Spiritualism from Art and Architecture

Art and Architecture is our spiritualism. Our ritual in creativity. The true artist of merit and talent. Sculptures upon our alter. Baroque, Victorian, Roman, Gothic, and Renaissance our dwellings, buildings, homes, and fountains in our lively squares in our beautiful cities. Libraries, hospitals, Universities, coliseums, and civil structures should be a symbol and rise to the skies in beauty. Resist modern art and Architecture and the destruction of our cities that are now ugly concrete structures with no soul.

Humans have a need for dogma and ritual. We honor Gods, goddesses myths, and legends in art as paintings, sculptures, music, and architecture like the Baroque, Gothic, and the Renaissance. You can feel that something is truly bigger than yourself. This massive architectural building, cathedral, or Basilica. It engulfs you, surrounds you, and haunts you. This is the religion of God. The religion of the Homo Deus. The arts are our spirit. It literally stirs in the heart, spills into the mind, hurts in our veins, and we produce creativity that makes God's of the old weep. 

They weep And show their power by using our passion and guide our hands and build greatness Through our paintings, our music, the beautiful sculptures. 

Also all around us, the glory above us, from the megalithic structures of architecture to the beautiful fountain in the square where people.feel alive and fulfilled. This is spiritualism, this is of the heart, mind, and of the flesh. 

Not only of spirit but of our carnal incarnate. We whisper our incantations and they spill out on the canvas the feminine body or scene of myth and legend and we raise up on a wall, around the dome, or the release of creativity molded to a statue of the Goddess of Athena.

But let us not forget the art of the word. Yes, did we humans of flesh not produce beautiful sounds as well in which we can communicate and build the towers of Babel? Language and the written word. Annals, histories, philosophy, FANTASY! 

Stories of the God's, support, and compassion of the Goddesses. War from Aries. The honor to fight during the day, and drink at night with Odin awaiting Ragnarok!. Yes, oh Valhalla

May the Valkyrie take my soul to dine and fight!

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