The weakness of man in modernity is the cause of destruction. Destruction of masculinity. The destruction of the men who build and do the dangerous jobs very little others can do. The builders, tradesman, operators and petroleum, chemical, or nuclear plants. These crafts are having a hard time replacing its experienced workers.

Because the modern weak man wants a job a Google so they can take naps.

It is not all man’s fault as easy times and the abundance of instant gratification is everywhere. It is easy for men to partake in such things.

Discipline is needed but very hard when all things that cause temporary pleasure is at light speed. Tv, net, porn, drugs, food, social media and so on are all at your fingertips. Our schools have removed Shop Class and Home Economics for the criteria. Thus removing knowledge to build and maintain a household.

This is why a man must adapt to discipline and good habits. All things you do must be done with a better body and mind as the goal.

Families are now no longer the traditional family. Because of this future generations suffer, the boys that never grow into strong-willed men. A man is to raise a family and guide his children in the proper direction and support, cherish and love his wife and partner.

The man who blames his situation on race, politics, lack of abilities, education is a weak man. He is weak, he is a coward, and most likely will be unhappy and fail at life.

You must rise above the placements that life yields. All Romans seeked glory and to gain glory you must fight and be a military man. In modernity, you must take a similar approach. I’m not saying join the military if you do not want but you must learn the same mindset and habits.

People seek drug euphoria for a false high.
People become lazy due to instant gratification. Men because weak because they are raised by mothers. Your mother is there to love you, nurse you into health, support you, she has the hands that hold you when you are down. She is the last person a warrior calls as he lay dying.
But the men is to teach strength, discipline, habits, and the hardship of life.
Traditional family can not be replaced.
Basic nature of life can not be replaced.

Lift weights.
Learn to eat from the land by garden.
Learn to fight or MMA.
Don’t watch porn.
Video games and things of pleasure mist be in moderation.
Be a husband.
Be a father.
Work hard.
Learn to build and know what tire pleasure and prove is when you have completed building something with your bare hands.
Learn to fish.
And come on, if you American, play some damn baseball or football.


Ritual, Magic, and Spiritualism

Science has given much to the standard of living as well as the knowledge, but we must be careful of a fact of scientific knowledge, for science has taken so much away from society.
Yes, we have gained an immense better standard of living and some of it is contributed to science. But through the different sciences, we have slowly chiseled away at things humans have held sacred.
The belief in beings that’s not of Earth. The belief in a creator. The belief in magic and fantasy have ann ben vanquished from belief to a huge degree. Science gave answers to things our ancestors feared. Weather, natural disasters, disease and famine, and so on.
However worst of all our quest in the sacred and for spiritualism and finding one’s spirituality have suffered. This is a regression from society’s progress because as humans we need something that is sacred, something to drive us forward. Something to tell us it’s ok because nature, human and natural is unrelenting and has no moral. We are confronted with evil and things trying to do us harm every day.
We are confronted with the fact that our lives mean very little in the grand scale of the universe. Matter of fact even Earth and the things living here, mean absolutely nothing to the universe.
Yes, science has given gifts, but at what cost?

We have been circling down the morality hole as we progress in modernity. Things become less sacred and we question things or morality. So much of moral is now obsolete and we no longer have the big man in the sky watching us and making us second guess the things we do.
The Deitus understands that humankind is suffering and will continue to get worst. We are miserable, depressed, all are above standard and getting worst. We are lacking the initial ambition to live a certain standard. We lack discipline and above all “meaning”.
Society is not progressing but we are regressing. Contrary to popular or mainstream thought we have been, I say since the fall of Rome in many ways.

The Deitus understand all of this and promotes spiritualism in many ways.
The first is the knowledge of the perennial. We understand the majority of religions all seek salvation in one way or another but all teach similar ways. We do not advocate golden rules or sins, not do we promote you burning in hell because you had sex or holy wars. But we do acknowledge we are beings with consciousness derived from a source. A source that can not be explained nor understood. This source is divine with a balance of both masculine and feminine and it gave us life and we must live life and leave behind a legacy of what we accomplish and who we leave behind. As we pass we return to the primordial source and energy from which our consciousness is born. This gives us our hope, gives us meaning, gives us a sense of being loved by something much greater than ourselves. The Primordial source and its divine energy gave us life due to unconditional love and make us understand through that gift and live that we are special and important.

Another form of spiritualism that is practical and used daily to release our emotions. We are human and we are in need of things. One is a sense of release, dogma, and a need to be meaningful. For us to understand that our life is meaningful. Each individual has gifts and a personality. It is up to us to hone in on these gifts, find them and use them to our advantage. But even if we are not quite sure of our gift we can still use the following to gain insight into spiritualism.

That gift is creativity and Art.

If you look back in history at the paintings, sculptures, music, and architecture you will see and hear things so beautiful, so magnificent that it can take your breath away. The very sight can make you mumble “beautiful” under your breathe. We read literature that are considered masterpieces because the story can move the soul. Or a story can be a true occurrence but put into words a way that moves us to many different emotions rather it happiness, romance, or horror.
It is this creativity that I speak of. It is your outlet and it can be generated through any hobby you may have. Today we have even more ways to create through technology. Technology has given us programs to make music and design buildings or help us paint the next object.
Take your gift and with all of your energy, all of your emotions, and all of your passion and creativity. Let lease upon the world, your masterpiece. Make the world a better place due to your creation. Even if it’s through a design of sadness or shock. Create a piece of art that gives emotion to its viewers. This is your true spirit, this is true spiritualism.

Just like (Insert masterpieces here) is still seen today as mesmerizing you to can give your own gift to the world. We as artists can make our living conditions better or make our surroundings and environment more beautiful. We can make our standard of living better through artistic design and engineering. Especially with the technology that we have now.

This is why the Deitus Philosophy supports both art and new urbanism using traditional architecture. To surround ourselves with beauty and with nature. If we can put our energy, passion, and creativity into making the world a beautiful place to live people’s emotions and moods would instantly become better with a more positive outlook. Imagine living in Rome in its prime. To walk the streets. Imagine living in many of the historic towns in East France or Germany as you wake up and walk upon the cobblestone. for your morning coffee. To sit and sip on your drink surrounded by the beautiful architecture of Gothic, Baroque, or renaissance influence. We must return to the beauty of tradition.
(More on new urbanism and traditional architecture on a later post).

With creativity, we find spiritualism, purpose, and meaning. In this, we find a better society, a better person, and a better atmosphere in life.
This is Deitus…

The third way of spiritualism deserves a post in itself but I will briefly describe it and write further about the topic at a later time.
The third is a fun time. We all are drawn to witches and warlocks, magic and witchcraft, rituals, and spells.
Well, so are we.
And we entertain the idea and promote you the practitioner to do so.
The third is one of the best ways to handle daily issues as far as stress, negativity, enemies, and just mood and mental attitude.

This is a ceremonial ritual.

There are hundreds of guides, spell books, and writings on magic and witchcraft to get you started but here we will talk about the function behind ceremony and ritual. What we do differently than most is at psychodrama. Think of aching or play write and it is used in the ritual.
The ritual is used to build your energy and point it towards a single source to release it. After this release, you will notice a release of burden. This release can towards someone you hate and see as an enemy or someone you love and wish was your companion. Now with both of these, we will say act in the real world to solve your problems. Ritual is used to remove stress and energy on to your burden.
You can perform a so-called live spell on a female but nothing will be better than talking to her and getting to know her and asking her out. This is rational and it’s what you need to do. The ritual again is used to release energy towards a given situation.

During these rituals, you must use all of your imagination, all of your creativity, all of your energy, and build upon that and act it out and release it!
Use any help you may see yourself needing. Writings, paintings or drawings, dress up and acting out, sexual stimulation and release, alter and ceremonial chambers also known as the ritual chamber.

This is for you and you only. If you have a partner to help you in release, say in a sexual way then make sure it’s someone you know very well and you are comfortable with.
This is your time, your release, your acting. Anything goes…

One of the best ways to perform ritual I have seen in print is the way Anton Lavey describes the spells in his Satanic Bible. I urge you to check that out.

There are other ways as there are many many books on witchcraft and organism and their ceremonies to get ideas to how you can perform. There are even the Necronomicons and the Babylonian religious ways.

No occult or magic system is off-limits to the Deitus just as there are no meditations with Buddhist or Hindu practices off-limits. Because the Deitus stands next to these occult/new age Gods and goddesses shoulder to shoulder and fear no man-made Deity. We fear no curse or hex.
For we stem from the Primordial. We stand with the very source that gives life and energy to the deities that have been worshiped for thousands of years.
Call yourself A church or temple, coven or grotto, stand in your circles, and cast your protections, makes no difference to us.
We embrace Tradition and that is of the Primordial source.
We are Homo Deus
We are the next in evolution.
We are the selected in the chain.
We are the Might.
We are becoming.
We are Deitus.

Democratic man PT.2

We have never lived in great and abundance conditions as we do now. Especially in the Western world. Heath, food, education, opportunity, water, equality, have never been more abundant than any other time in history yet we live as if we are suffering and in misery. In truth, we are, because of the weakness that easy life creates.

Back in history during aristocracy or a monarch, we see a different style of man. A peasant or (laborer) knows he must rise at dawn and work the farm, ranch, craft, or whatever he does to contribute. He is expected by his own family and crown for he must provide food, riches for family, and tax to the crown.
The nobility of a nation was even harder in some ways. Many of today think that nobles and aristocratic families had it made. This is far from the truth.
Examples would be the women and daughters were expected to marry for family opportunity or a nation’s treaty with other nations. A Noble or knight was the one to fly the banner and go to war and fight on the front. It was his duty to the crown, king, and nation. It was his dury to fight the wars as well as protect the lands of the king and farms of the laborer that was on his kings or elders lands. This means that through a knights life he must train and educate always.

All nobles was to be trained in mannerisms and etiquette. Every thing had a manner in which one is to respond. The Deitus takes from this as how he acts, caries him or herself and his or her dress code.

It is to be expected to be one of higher virtue, regardless if he is a man who creates or one who leads or one who fights.


Virtue and Vice

Why be virtuous is a philosophical and psychological question. Asked by many along with why was I born? Why do we exist? What is the meaning of life?

One of the best answers I have heard not only answers the Virtuous question but others as well.
This answer is by Jordan B Peterson…

Why be Virtuous?
so you can bear the suffrage of life without becoming corrupt.

In the Deitus philosophy and this blog, you will hear about virtues and code and honor. The above answer is the best one given as to why.

To not be corrupt.

Now, this corruption is towards all matters in life.
To not be corrupt of the mind. In this information age it is easy to be brainwashed, so, do not get corrupted.
To not be corrupted in society.
The dirty politician, the traitorous friend. The cheating husband or wife. Or as in the streets. The person who talks shit.

The Deitus saying is to become a man of higher virtue.

The opposite of virtue is vice and so many people around today succumb to vices. Jealousy, gluttony or overindulgence, lust, laziness, addiction, and so on.

Let things be in moderation. It is ok to have pride, but let there be a balance of humility in it. It is ok to want more, but do not be greedy and let the object you greed over own you as well. be charitable and compassionate to those who truly suffer.

The true misery of the world is that in this era people are still hungry, homeless, and used as sex slaves and mistreated carnally for views. We can each take that one step to end this misery. If each of us took one step, then there will be millions of steps taken for just cause.

An easy lesson of today is for every vice you realize you are committing, act in virtue in its place. Until you become a man of virtue, a man of higher virtue.


Hannibal LaCroix

Deitus and Self-sacrifice

There’s is no good or truly evil morality. Man creates morality in only the regard to seek peace in society and not total anarchy. He knows what he/she thinks is good. But all have the capability to do bad (kill) if put in that situation.
No virtues of stone
There is no certainty.
But the Deitus stands as a traditional and higher virtue.

Deitus promotes virtue to be better, to be a man of higher virtue but understands pride and narcissism.
He practices virtue to better himself and his so-called ego. He lives by code not because of religion or a God but because he is superior. Not for morality but because this is the path of the leader, the Homo Deus!

He understands the Tao of The yin/yang, dark light, good-bad, and so on.
He or she accepts that he or she can do evil if necessary but stands on high virtue to be better, to lead, to master, and to make the correct decision.
The master must never fall to the morality and herd mentality because that is what the self-sacrificing priestly sheep does in front of hardship.
The deitus is the master, not the slave nor will he bend to the morality and the slave herd mentality, especially slavery of bonds, mind, or wage.

When we speak of rejecting “traditional virtue or values” we say it is the meaning of self-sacrifice as an act of being a coward. We see these “Christian” or “western” lead values not to better ourselves but for guilt-ridden brainwashing in which we have been told and exposed to since the birth of Christianity and the death of original Paganism and the traditions of the Nordic.
To turn the other cheek.
To sacrifice for the human
To love thy enemies.
The golden rule
To put our lives and heart in God’s hands…
Bah! We slice these theories and disgust with a battleax.

We love those who deserve to be loved, not out of guilt or rule, but out of respect, loyalty, and family.

We crush our enemies, we bash those who do us harm. If we do not respect a person in our presence we treat them cruel and without respect.

This is not to say, everyone, of course not, that’s stupid. But to those who wish to do us harm or has betrayed us, war will be the answer.

I say hello to those that pass by, shoulders back, eye to eye, a nod to be respectful. Yes, I help the sick and elderly. Not out of self-sacrifice or morality, but because I am better than others. Because it is what leaders, masters, and those of higher standards do.

But we do not kneel or forgive.

Forgive? Why?
Why should I forgive a traitor, manipulating, and a lying coward?
I will see him fall!

Know these lessons above. Learn them, inherit the Earth. Become the strong, might is right.

Hannibal LaCroix

The stupidity of Progressive liberals

The modern world inside the United States is proof that the leftist side of politics is nothing more than weak hypocrites that know nothing of philosophy, law, beauty, and of course leadership. The men are weak and must have over 10 to stand and fight and let their girlfriends change the oil in their cars. The women are childish bimbos whose IQ is dropping like their blow job and home economic techniques.

Those who call themselves or label themselves with the ideologies of modern liberalism and progressivism are stupid hypocritical cowards who should be deported to Pakistan. Liberalism is a virus, cancer that must be cut out.

Let’s introduce the hypocritical nation of CHAZ.

Conquered another land that was built by other people, yet they hate so-called Conquistadors and rage against the European expansion and capitalist greed. Yet they are the same as they hate.

They are against borders, yet, they built walls as borders.

They are against gun ownership, yet, they patrol borders with guns they do not believe in.

They are against the police force yet created a people force that relies on bullying, brutality towards people, and violence.

They are what they preach against.

A rapper who sucks has become a leader. No qualities, no exp, and no heart. A coward with a bull horn.

This so-called new country would not last a week after the power and water cut off.

If you are a supporter of CHAZ you are a complete idiot. You are a hypocrite just as they are hypocrites.

Only in a first world country that is spoiled would act the way Americans act. Like a bunch of spoiled white coward liberals.

You have become what you hate. This is not surprising because liberals have always been a bunch of complete idiots that know nothing of life, not nature. They live in a fantasy land of socialist equality and stupidity.
They have not even put forth anything which they believe.
No border
No violence
And so on.

All these things they have become themselves.

Thank you for proving me right.

That your a stupid coward not worth a food stamp.

Purity, nature, and tradition

The purity of the perfect organism is to survive. To feed and reproduce. Within raw nature, this is natural purity.

This is before the only organism to have a conscious was given life.

In this view, humans are different than any other living or organic life.

We have a conscious. We can plan our actions. We can premeditate on what course of action to do next. And even though we have introduced morality we still can not fight against the basic natural extinct to survive.

We act in self-interest and in the interest of self-preservation, success, survival, and we are greedy. Compassion is obsolete unless we think it is wise because of the view of others or our benefit. This also includes the benefit of making us feel better about ourselves.

We act like we care, that we are compassionate, we give charity and offer help or condolences to those s in need or hurting.

But even this to the majority of humanity is a lie. You can disagree but the actions of those around and history have shown this to be correct.

We even invented religion to make certain universal rules and laws. Some are called “commandments” and ” sins”. Others that are even more plentiful is government law, order, and government rule. This is to control the primal nature of humanity. Yet, look how many not only break the government law but can not follow the basic universal truths that humanity has put forth.

Shall not kill.
Shall not steal. And so on

Yet we go about our lives as molesters and rapists are given chance after chance. We close our eyes and look the other way and even create the “war on drugs” yet blink at a “war on sex slaves”. Oh yes, we say and know it’s bad, but where the outrage and the protest. There never has been one since the American civil war over bondage. Thousands in every country are enslaved. At least our ancestors had courage and standards in the end.

Your enslaved, do you not work for a wage. You give them your entire lives, 8-10 hours a day for a wage that may give you a decent life of what time is left that is yours to be free time.

So I say let’s change, let’s reevaluate and put ourselves through the school of the Ubermensch.

Those with courage.
Those with true compassion.
Those with leadership.
Those with discipline.
Let them rise.
Let them lead.

The hierarchy is the natural way of the survival of the fittest.

Give “the best” the “crown”.

Let those traitors be outcast. Those politicians who have been in politics and leadership roles for 40-50 years and have done nothing! I spit on the bought man. The traitor.

May the ax pluck his brow.
May the best, the great, and the honorable rise.

Aristokratia! To the best.

Lead by the best.

Lead by merit. True merit. The merit and nobility of the next Kings, queens, warriors, artists, and philosophers.

Democracy is the government of the slave.
Socialism is the government of the weak, frail, and the failure. That needs to be spoon-fed like dogs.
The communist is immoral and leads the herd.
When only the alpha can lead the pack. Only the strong.

Let the wolf stand.
Let the lion forward, one roar, And disperse the sheep.
Crown the black prince, the great, the Ceasar.

C.S. Lewis put the problem very well:

“Monarchy can easily be debunked, but watch the faces, mark well the debunkers. These are the men whose taproot in Eden has been cut: whom no rumour of the polyphony, the dance, can reach—men to whom pebbles laid in a row are more beautiful than an arch. Yet even if they desire mere equality they cannot reach it. Where men are forbidden to honour a king they honour millionaires, athletes or film stars instead: even famous prostitutes or gangsters. For spiritual nature, like bodily nature, will be served; deny it food and it will gobble poison.”

Our traditions and our true traditional leaders of the ancients gave us the knowledge of how to live and how to lead, yet we are so forgetful.

Follow the Maxims!
Salute the maxims!

Give heed to the
147 Delphic maxims!

The Maxims found at tomb of Kineas, give heed!

-παῖς ὢν κόσμιος γίνου,ἡβῶν ἐγκρατής,μέσος δίκαιος,πρεσβύτης εὔβουλος,τελευτῶν ἄλυπος.”Païs ôn kosmios ginou -(As children, learn good manners)
hèbôn enkratès,
-(as young men, learn to control the passions)
-mesos dikaios
(in middle age, be just)
-presbutès euboulos
(in old age, give good
-teleutôn alupos.
(then die, without regret.)”

“These wise commandments of men of old- Words of well-known thinkers – stand dedicated In the most holy Pythian shrine From there Klearchos, having copied them carefully, set them up, shining from afar, in the sanctuary of Kineas” – Clearchos

Let these be your guide. Let the ways of the Deitus lead you to improvement. The human of higher virtue, the man, and women evolved. From home sapiens to homo deitus.

Follow the philosophy of the Deitus.

Hannibal LaCroix

Live Like Deitus

As there are alphas among animal groups. There are alphas and top of the food chain among primates and Homo Sapiens.

There are Homo Deitus.

Self-improvement, to rise and accept.

The Deitus lifestyle or way of life may seem complex but it’s actually very simplistic. With this simplicity in mind is how we will start.

Make things simple, make them clean. Declutter your life and your belongings. The things you own, actually own you and you usually end up paying months and years for those things along with maintenance fees and insurance bills and in the end most objects are money pits for stuff you don’t use.
Be clean, make your bed, clean you dwelling. If your house or room is messy, unorganized, and cluttered so is your mind. What you are around everyday will influence your mind set and mood. That goes for dwellings, places, and people. Clean and organize your room, environment, body, and mind.

Next: eat healthy and basic. It’s OK to take a lady out or some days take the kids to get a happy meal but the bulk of your meals should be basic, simple, and healthy. Think simple paleo diet and your on the right track.
Eggs, rice, steak, oatmeal, chicken, protein snacks.
Chicken and rice
Hamburger meat and rice
Steak And eggs
Just eggs
Eggs and rice
Fruit and nuts
Veggie portions.

There: again simple, healthy.

Lift weights and exercise, everyday. Go outdoors and walk in a forest. When at home perform a ritual of meditation. Light a candle, burn incense and just breathe, as medication. Take a minute and enjoy your time to breathe. Enjoy…be simple, healthy

But also get a bench and dumbbells for your house.

Be a man with pride and courage and this also means to speak what’s on your mind, with shoulders back. Political correctness and the progressive liberal culture is for weak and frail minded individuals. They seek egalitarianism and equality because they wish to blame others for their failure and every day play victims. They want a socialist idea of a state because they are second and lose. They dont wish to compete, but nature tells us, we must compete, it is the way if life.

Don’t be that guy, be a man comfort with masculinity and a renaissance man. A person who can handle himself (herself). This is nature and in nature it is the survival of the fittest. Of course have compassion but for those who deserve it.
My books and blogs are not for the politically correct.

The goal of the Deitus philosophy is to ask questions of how, why and when. We seek to take ourselves as man or women of higher virtue and to earn spiritualism through creativity and productivity. To be a prime mover and to create true art and beauty and build a world in the image of greatness. Be a lion, a wolf, be not only what nature has given you as an animal but more, your an animal that can make decisions and use his mind. Take that benefit and use it. It’s what makes us the alpha and top of the food chain. But as there is a food chin with all animals there is a food chain with primates, and homo sapiens, there are homo Deitus.

We are proud but have compassion for those who deserve or Actually need it. We seek to help and put front certain individuals who are not helped even though society say they help. Society is a cruel place. We seek to establish relations and help others in need, truly help, not like the hypocrites in daily modernity.
Those forced into human bondage.
Those forced into the sex industry.
The sick or hurt.
The women who is abused.
The one who is raped.
Our women of tradition.
These are the people we will stand up for. They we will defend and his up to highest respects.

We value courage, strength, dedication, determination, competition, and yes violence and aggression when needed. Violence is a gold standard. It is in our nature. In modernity men do not support the second amendment because they want a right to defend themselves. They want a gunn because many men are scared to throw elbows. They are weak, fat, and cant fight. Yes, support the right to bear arms, but also know how to deal with a fight as well. We accept there will be violence at times and must defend ourselves, our families and others. It is the measurement of true equality.

The sins to the Deitus is simple.
Weakness, laziness, gluttony, playing victim, blaming others and society. These are characteristics that we are against and seek to overcome. It is these and frame of minds that leads us to misery and depression. We currently live in a society of people taking anti-depressants, drugs, and hedonism to replace truth. In reality life takes work, sweat and blood. That in life you must have strength and determination and all the qualities that the Deitus represent.

To change your life you must first change your mindset. Change the way you think, change your habits and daily form.

Life was meant to be lived. Not as a robot but as a animal and natural. To live and work in a situation that you are on auto pilot everyday is a living hell. Working 9-5 come home and watch TV 7-11 got to sleep and get up and do it all her again 5 days a week. This is a result of modernity if you work do it for passion or raw survival. Your ancestors farmed and raised live stock because they lived off the things they grew and raise. This is raw living.

You do not hate Mondays, you hate modernity and what it tells you that you must do to live.
In modernity we have all traded up natural living for slavery. Instead of iron As chains that give you an hourly wage. 14 bucks is all your worth for your hour? $20? $30 even? We value ourselves so little. We are slaves. Slaves to the wage, the corporations and others. We are slaves to objects. We are slaves to hedonism.

But not anymore. Seek the Deitus self improvement. Seek this way of life. Change your mindset. Stop thinking yourself so less.

I promise, start with your mindset, get up today and make your bed, clean a bit, and work out. I promise by the end of the day, you will feel better.


The Deitus psychological Shadow

Jung mention shadow as one of his archetypes. The ego, ID, or an archetype may refer to (1) an unconscious aspect of the personality which the conscious ego does not identify in itself, or (2) the entirety of the unconscious, i.e., everything of which a person is not fully conscious.

This is the unknown, irrational, and what the Deitus calls the primitive side.

This is the unknown connection to the primordial source and can be felt in a positive or negative light. You can relate to it as anxiety or depression. These negatives can lead to misery, failure, and even suicidal tendencies.

The Deitus understand this and because Deitus is a philosophical way of thinking and taking on the task of life we ask questions of the why, how, and answer.

This means we try and understand the shadow and seek to replace a negative with a positive. This is why I encourage you to undertake small feats and do small goals every day, make your bed, do pushups, and so on.

Individuals know deep down how they should live a healthy productive life but it’s this unknown shadow that drives us to bad habits, dangerous living, and bad choices. We know to drink water, but we choose coke. We know we need to be active and exercise, but the tv and couch seem so much better, even though it’s not and we damn well know it. Therefore we must confront our own demons, our own shadow. The archetype shadow of psychology.

In this way, you are programming your brain by doing a goal and feeling great about it. This leads to a positive mental attitude and opens your mind up to more positive capabilities and outcomes. Once you start to accomplish these small goals they become a habit. which you will perform daily. Then you will move on to better or even more positive habits and then on to large or long term goals and become a person of higher virtue, happy, positive, a beast, and a philosophical warrior!

To understand the shadow and know it is the couscous unknown of your ego. But that we can try and reprogram our minds to overcome the ego and change our negatives into a positive attitude and outcome.

Your mind and body is a machine in a constant working survival mode. Nature puts this machine through a system (world, environment) and that system builds us to be the survival of the fittest. This is an essence and it’s this essence that some people become successful and happy, even those that we deem immoral. This is why in real life sometimes the bad guy goes unpunished or never pays for his wrongdoings. Of course, nature and the primordial source will always seek payment. Through your crimes and the high life, you will always pay the piper. Just ask anyone who has got addicted to a drug before.

Deitus lifestyle Post

A Deitus man or woman is a Philosophical warrior. A being who has studied the artist, entrepreneurs philosophers, kings, and Generals.
And because of this, he lives the Spartan lifestyle, what I mean by spartan lifestyle is living with very little and depending on nothing or as little as possible so you are not a slave to anybody or anything.

Why rent a dwelling for $1500 a month when you can rent or buy for $500 a month?
Why lease a jaguar or /150 thousand dollar car when you can buy a nice dependable ride for 20k?
Why eat out and eat food that will give you a heart attack when you can book better and cheaper and you know it’s fresh clean and healthy and what you need to intake to build muscle and strength?

From this day forward write you a sticky note and put it where.you can see it, on your mirror, PC, or laptop screen, that says I will live the Deitus philosopher lifestyle, the Spartans are my inspiration.

You don’t need shit from no one and your no longer going to be a slave to anything. nothing will chain you down. Nothing will own you. Go rogue and Ronin

Yes, today you may have to work but today something will change. Today you will start looking for what you love that will also pay. Write, create, build. You will read about business and seek out options if making money.

You will live like a spartan, eat healthily at the home, workout, create, and put it out to nature that you will strive and search for something you can do that will make you happy.

When I was younger I hated working 8-5 every day so I went a did what u had to do to work a different schedule, I became an engineer and operator.of a plant so I had time during the week and weekend to seek out business ventures.

Start today and find what you k ow about and write about it. Create an eBook and sell it, start a blog about a topic your good at. Become a reseller, sell books and shit on eBay. Kill it! Hustle and get hungry in life.

Instead of beer making you happy let making money replace that. Have that be your drive. Instead of you, time beers count the fucking weights.

It all starts with one thing and that’s a mindset. If you have a positive and ambitious mind then you will start noticing successful things happening
Positive mental attitudes bring positive realities. You do that right thing and good things will happen. Yes, bad things too but this is why you build yourself up with a strong mind and body so when bad things do happen you are strong and mentally capable of anything.

This mental attitude starts today. Today fucker, not tomorrow or when you feel better or when you graduate.

New year’s resolution is for failures and weak men. Screw a resolution do that shit today. Go to the gym today. Go ahead and get that 20 minutes of weights in. Them get you a 10 dollar steak and put some salt on it and grill it and eat and.not that greasy ass pizza.

This is what you must do because this is what you have and what you’re given. This mind, this body, these blessings from the primordial source, don’t waste CREATE!

Never be lazy, laziness is the biggest sin, it ends lives. Laziness is the true biggest killer.

Now change your lifestyle.

Lift, get style, work and create, learn, and motivate.