Quick Introduction to the Deitus thought.

Deitism or The Deitus Philosophy is a radical Traditionalist philosophy that has been developed for the modern world as a revolt against the modern civilization and it’s lack of culture, values, mannerisms, and ways. It is a counter revolution in a philosophical aspect and a way of life and an avenue for the future. We take the study of the past and we can see what works and apply it to modernity. By taking the achievements and what worked in the past and adding it to the advancements of the present. It starts as a self-improvement philosophy that promotes individualism in excellence, self-interest in success, ambition and survival, sacrifice for family, culture, and community with a promotion on tradition, spirituality and their importance. The Deitus Philosophy promotes the study of Science, propaganda and Art as it promotes advancement and creative spiritualism. The purpose of the self-improvement way has many avenues in which the practitioner can develop and progress his/her life and learn. He or she can use the philosophy as a self-improvement guide because it promotes the use of one’s skills, talents, and passion to drive success and be proud of their success. Other avenues are politics, the debate of morality or economics. Self-improvement is one of the most important aspects of Deitism, for accomplishing your goals in this life. To promote your ideas and advance society in the process, achieve financial compensation for your ideas. Ideas of individuals are the motors in which societies turn. We encourage men to learn a craft and master said craft. This is a forgotten study, a way that has been forgotten within current standards, the craftsman, carpenter, welder and farmer. These and other skills are needed to live a fulfilling life, to give purpose. Modern society has forgotten this basic principle yet it is told in every book of wisdom ever written. In a basic statement but a true one “put in a good hard day’s work”.  Physical work gives us strength. A craft gives us critical thinking. To build, to produce, to create and to see the end result rather it product or amazing architectural ingenuity it gives us spirit, gives us purpose and a fulfilling life. Something that is missing in today’s environment. All this leads us to building not only greater men/women, but a greater warrior, a greater man, greater women, a greater being.  This is Deitus. The Deitus school of thought comes complete with all aspects of a philosophical school of thought. It comes equipped with a self-improvement program as well as discussing all the branches of philosophy.

·       Metaphysics.

·       Epistemology.

·       Ethics.

·       Political theory and economics.

·       Art and aesthetics of beauty in concern of all the creative arts and architecture.

We express and build upon the theory of design in the discipline of sculpture, fountains and buildings to the complete layout of urban development, commercial use and environmental impact of cities to better society and the standard of living for all. We no longer wish to live in soulless concrete jungles but beautiful walk-able, breathable cities with great squares with fountains and sculpture. Store fronts with living quarters above. Greenery, artful detail as well as architecture that captures the soul with beauty and spiritualism. We promote and encourage the return of traditional beauty in art, sculpture and architecture. Art that is true objective beauty and not modern commercialized trash that gives no meaning and does not touch the soul. Art and architecture is a part of our spiritualism. Literature, culture, and myth as well as religion we seek through the perennial system and achieve our spiritual path through the primordial systems. We view all teachings as seeking happiness and the answer. We seek spiritualism in both faith and archetype. Where one does not have faith we find enlightenment in creativity, expression, and passion. We are the overgrowing, ever evolving school of thought and answer to the cultural rot and spiritual loss of modernity. We are the engineers of the next epoch. We are The architect of tradition. We are the philosophical warriors. We seek glory through discipline and knowledge. We seek the knowledge of the metaphysics of war. We seek glory and honor through tradition and chivalry. We are Homo Salvos (human savior) We are Homo Deus (Homo Deity) We are Deitus.

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