up and fucking work hard, study hard, lift those fucking weights or whatever work out you do and always keep learning. Learn, learn, learn. To educate ones mind and to feed and break down ones muscle is a road for the modern warrior. We have the knowledge of all at out finger tips. Do not waste this one live given, this one gift we have received. Since we have received we shall achieve. We know what we must do, what we must achieve. Wisdom, mental clarity, and physical fit. Your time is precious so start now. Rest later, trust me you are on your way everyday to the eternal sleep.
But never forget to love those who deserve your love, crush those who betray you, attack you, or stand in your way… This is your life, your only life, don’t waste it on individuals who will do you harm or is a waste of your time. If they betray you be done with them, if they ask for forgiveness tell them to kneel!! And sacrifice for you… A finger would do nicely. HA!

Why? Because you have fucking PRIDE!



Peace Through Strength

From the Alter covered in black, candles lit, sword drawn.

Peace Through Strength….

This is why the Deitus builds his body to be a brick wall. So that the first thing a person enemy or friend sees in a well built gentleman or lady. In this way it is hopes to start relations peaceful. But of course we live with a mental warrior like philosophy and battle life for our life can be a game of war at times.

Art By: Demolidorx

At no time do we wish violence upon us and others but it does happen, it will happen. Human nature and history proves so. It is like saying it happens to others but it won’t happen to me. And I hope it doesn’t but violence will happen, can happen. You must be able to defend your self and above all, defend your family and culture. Stand in defiance in defense of your folk. 

So again we are in hope that violence does not happen but when it does….be ready, be ready to battle and die with blade or six shooter in hand. May the battle smell like sulfur and brimstone.
Build your body to withstand the onslaught of the enemy. Learn of war and warfare. With the explosion of MMA there are schools if Muay Thai and Jujitsu all over the place. Exercise, lift weights and learn MMA. Train in fire arms. I’m not saying make this your total dedication but make time to train and learn.

Art By: DakaMP

Family, folk, culture is what your defending so take it seriously. The number one self improvement you can do is get healthy. With good health in body your mind will start to follow. When you start to work out you will get stronger you will lift more and accomplish goals. How much you life? What you look like in the mirror… These achievements in goals will make you feel look better and above all, feel better. Then you will start to have a positive mental attitude and other areas of life will improve.
So not only will you achieve peace through strength but you will achieve self improvement, positivity, and happiness. Thus live by a warriors Creed. Live by a philosophers mind. Live e and become Deitus.

Your philosopher

Art By: DusanMarkovic

The Evolved God Killer

Deitus: Free Thinker, Warrior, philosopher, creator and killer of Gods

I am Hannibal Killgrave, I am a philosopher, a fucking warrior, a Freethinker, a Homo Deus, I have Become Deitus……Heed my poem.

Are we not the God’s? Do the God’s/Goddesses of history and mythology now mirror human ways. To the faithful they will say it’s because God or gods modeled us after them. But I say it’s opposite because at any given time if we so choose we could kill the God’s we create.
Take your God but then destroy all written material, your so called holy books, burn them… Will that God come? If you or the people of Earth have no way of knowing God’s name or his ways wouldn’t he not be compassionate to his people and your children, your blood line and come and share his name, his ways, his teachings with us?
So I challenge all religions. Or should we not honor the God’s/Goddesses of old? More than the new? Look at the Norse God’s… Their religion was destroyed, burnt, their tree if life chopped down and roots dug up yet, many still speak their names… Now these God’s that we, humankind, created should be honored and thanked, Gods such as Odin, Thor, Zues, Athena and Aries. Have they not proved their worth? Yet you worship desert religions, religions that have supported slavery and servitude. The degradation of women and kill based off of sexual preference. This is the best you can do? Christ and Mohammed? One a sacrifice for so called sin that’s nothing more than what’s natural to humanity and the other who must spread his word through breeding and treat their women like shit. ha! and the women of the West is currently falling for your lies like the idiots they are. Yet when I honor Western philosophy and tradition I’m slandered.

The Biblical David

We model our God’s after us. Our religious beings are so similar to humankind not because they created us, but because we modeled our God’s after us… We needed to be able to comprehend a supreme power, and supreme being. So we gave them names, moods, love, hate, jealousy, lust…
Even the modern or newer religions and their God’s are similar to us. The Christian and Muslim God is so eerie similar to us petty humans. Is YAWEH not a jealous God? Does Allah not command respect?
The Deitus does not kneel before these man made God’s but respect them and stand next to them… As creators, as father and son. We should not give blind Faith to that which not exist but give them respect. Give them respect by honoring them in our art, our creations, our entertainment. To model ourselves after the strength and beauty we gave them. The strength and sexy body of hercules. The sexy beauty of Athena. The Intelligence and courage of Persius. We should be brave and command respect like the Norse God’s, love the nature around us as the viking God’s said.
Be warrior like and lead by example through those of war like Aries. To be brave and have courage to like a warrior on the battlefield and pray that the Valkyrie takes us to dine with Lord Odin!
Yes, the Deitus become Homo Deus. Yes the Deitus acknowledges science and technology and respects said crafts..
But we do not lie to ourselves that we are humankind and animals as well. That we are warriors and create our God’s in our images. We ancestor worship and give dedication to our Warrior like ancestor tribes. The Spartans, the Greeks, the Romans! Let us respect the wisdom and science of Athena, as well as our carnal animal instict of war and survival given to us by Aries. After all, did YAWEH not command Moses a war general to annihilate his enemies and make their women into slaves? Did Mohammed not kill the merchant? Was the Christian God’s chosen ones not war generals over and over again? Moses, Jacob, David!
We are the creator of God’s, we perform Deicide when we are done with them. For we are Homo Deus, we are Deitus.

Now do not forget love and compassion of course. The above may seem warrior like and masculine. That’s because it is. However, we must also enjoy the company of those who deserve our respect and kindness. Enjoy our time and memories with those who have proven their friendship to us. We must remember that we also have our God’s love, kindness, compassion and yes, of course our lust. We create God’s of myths and the stories of love and tragedy and read and reread them and are always excited and enjoy the tales of the God’s. That is because we are the same. We enjoy a good live story. A good hero or good vs evil story. The Deitus understands this and respects it. Not only respects it but promotes it.
Accept the traditional teachings of love and family. Honor and respect them, for women to have beauty and smell of the flowers, For our art and architecture to hint of tradition and have passion in our art, architecture, and yes, feelings. This is important, not only in our everyday relationships but our careers, work, creativity, art, buildings, and so on. As above I ask should we not honor the God’s of old? I also ask should we not learn and honor the ways in art, architecture, creative, and of course love of old? Of tradition? Should our cities not have the ancient style squares within cities with the sculpture in the middle? A meeting ground of beauty and full if life. I know, some will say efficiency over beauty, usefulness over architecture. I call bullshit. There is always room for us to show greatness and architectural advancement, to make our reality beautiful. These comments are from someone that needs to unplug and make his reality better. Let us build Rome!
Should our buildings not have a the look that we all love? The classical style? Baroque? Gothic? Renaissance? French colonial? Victorian? Mixed in with our mid century, contemporary, and pre or post modernism?
The Deitus proposes all cities to have a look of true traditional architectural beauty, should we not have a Colossus statue and stone archways and gateways into our cities? How can we truly say we have advanced and progresses when ancient cities look quadruple better and more beautiful than modern day present cities. In the US why should DC be the one with Romo Greco decor only?

The Fallen Warrior

Deitism is a philosophy for our modern advancement era. To progress and advance through Science, Technology, Engineering, and medical advancement. Add a splash of Trans-humanism in there to because that shit is just to interesting not to. But we are a philosophy that accepts, respects, and learn from our past and the most important thing the past has given us is history, evolution, natures patterns, and tradition. We must use history as a guide to what is important, successful and what has failed us. We must see past failures and build upon them to not make the same mistakes. What works and what doesn’t. Again, The Deitus Philosophy is modernism meets antiquity, tradition of the fighter meets the scientist of the present. The Freethinker of today meets the warrior of the past…This is Deitus. To challenge your religion but respect the laws of tradition that have proven its usefulness over time. The ways of the nuclear family, the honor of your women as she is the goddess, to respect our ancestors, to honor our own cultural history and share our traditions while knowing there is nothing wring with pride in ones culture and let no one tell you different. To have values but to know our so called sins is nothing more than natural healthy emotions.


The Philosophy of Deitus is an ever evolving way of life. As nature uses natural selection and evolution of species, Deitism is the evolution of Philosophy. Tradition meets modernism. Take the successful aspects of the past to advance in the present and evolve in the future. Well, now the future is here…That future is today! Time to evolve, time to slither from your skin. Go to the mirror and look into the eyes of a evolved champion. Arms up in a V spread about and knowing one is of a warrior stock. Stand upon the mountain and roar, “I am the highest embodiment of life form on Earth, I am the highest of the species that created the Deities, It is Time to perform DEICIDE! I am becometh! I have BECOME! IAM DEITUS!”