True Spiritualism is dying.

Realize spiritualism is dying. I say this even in conjecture with the largest modern religions. There is no Spiritualism, fantasy, magic in modern religions no longer. People no longer feel any sense of spiritualism. Science and the religions themselves have decimated the belief in modern religions. They don’t even believe in what they preach anymore. Christians change their own scripture just to make the population happy. Can not defend their holy Bibles, and are losing people by the day. Islamic controlled countries see women as second class citizens, throw gays off buildings and want to kill the Infidel while screaming tolerance. Buddhism, an amazing Philosophy yet it is losing a battle with the modern world of consumerism, death, and materialism. Peace is only but a small part in our human nature, so it will fail as well. Hindu is stuck in India, i can go on and on.

We yearn for fantasy and spiritualism, that’s why books, tv shows, and movies that are about magic and fantasy are so successful. We need dogma, fantasy, magic, and some sort of spiritualism in our life. It gives us hope and meaning. Gives us something to learn and experience. Without it we are left to the study of nature and science which yes is amazing and I promote the study of both. But there is another form of fantasy that is needed, “True Spiritualism”.

We find this in Traditonalism, in the Warrior mentality of sacrifice, nationalism, and duty. In which we have not only lost, but are criticized for wanting and believing. The other forms are Art and Architecture. Which also is in decay with the modern art of subjective and abstract types.

I do speak of individualism. I speak if it in a way that you must use it in a American type manner. In your daily work at the coporate style job. The US is a very individualist type country and that’s fine but there comes a point where you must learn to sacrifice for that which is bigger. Self Interest is a great virtue. As people tell you you can not accomplish your dreams this is where the virtue of self Interest comes into play and helps you become determined. This is fine, this is encouraged. But sacrifice for family, folk, and culture is where we must stand for something bigger than oneself. The US and other Western countries are losing this philosophy of cultural pride and identity. Nationalism and Western traditions. There are many European countries each with it’s own people, folk, and tradition. All in which must be defended and sacrificed for.

The stake is huge in it also gives us “True Spiritualism”. The fight and sacrifice, the Warrior mentality that was so common and useful in the past. Our ancestors lived with this everyday.

This is not just Europe or the West. In Asia, Japan becomes more modernized everyday. We learn Eastern spiritual awakening and the Tao from their society. We learn the beauty is “just being” and doing in everyday work and mundane task. This is the Tao….
To lose this type of teaching, this tradition is exactly the same degrading and decay that is happening in the West. It’s not just Japan but all countries are becoming Modernized and leaving behind ways that make us great.

Modernism is destroying us. Technology is supposed to help us advance. But it is killing us, decaying our society. We do not thrive on nothing more than consumerism and material value that we have lost all sence of the human emotion.
There is no fantasy that’s real, there is no magic, it is dead along with our God’s.

Even though we are Agnostic we must never lose the human emotion of spiritualism through the beauty of Art and Architecture (The Perrenial God). The awakening through the Tao of everyday life. The want to become better, to achieve, to become physically healthier and mentally stronger. To look forward and around to see the magic, to feel the tradition. The love of Cultural Identity and Nationalism to know oneself and folk. To live and feel! Live and know! To achieve but sacrifice. Feel the warrior mentality. The discipline it brings. The fight inside. The love of family and culture.

The Traditionalist way is the way to “true Spiritualism”.

The Deitus philosophy maybe different than what many think of when Tradionalism is thought of. But we do know the importance. We do believe in it. We are a modern Philosophy, yet, we have a Traditionalist spirit. The warrior mentality. The Deitus knows and understands spiritualism is a human emotion, and it is a human need. We must have dogma, FANTASY, MAGIC and Spiritualism to become the next evolution in human growth. Without it we become nothing more than robots that buy garbage on Amazon. A bunch of NPCs. Have false and fake interaction with a social media platform, it’s all lies! They lie on their profiles, they are fat, unhappy, and list in their real lives!
We become unhealthy, we lose ourselves. Just look at the fat feminist and the logic of Progressive lefties. We become a decaying society that leads us to chaos. It’s happening, you can see it, it’s all around you, i need to prove nothing.
We are a decaying society. We are now de-evolving, we are degressing as a species.

Tonight put the phones up. Eat dinner at the table. Talk……

Love your family and folk, Prepare for violence, grip the battle axe. Let’s ride the tiger.
Will you stand with me on top of the ruins? We are beasts among the alien sapiens but that does not mean we are be lost. Yes society is lost but we are on a path, a path of natural evolution of Homo Deus, and spiritualism!!
We are God’s, we know the way.
We are becoming…..

Your philosopher

Art and Architecture

Ages of Western Art

ca. 3000-1200 BC

ca. 1200 BC-0

ca. 0-500

ca. 500-1500

ca. 1400-1600

ca. 1600-1800

ca. 1750-1900

ca. 1850

The Three Art Aesthetics.

Three primary aesthetics of Western art are Classicism, Baroque, and Romanticism.

Easy Description of each..

Classicism – think stability, an example to put in your mind would be ancient Rome. The Parthenon, or temples.

Baroque – think of organized chaos, extravagant, vigorous and arranged unbalanced. An example would be cathedrals in Italy, alters inside of these cathedrals. The paintings on the ceilings.

Romanticism – think of emotion, expression, non classical in constraint but deep emotion, or overt emotion. A meeting of “mood”. And example would be “the thinker”. Paintings of a caught human emotion, love or fantasizing.

Modern – trash, garbage,

The Deitus sees art as Objective not subjective. Abstract art is trash.

We lose ourselves in emotions in beautiful architecture, paintings of emotions, people, characters, landscapes, storms, the ocean, and so on.

Art with abstract shapes and garbage is just that…garbage. The modernist sees this as art but there is not talent in modern abstract art.

Keep in mind this is a serious thing to the Deitist as Art and Architecture is our Spiritualism in the Deitus philosophy. We want beauty, we fight to restore beauty in our buildings and dwellings.. we want art that captures the human emotion, the spirit of the human condition.

Life is war, the world our battlefield, Art our story caught on canvas.


Our enemies and the dark side.

The Deitist walks among the decaying society a beast Frankenstein among an alien time and planet. We are different as we are modern and wish progression through science and medicine to help our people that are sick. To help our warriors who are injured. To better our lives. But! We are also traditionalist. We honor the ways of chilvary and warrior oath. Cultural pride and identity! Defending one’s home land and seek more nationalist approach over globalization. A nuclear family of love and compassion. We honor, respect and love Western society and tradition.

But, we seek to perform Deicide and cast away God’s who have abandoned us long ago. We are Agnostic. We create and destroy our God’s. We seek to rise above and become the God’s.

We are the God’s

We are Homo Deus.

We are Deitus!

But let us discuss the human Dark side that we must accept.

We are violent and violence is a gold standard. We are the beast crazed on the battlefield with axe in hand.

We know that at any moment during the day or at night in your home, at a gas station, walking in a park violence can occur. You or the ones you love can be attacked. You must act.

Ahh we await the time, the day.

For that’s the day the thief, rapist, assaulter, realizes they done fucked up.

Yes, we let them know we have a dark side. Are you ready to receive punishment?

Yes, the human Dark side.

The blood thirst, the violence. Our gold standard.

Our enemies

We see humans for what we are. Yes there is compassion and love, but we also know humans have a dark side. Darker and more than society likes to admit. Only difference is the Deitist does not lie about his/her instincts. We live those who have earned our love and destroy those who wish harm in us or our families.

Let it be known we do have compassion for those who need defending or can not defend themselves, for rape victims, those molested by cockroaches, domestic violent offenders. A man who hits a women is not a man. We protect children and animals. We never harm animals unless it is necessary.

The female Homo Sapien is our mothers and our wives. They are cherished and they nurish us to be better and healthier. They will be honored and protected. Yes ladies you also are always welcome to join the violence and I the protecting and seek the vengence. ?

The Deitus philosophy seeks death to those who rape and molest. Of course I’m not talking about those two teenagers who get it on and the parents try and charge the young man. This is rediculous. I am talking about those convicting if rape without consent repeatedly and a known child molester. There is not excuse, you who molest children are sick and should meet a baseball bat.

Rapist are scum. Men who repeatedly beat there wives are scum.

Oh and you Progressive Liberals. Your scum too.


To Study True Capitalism

From the Alter of Hannibal

Stacking Dolla bills….

Before the Federal Reserve was established the US exploded economically. Even after for almost a decade but it began to take a toll with the feds putting their fingers in everyone’s pocket.

But to understand not only early Free market Capitalism but true forms of capitalism and NOT crony capitalism or lobbyist degrading a great economic systems rep I will give a source of research.

It is advised to read. Some of it is hard due to it being the study of economics but to truly understand the significance and the benefit it can give both a high populated country and a lowly populated country you need to read, research, and learn.

Most criticize capitalism because they don’t understand. Now is a direct time to learn all economic systems because the progressive machine is pushing a communist/socialist system that will fail… It will fail and it’s being pushed on purpose. The more the US moves to Communism the more it evens the playing field.

Small countries in Europe have done well with mixed economies. Denmark, Norway, Sweden, are examples. But they will tell you they are NOT socialist countries. Also you must understand the more Ethno or Nationalist a country is the better a socialist type economy will be successful. In a country such as the US with over 320 million people and being a multi Ethnic country a socialist economy will never work. A socialist type economy and society must be able to sacrifice for his/her fellow citizens. Western society is not that type of society so there fore will not happen.

So to learn and research the following needs to be read and studied.

Alex Smith’s – Wealth of Nation’s.

Books by Ludwig von Misses – Human Action, Theory of money and credit.

Books by Milton Friedman – Capitalism and Freedom, Free to choose.

Misses and Friedman both have many great books but those I recommend to start.

Ayn Rand – Capitalism The Unknown Ideal.

Learn, research, debate. Something the young Americans standing butt naked in the streets and shitting in alleys should do. Pathetic fools.

Soon I will write a post of a Deitus reading list. I’ve been putting one together but it’s actually hard because there are so many topics and some topics make it hard for just a limited number of books. But it will be done.

So Mote It Be!


The enemy of Western Society

From the Alter of Hannibal.

Blessed and graced by Ba’al!

I smell the sulfur, a sign? A symbol?

A symbol for the Deitus…..

To European nationalist, the main enemy is the EU/US globalization view.

To Guillaume Faye is was Islam and it’s immigration.

To Evola Modernism is all mankind and of course European’s enemy.

The decendants of Europeans in the US is at total lost as Americanism and what it means is at total lost in debate, social unrest, social justice influence, multi culturalism starting to back fire, and all virtue is gone. The US use to still always be a Western cultural Civilization and still is but is changing into it’s on cultural divide between leftist progressive politics and the Conservative Libertarian right side of politics. This so far has been social justice warrior style and debate, although useless. It has at times fell out onto the streets but mostly because of coward groups like Antifa and the opposite defending itself against the coward socialist that occupy mother’s basements. Leftist cowards attack those rallying for free speech and prayer are blindly attacked.

Antifa and you call yourself warriors. Attacking the innocent. I spit on your shoes. When you are about to for once, fight against real men I will ask you to think of eyes, lips, and cheeks.

Because after the battle upon the field the Ravens and Vultures carve out the eye sockets, peck and tear at the lips, and stuff themselves with the fatty salty meat of the cheek.

You know nothing yet of even puberty. Walk on home boy.

In truth

The above is true and all enemies of Western Civilization and way of life. They are the enemy of European man.

But the number one enemy of Western/European culture and man is….

(In the US we are called “white man” even though this is not proper as Europe has many different cultures and even skin color. The term “white man” is term of stupidity as here is no “white man”. There are men/women with light, pale, olive, white skin. Oh the lovely ladies with pale skin and wine lips, long blonde or brunette hair. Natures gift and blessing of the Gods.)

But I must continue…..

The number one enemy is…


White progressives. White liberals. White socialist.

And again, ourselves.

If we do not fall into materialistic downfall and decay, society progresses. If we do not fall into a TV drama, Hollywood zombie of mental being then we advance. If we do not get red eyed and dreary on social media with lies that leads to depression for all, which leads to a nation on antidepressants and drug use… If we watch more porn than documentary, if we parade our sexuality in the streets in the name of fa and useless pride and promote pediphilia and 9 year old tranny’s dancing for grown men throwing dollars at him/her like a hooker. (By the way you have failed as parents and your a disgusting parasite upon society).

Well, Then we achieve a righteous conquest of life and seek to achieve in greatness.

Wait… Look at the description of the above and then take a look around..

Yes…the enemy is ourselves, Western man, European man, hell, white man.

But the above is already happened, and we are in the onslaught of decay. Deitus among the ruins. We walk among the virus, the diseased, but we are the strong and must never forget our way of life.

The enemy is ourselves….

European’s have lost the will of conquest, achievement, and above all pride of culture. They have let the progressives fool them into laziness and guilt for history. Which is nonsense, European cultural achievement has been a gift to the world. As has all cultures given something to the world to help achieve evolution. Of course we as a society have been degrading ourselves while tech, medicine and tech as evolved. But now we rely on the technological advancement. Now we have given up our chilvary, self respect, tribal loyalty, cultural pride. I tip a cup to the cultures that are still proud and providing. I wish you luck against the rising tide, it’s coming towards you next.

All cultures have provided.

I learn the Tao and simple “being” while doing daily task from the Japanese.

I learned and read the greatest manuscripts of war from the Chinese as their Warring history is something to admire.

Just an example, all provide.

As have the Europeans. I love my ancestors European history. I love traditional Europe. Above all I love Western Civilization and all it’s GLORY in present and especially the past.

And we must fight for it. Once again the beast is at the gates. Once again the Crusades are here. Once again they come to the shore.

You must build yourself up to become healthy, Intelligent. Stop living towards the expectations they have set for you. Expectations of commodity and over consumerism. We have made a material God. Materialism is fine, but in moderate. Instant gratification is fine, in moderate doses. But Americans are not trained for moderate doses. We buy buy and play play. We buy things that we will not use. Things that are useless to our progress. We play not for health but for entertainment. In the form of video games. Men, give hours and hours of their life to something that will not benefit them in the slightest. Ok, maybe in coordination HA, but so does basic exercise so that’s an excuse for stupidity. Play a video games for enjoyment for limited time. But NEVER let in betray your duties and deeds. When shopping buy materialistic items but in moderate supply and make it useful. Far as I’m concerned the whole not materialistic item worth buying are books.

Do not bow down to the God of consumerism upon their alter of commodity

I can show you the philosophy of Deitus. A warriors philosophy, a philosophy of love and life. I can point the finger.

But it is up to you to stand with me, battle axe in hand. Honoring our history, salute with cultural pride. Defending Western ideas not just for self, but for our people, children, and the world.


Return to Architectural Beauty

The Deitus seeks to restore our dwellings, buildings, hospitals, and the like to architectural beauty. Should our buildings not be as beautiful to be as and earn respect of the Gods?

Many say modern buildings are the way they are due to need and commodity or use…

We call bullshit as we have the materials, engineering, resources, and talent and even the blueprint of our ancestors to build magnificent achievements. Yet we do not.

Because if society’s failure and neglect of Beauty.

Buildings suffer as humans do.

As the corps don’t feed the hungry they also have no respect for true achievement except for self.

As I’ve stated individualism is fine but some things are bigger than self.

Also as far as residential dwelling. We have a traditional beautiful blue print.


Examples of hospitals…

Office or work places, even commercial.

Return to Architectural Beauty.

Restore Architectural beauties significance….

Let’s build things that even GODs will respect. This is our home. May it be for human and in respect to nature, for this is our home….

Note to readers

The last few posts was done from my phone. I am not at my PC as of late so many have not been spell checked nor have I added the pictures I’d like to on my posts.

I apologise but been very busy researching for my ebook.

Yes I…


Have been researching my future ebooks.

I have three in the works so again I apologise but hope you enjoy the post none the less.

Thank you for reading.


The Deitus Women

Why I despise modern feminism?

It has destroyed the beauty, the intelligent, the nurturer, the creator of life, the most highest form of human evolution. The female Homo Sapien

I seen a picture of American women soldiers. With the dead laying around them. They smile with Pride, laughing, taking pictures thought to be pictures of heroic history!

A few decades later the feminist movement will decay the Godlike structure and meaning of the female character.

Their grand children and blood line will stand in streets naked with words written in marker with meaningless terms yelling nonsense and making fools of the real feminist ladies. The ladies that fought for womanhood and freedom to think.

Real women who were heroes, mother’s, workers, and heroin legends.

Hail Queen Isabella of Castille!
Hail oh so many.
May the female Spartan warrior who was mother and soldier.
Hail the shield maiden who fought, conquer and pillaged for culture, pride, and blood.
Hail the Republican women who fought to vote because of their Intelligence.
Hail oh so many….

But in a society of decay they are an embarrassment. Progressive Liberal women are leading a charge of failure, ugliness and unhealthy habits.

They tell others that being fat is normal and a sign to express oneself.
No, it’s a sign that your unhealthy and have bad habits. Now understand this excludes those with health problems, that’s understandable. But to the majority, you are lazy, you are unhealthy, you are over weight and the truth sucks.

Now in the philosophy of Deitus we look in the mirror and take pride and use it. We take pride, anger, jealousy, and use it. We eat healthy, we exercise and hit the weights, we lose weight, Or gain muscle…

They tell women sleeping with multiples of people is freedom. Like men! But I take both men and women and say have some fucking pride. Sex is special, and having sex with multiple of partners is fine. But sex and love making is to be cherished and have meaning.

The traditional women and man knew this. Join in love and relationship, have children and raise them with moral and virtue.

A feminist will wear the marking that say whore and when called a wore gets insulted.

What has modern feminist done to advance the better living of modern women?

What I’m about to say will piss people off and they will criticize me.

The last time women was advanced in society was through the 40s 50s and 60s and during the 70s traditional society started to crumble. Technically it started in mid 40s but it started minimal and progressed from there.

Nazi Germany actually promoted strong women hood. Promoted strength, warrior mentality yet motherly responsibility. This lead over to being a strong wife in a relationship. Supporting her husband, supporting her children.

In modern day both is criticized. Traditionalism is criticized yet it made society better.

I’m all for women who has goals and want careers, I even teach to climb the corporate ladder and be a cut throat bitch because that is what we have become in modern society. Above all the Deitus women should accomplish her passions.

To have more both man and women need to work just about. This is modernism. There is good to it as for both men and women can achieve their goals and persue their careers and passions of choice.

The Deitus applauds and supports this.


The Deitus women knows the female Homo Sapien is the most advanced in compassion. She can nurse all back to health. She was built to achieve such. She is the best at such.

The female women is the true God’s if humanity. They give birth, they gibe nurishment to adult and child.

They are both Warrior that can fight and take unbelievable pain, and bring good health to all.

As if they we’re blessed by the God’s.

Many religions teach they we’re crafted from men or are second to men, are here to serve men.

This is bullshit

The Deitus women is above all that. They are more important than all other species. They create, they nurish, they nurse, they lead, they support, they give compassion.

They are our mothers, our wives, they are our life. They are the reason we survive, they are the reason to fight, protect, and cherish.

Women give birth to the people of our cultures, they raise, teach, and give support to the people of our culture. They use compassion and nurse us when injured or sick, give us advice when confronted, get our backs when we must fight!

They are…. The spirit of God. The highest life form embodiment on Earth.

And I give my thanks.

And to the feminist who tarnish the view of women hood.
Fuck you.

To the countries that treat women as second class.
Fuck you.

To the rapist, the Deitus seeks the death penalty.
As with the pedophile!

Let me add the modern feminist attacks men. I’ve seen article after article in popular magazines that say women promote feminine men yet want a “real” man. A masculine man. This they want and love. They want a man who is strong, nice body, a man of pride and accomplishment. Yet society has driven feminine so much that the “manly man” is an endangered species. This is stupidity as it’s natures evolution that men be masculine. Again, we as a society is not progressing be de-gressing. We are not evolving but de-evolving.

We are MEN among the ruins.

We are WOMEN among the ruins.


We are DEITUS so we stand in pride. We may be the minority for now but we will fight, we will grow, and…we will enjoy life! But never forget, we wage war and love all the same. It’s human nature, and we are on top of the social Darwin food chain. We let the social Darwin bottom die off with their stupidity. Sad yes, but Natural Selection is what nature sees fit to do.

The women Deitist have become..
The women Deitist is.
The women DEITUS
Homo Deus.


Below is a dedication to all mother’s. For you are the most special.

When men went to war. When the clash of the shield wall sounds like thunder, Swords drawn.

When a man charges a beach, a machine gun nest. When he lays down his life for country and honor!! When he sacrifices for you!

And a sword slashes open his stomach.
Or a bullet punctures his chest. When grenade shrapnel removes his limbs. When war takes his sight.

As he lay there dying, bleeding, holding on to his guts, blind and as he takes his last breath.

He thinks and wants one thing.

His mother,

He begs and cries for his mother. He wants his mother to hold him in his hour. He wants to feel her warmth and know that’s it’s gonna be ok. “Mother” he says. Even when other men sit around him his pride is gone for all he wants is his mother.

Nothing else matters as his breathing slows, as the glint of light shades. He only thinks of his mother’s love. He wants to be rocked and sang to. He wants a kiss on his head from his mother. In the end, great warriors fall and yell for their mommy’s…….

This is the honor of a western women. There is no greater honor than to give a warrior comfort when the Valkyries come for him. Modern women say they can and have a right to do everything yet they leave behind the best thing they can do. What no other can do. To have compassion, to nurse mankind. To be the creater, the nurturer, to be one with Gaia and feed mankind and the Earth with love and compassion.

To give birth and protect with killer instinct. To nurse her husband and son to health so he may swing his sword. To dress his chain maille.

Women can take pain like no other. Can give compassion like no other, to use strategic warfare of the homestead. She receives the warrior on his shield and See’s to it he is honored properly. For she looses, but she is strong due to human evolution of LOSS. The pain is unbearable but she takes it.
She can use her emotion to heal the sick, to comfort the scared, her compassion heals the plague..

And in the end when all hope is lost. When the darkness comes and you are afraid. Nothing else matters except for a whisper and a face.

That whisper is the plea for mom, That face is the face of mom.

Your philosopher……

Hannibal Killgrave

On your shield or with it! – Spartan saying