A Dark Passenger Known as Addiction

Beating the dark passages of addiction.

All of us are addicts in one way or another. But we all have different personalities towards addiction. Many have minor addictive ways. But many have major addictive personalities.

Heroin and opiate addiction is rampant in the US and other countries. We seek the high and the euphoria drugs bring. Our tolerance rises and we end up using just to feel normal and be able to face the day.

The first thing to end your addiction is you must want to quit. Any program, rehab, or counselor can piss in the wind while helping because unless you want to quit, you will fail.

You must want this. Because it will be one of the hardest battles of your life, you will be down into a darkness that you can not comprehend, physically and mentally.

You can look all over the web for what helps with withdrawal but in the end, hardly anything helps.

I have gone through withdrawal 6 times with the 6th being the final time and I never have fallen victim again. I was addicted to opiates and later methadone. Now early in life, I’ve done just about every drug invented by man and nature. But only became addicted to opiates.

Here what actually did help me.

1.  Try and taper. If you can not taper alone such as myself then try a program such as a methadone clinic. Yes, I know it sucks to go through a program but if you want to be clean then what does it matter. It sucks more being a piece of shit too.

2. A LOT of showers and baths. The only breaks you get are when you are in the shower. The water soothes you.

3. Anxiety meds do help as well as none addictive sleep aid. Even with a sleep aid, you will suffer insomnia but at least you will eventually get some sleep. Plus at night your withdrawal seems to be worst.

4.  Soup. Your body needs nourishment and most can not eat or hold down but soup is something most can eat along with crackers and similar.

5.  Walk and music. You will see comments all over YouTube or other sites when people say this or that song helped them through dark times. Walks help because you can walk and think and it is exercise and gets you out and about.

For those about to rock I salute you. It is horrible but also an experience that will tell you a lot about yourself and you will face darkness like no other.
You will feel alone.
Your skin will burn and feels like needles.
You will be cold and hot.
You won’t be able to sleep.
Depression will be severe.

Many ask is it worth it.

Fuck yes it is.

If you can do this. You can do anything.

Discipline is something men and when of modernity rarely have. So when you complete your journey you will be all the stronger for it.

Life is a game, journey, comedy, and tragedy. It’s time to play your part well.