The Glory and of Heroism

What we view as progress, is it really progress? We give ourselves a picture that we are now evolved and are superior in morals and ways than civilisation of the past. But are we?

Our current civilisation does not touch the glory of previous civilisations. Maybe in digital and some medical technology but far as the spirit within humanity than flame is burning out.

We no longer seek glory and sacrifice for the empire. This is why many of us look towards the American soldier with gratitude and admiration because this flame is in so few. We no longer work to build the nation together due to Nationalism or for the collective society. These ways have been list to the West long ago. We do see a glint of it still in the Asian communities. It still grows a little in China and Japan. But I sigh when I see Japan and it’s culture now moving ever more I to modernity and being *Americanized ever more with each passing year. This and their addiction to degeneracy such as porn is now destroying any sense of the days of old. The glory of the Imperial empire it was.

The West is a culture that was grown and built on heroism. From the beginning of Homer and takes of the Greeks, Spartans, and Trojans and their God’s/Goddesses. The tale of Odysseus and his journey home. We look to the North and the Northmans tales of the mythology we all know and love, building a warrior culture and spreading it’s tales with battle axe and ship around the world. It’s God’s who is so very human, all to human.

The Greeks and Romans with their old God’s/Goddesses that blesses the warrior and even have human emotions towards many men and women of the Greek world. Through this both Greek and Roman build the world’s most amazing and beautiful structures dedicated to the God’s that drive their society. From temples dedicated the Gods to monuments to great men as well. Arch ways, libraries, aqueducts and dwellings dedicated to great Romans. We can nowhere compete with this achievement.

Even the basic residential dwellings of that time toples our achievement. Just gaze and wonder at the Alsace region of France. The entire border of France and Germany is littered with amazing cities and towns that seems to come out of a fairy tale novel. We can read Game of Thrones at a side cafe in a city that resembles what’s in the book. Gaze at a Roman Domus. This is pure superior society at it’s greatest. And we have lost it, abandoned it, turned out back on it.

Moving forward to the Great Constatine. Found his heart with Christ and in that started a era of beauty in art and Architecture that can never be rivaled. Just as the ancient Romans with Temples comes the Cathedrals found all over Europe that no structure can rival.

Back again it was lead from a spirit of humanity that is no longer found but with a selected few of us. The tales of the Crusades and the Knight Templar. The defenders of Christianity. The king’s themselves was generals lead by faith and ideals and now known as men of renown. Richard the Lionheart and many others.

In the history of the West we see this guilding light up until the modern times. Somewhere after the “age of enlightenment” yes we promoted the liberal arts and philosophy and all it’s beauty. But forgot and left behind the spark, the flame of the human spirit of heroism. Of courage and sacrifice to that which is greater. Family, folk, and people. It is in our blood and this is one of the things we know is there but we have forgotten and we are now lost. Cultural pride, and then passion of our ancestors.

Remember my friends. History, stories, tales and mythology is not only poetry but lessons. And lessons of not only heroism and glory upon the battlefield but of love.

Human love.

Of wife and husband..

Love of family…

Love of culture..

Yes we progressed in the liberal arts of the digital science.

We have come far in the medical advancement.

We lead the charge against slavery.

But let us return to morality and that of the warrior culture. A time that heroes are aloud to rise, vanquish evil and gets the wen he loves. Let’s not only read, dream, and fantasize about these stories, let’s live them.

Let’s be them.

The warrior exist. The hero rises. The love and touch of a women drives our desire to win and return home to her arms. The feminine smell of women in our minds right before the joining of a shield wall. Men to get out and build the homestead for his children, rise and leave a legacy. A legacy of admiration and not debt from a degenerate Society!

Do not let a thousand years of blood soak on our land and Earth for nothing. Rise for them. Protect for them. Rise for the future of our children. Rise for our different cultures that are special. The West is special, our ancestors explored and built nation’s that everyone loves. Remember as they criticize western man it is our land, our kingdoms, our nation’s they wish to live in. It is our culture of old they wish to imitate. Not this culture of modern shit but the culture of our ancestors they they are jealous over, that they feared.

Our ancestors built these lands of the West. Yes through blood, yes, through conquest, don’t forget it. That warrior culture and it’s blood runs through your veins. Now seize it and rise to he a better man/women.

The tales of the West is the stories they now make movies about, write books about. That is our story.

When the Indo and Hunter gathers spread to Europe remember…

Cro Magnon and Neaderthal

From the start we soaked the Earth in battle. Many say through genicide even and the Neaderthals were whiped out. Many in India say the tribe that would be known as the Aryans went to war with neighboring tribes through conquest and went North to what would be the Indo Europeans.. at least this is one side of the story but a very viable one..

From this the West gave birth. To a people that would grow into a people of Art, love, exploration, and yes conquest. War has been our birth. To the man of the West the ying and yang is war/love.

Let us continue on our take and story. Let us tell the stories of our heroes. Let us take back our society and instill the culture of beauty, of art, of Architecture, of morality. And above all…

The human spirit. To transcend into something beyond. Human spirit meets the physical flesh, improved with medical science. Each has it’s place.

This we will become

Homo Deus.



The enemy of Western Society

From the Alter of Hannibal.

Blessed and graced by Ba’al!

I smell the sulfur, a sign? A symbol?

A symbol for the Deitus…..

To European nationalist, the main enemy is the EU/US globalization view.

To Guillaume Faye is was Islam and it’s immigration.

To Evola Modernism is all mankind and of course European’s enemy.

The decendants of Europeans in the US is at total lost as Americanism and what it means is at total lost in debate, social unrest, social justice influence, multi culturalism starting to back fire, and all virtue is gone. The US use to still always be a Western cultural Civilization and still is but is changing into it’s on cultural divide between leftist progressive politics and the Conservative Libertarian right side of politics. This so far has been social justice warrior style and debate, although useless. It has at times fell out onto the streets but mostly because of coward groups like Antifa and the opposite defending itself against the coward socialist that occupy mother’s basements. Leftist cowards attack those rallying for free speech and prayer are blindly attacked.

Antifa and you call yourself warriors. Attacking the innocent. I spit on your shoes. When you are about to for once, fight against real men I will ask you to think of eyes, lips, and cheeks.

Because after the battle upon the field the Ravens and Vultures carve out the eye sockets, peck and tear at the lips, and stuff themselves with the fatty salty meat of the cheek.

You know nothing yet of even puberty. Walk on home boy.

In truth

The above is true and all enemies of Western Civilization and way of life. They are the enemy of European man.

But the number one enemy of Western/European culture and man is….

(In the US we are called “white man” even though this is not proper as Europe has many different cultures and even skin color. The term “white man” is term of stupidity as here is no “white man”. There are men/women with light, pale, olive, white skin. Oh the lovely ladies with pale skin and wine lips, long blonde or brunette hair. Natures gift and blessing of the Gods.)

But I must continue…..

The number one enemy is…


White progressives. White liberals. White socialist.

And again, ourselves.

If we do not fall into materialistic downfall and decay, society progresses. If we do not fall into a TV drama, Hollywood zombie of mental being then we advance. If we do not get red eyed and dreary on social media with lies that leads to depression for all, which leads to a nation on antidepressants and drug use… If we watch more porn than documentary, if we parade our sexuality in the streets in the name of fa and useless pride and promote pediphilia and 9 year old tranny’s dancing for grown men throwing dollars at him/her like a hooker. (By the way you have failed as parents and your a disgusting parasite upon society).

Well, Then we achieve a righteous conquest of life and seek to achieve in greatness.

Wait… Look at the description of the above and then take a look around..

Yes…the enemy is ourselves, Western man, European man, hell, white man.

But the above is already happened, and we are in the onslaught of decay. Deitus among the ruins. We walk among the virus, the diseased, but we are the strong and must never forget our way of life.

The enemy is ourselves….

European’s have lost the will of conquest, achievement, and above all pride of culture. They have let the progressives fool them into laziness and guilt for history. Which is nonsense, European cultural achievement has been a gift to the world. As has all cultures given something to the world to help achieve evolution. Of course we as a society have been degrading ourselves while tech, medicine and tech as evolved. But now we rely on the technological advancement. Now we have given up our chilvary, self respect, tribal loyalty, cultural pride. I tip a cup to the cultures that are still proud and providing. I wish you luck against the rising tide, it’s coming towards you next.

All cultures have provided.

I learn the Tao and simple “being” while doing daily task from the Japanese.

I learned and read the greatest manuscripts of war from the Chinese as their Warring history is something to admire.

Just an example, all provide.

As have the Europeans. I love my ancestors European history. I love traditional Europe. Above all I love Western Civilization and all it’s GLORY in present and especially the past.

And we must fight for it. Once again the beast is at the gates. Once again the Crusades are here. Once again they come to the shore.

You must build yourself up to become healthy, Intelligent. Stop living towards the expectations they have set for you. Expectations of commodity and over consumerism. We have made a material God. Materialism is fine, but in moderate. Instant gratification is fine, in moderate doses. But Americans are not trained for moderate doses. We buy buy and play play. We buy things that we will not use. Things that are useless to our progress. We play not for health but for entertainment. In the form of video games. Men, give hours and hours of their life to something that will not benefit them in the slightest. Ok, maybe in coordination HA, but so does basic exercise so that’s an excuse for stupidity. Play a video games for enjoyment for limited time. But NEVER let in betray your duties and deeds. When shopping buy materialistic items but in moderate supply and make it useful. Far as I’m concerned the whole not materialistic item worth buying are books.

Do not bow down to the God of consumerism upon their alter of commodity

I can show you the philosophy of Deitus. A warriors philosophy, a philosophy of love and life. I can point the finger.

But it is up to you to stand with me, battle axe in hand. Honoring our history, salute with cultural pride. Defending Western ideas not just for self, but for our people, children, and the world.



Race, Identity, and Culture

The Deitist Philosophy is a culturally proud and and cultural Identity philosophy.

Because race is different. The new American Left, Progressives, and Cultural Marxist teaches of multiculturalism and we are all the same. But this is not true. We know it’s not. It’s a myth and people now believe because it has been stuffed down out throats and it has backfired on a decaying society. A DE-evolving society.

Truth is we are different. Our race and culture is different from one person to the next. Multiple scleroses is more in European men that African American. Heart disease is more in African American man that European men. This is just an example to push my point and start a conversation. One race could be more susceptible to a disease or something than another race.
This makes us different and so does many other things.
Now I am a believer in Science so therefore I understand the DNA aspect of it. That through our DNA we are through a high percent the same. But there is other aspects such as where you are born, raised, community, country, CULTURE and yes, race. In the US We have been lead to believe race is a taboo thing now to discuss which has lead to people being nervous to discuss it, especially I’ve seen this in American Europeans. But to understand and how to see things threw different eyes and different communities we need to accept we are different and our community is different. In this way we can finally approach dark marks that’s been placed upon our American history.

To see things through a black man’s eyes when discussing the police brutality situation. To hear what the white male says when he works alongside a black man in the heat of the day yet is called privileged and yet does not understand it from the black community perspective. You can not understand that when many speak of their history and culture this actually saddens and hurts many African Americans as they feel torn from their history. For better or worst. They hear about history in public schools but they feel it’s not “their” history to a certain extent. They want people to understand they feel they have been victimized when many of American greatness was built in the backs of American slavery. Yet many do not acknowledge this. These and other issues concern the black community. Some just gave up on trying to be understood. What is good is black Conservatism is on the rise. To hear how to heal the separation between us placed by civil right and now guilt. Because either we achieve this or we continue doing what is not working. History has given us a gift of what works and what does not work. We see through history what works. Let’s apply it!

Multiculturalism does not work due to making cultures accept what they don’t understand. Yet to lift one’s own cultural history and yes, even race up and achieve success can and will help others. To American left and Progressives this is called racist and other stupid labels and names. Yet what they propose further divides us and for all to fall and fight. Why fight among each other when we can share our culture and love of it with each other? To teach history and spread success for all.

It’s time we accept that we are different due to race and culture and guess what??

That’s ok!

That’s good!

Be proud of your race and culture. Study and know your history.
Build your community because in building and advancing your own culture and community you can share and help other communities.
It’s OK we are different and we can accept that it’s a good thing.
Let’s share our histories, let’s build together.

Let’s build an empire! Deitus! God creators, creators of magnificent Art and building of architectural AWE inspiring.

Accepting This lie of racism, discrimination and multiculturalism is the reason why racial relations will never heal in the US while American style liberalism is a popular ideology. They tell us we should accept that we are all the same and multiculturalism is the best way to go. When all you have to do is look out into the world and see it’s not. Different cultures sometimes have a hard time living with each other due to cultural and belief differences.
Migration in Europe is currently showing us it’s hard for those from the middle East and Africa and those born in Europe to get along. The migrants view almost everything different. The Muslim culture/religion can not integrate into European culture as easily as they expected. It’s backfiring and now protests are in the streets, nationalism is exploding, which can also be a good thing.

Now… In the US it’s a different race problem.
The ideology of liberalism has invaded the African American community into believing Progressives are looking out on their behalf. That Republicans are the old rich racist white guys. This is a lie and to even begin to heal true race problems in the US Progressives must be halted, leftist ideology must be destroyed.
On the other side they teach that white community should be guilt riddened and that you are bad, your history bad, you are privileged, and the most comical thing is that you have no culture. Your race should cease to exist, white people should have no rights, should be killed, white men are the devil’s. Well white men, quit being cowards and quit buying in to guilt and accept the thrown of the devil. Why? People who say you should be killed will never wish to help, build, share, and communicate a positive outcome with you. Through all the history and countries in Europe yet white Americans are said to have no culture. Haha. Then they wonder why Nationalism is on the rise. All Nationalism from all race and culture is rising because it is a couple term evolution to what has been forced upon people and society. A eroding DE-evolving society. A society going to ruins and will continue to do so.

Does this not prove my point or at least to lend me your ear??

History has PROVEN that Progressives view on race is wrong and it’s ways of dealing with race relations are incorrect.
Liberalism and progressives have dominated the Democratic party.

Let’s take a look at the Democratic parties track record.

Democrats which is a party ran by Progressives.
Those that rejected the civil Rights movement.
And even now, runs and controls predominately black cities where unemployment is high and income is low and opportunity is scarce. Now this is due to numerous reasons I know. But none the less these cities have been ran by the same party and policies for over a decade and more.

It’s is time to look at things in a different view. Let’s help and share. Let’s love and accept our differences and in return share that. Let’s build a true land of the free, that benefits all.

Black man and women. White man and women, we can work and live in peace. We can share these boundaries. But we must as a society understand that all people are different, in race and culture, and that’s OK.

Black history month, do not accept that insult. Black man’s history is larger and more important than a months dedication. Become a nationalist, promote and share a culture. Know that we are now a Western society, and we all have a gift. Let’s use it.

Through identity it is not bad that it’s natural to feel OK or even prefer people of your race or culture. We all feel it, look at the segregated neighborhoods all around the world. The segregated countries, religious institutions even. This relation and preference must be observed if we do forward to a society of trust. We must see and acknowledge that Identitarianism is a natural state of human emotions. Many it’s not skin color but CULTURE. Those who are similar to oneself is those who share his ideals and beliefs. His history and culture. He is ethnic related through culture, history, and racial identity. It has been proven time and time again we are different genetically and even in our brains.

But! We are also very similar and all to human. We are Homo Sapiens and we are a beautiful species. We are the greatest, we are the top of the food chain.

We are the creator of God’s!

And now…we are Homo Deus.

We have evolved.

We have a philosophy of the God’s.


Your friend, your philosopher



Deitus Becoming

WAR is in our nature, violence and self defense is a natural feeling. Our passion for competition. Our pride to be better. Our greed to want more. The want and need to have more, accomplish more, and the meaning behind what you have accomplished and created. We need to be able to create, to build, and destroy. These are things that human nature is built upon. The need and excitement to explore, pillage, compete, and conquer! The human understanding to build something, grow something, engineer the bridge that connects us. This is what makes us men. And we are losing and being forced against a wall. The modern society and it’s culture now shuns this with criticisms. The tradesman in his workshop is a cave man dragging his knuckles. The society norms now promote feminism on men and call them brutes and nonintellectual and other non sense. They start and in courage “believe all women” and occupy wall street movements with lack of factual evidence and avoid statistics. Just look up the war of cops movement. Look at the discrimination involved. Yet they ignore the problem in our dinner cities. In truth everything that is traditional is shunned. Even though Traditionalism has proved that it has worked. Another example is Free Trade and Capitalism. It does not matter if it works to the current culture in the US. Everything that is traditional and what has made western society not only great but beautiful is being attacked. This where the Philosophy of Deitism comes in.

The Deitus looks at it like is every culture, every race and gender too, every economic system and every political ideology is being advanced, promoted, helped and given benefit EXCEPT ONE. Then the Deitus sees it as we are no longer concerned as being seen as the Good Guy. To us it is important enough to not care and to be seen as whatever our enemies sees fit. Conservatives are always concerned as being moral and being the good guy with their Christian values. BAH! WE are Deitus! We are the heathens! The fucking INFIDEL! We are the warriors who are marching upon your city with shileld wall and battles axe. We prefer to debate but you have made clear that can become violent. Just say when Hucklberry. We will defeat you in political ideology and philosophy. We will defeat you in debate. Buy, we will also beat you in iron and blood as well….

We see the skinny weak liberal go to college for liberal arts and racking up 250 grand of college debt and have no skills to show, no job, no life. He then has the guile to criticize the construction worker as a redneck and call him stupid. They preach collective philosophy and socialism economics Yet have never earned, never labored, they have never known what it is to build something when their own hands. They will tell you not to eat meat but eat fruit and look down upon the REAL man who grew that apple your eating you little shit. What’s worst is then they blame capitalism! Because they learn useless knowledge and have no skills they blame the very free markets that have built the 1st world country they live in. The country that has spoiled them with their higher learning and criticize the rights they do have, the freedoms that others have earned for them.

Deitus Man…Deitus Becoming

Because of your pride in history and culture they will call you racist and a bigot and that we should be tolerant and yet they are the ones who sucker punch a person not looking. To gather in a mob and then attack innocents because of our differences and you are the ones who preach tolerance Yet we all know the truth. You are weak, miserable and you eat antidepressants like candy. Others that can’t join the mob will sit behind their computer screens and type on their keyboard and act smart due to some article they read. Yes the internet has given us communication abilities, but it also gave everyone Information to the point where everyone thinks they know it all. Oh yes, you have all the answers, yet your a miserable little bitch. How if you know it all are you unhappy and miserable? Oh because of capitalism right? It made another rich and left you broke. Because of the government right? They hold you down and oppress you. Or wait.. it’s white people or purple people and on top of that you are so miserable because you know white privilege has given you what little success you do have… You have gut rot but vegan is the way to go huh? But you got to pay the bills right, so you throw on your Che shirt and skinny boy jeans and go out and get on your bike and ride to your 9-5 vape selling shop. After you get off you go to your apartment, alone, cause there’s a 90% chance you don’t have a women and haven’t gotten laid in 2 years. As the night goes by you either playing a video game, putting together that Game of Thrones puzzle, watching porn or googling vegan recipes.
Yeah I’ve seen these liberal guys. I’ve noticed this is a basic day. Ok and they tell others how to live and how to enlighten themselves. They laugh at “real men” with their D&D buddies.

What real Beautiful Art looks like, liberal art is the destruction of true beauty…

But hey maybe your one who after school tells your mom your going to play with friends and sneak in your room and throw on all black and go out and try to attack the free speech March because your buddy who just beat off to a picture of Karl Marx told you that what he determines to be hate speech is not free speech. Well one day you will have to answer. One day you will fail and fall. One day you face yourself in the mirror and realize your only. playing a victim card for show, that your a failure, an unhappy failure. That day return to the mirror and answer…answer to yourself..that the Deitus is coming…

Deitus Beauty in Art and Tradition

Understand when I say Liberalism that I mean the American Liberalism and so called LEFTIST and it’s movement that supports open borders, multiculturalism, feminism, promoting transgenders, anti- tradition and anti traditional families, socialism, abortion among other things. Not Classical Liberalism from Europe. This also includes modern day American FEMINIST who do more damage to women than the 60s treatment ever did,

Liberalism is a virus and a disease, Deitism is the cure.
Tired of being unhappy, Deitism is happiness and life.
You were weak but now you will train to get strong.
You were a coward but now you have courage and pride…
You no longer live for others and the collective but for you as an individual. You will love those who deserve it and smash your enemies.
You will become
You have become
Deitus Becoming

Your philosopher