What is the Deitus Philosophy

What is The Deitus Philosophy

Part One: What Is

Part Two: Philisophical side

Part Three: A Message from Me

Part One:

Self Improvement

Deitism or The Deitus Philosophy is a self-improvement philosophy that promotes individualism in excellence, self-interest in success and survival, sacrifice for family, culture, and community. The Deitus Philosophy promotes the study of Science, propaganda and Art as it promotes advancement and creative spiritualism. The purpose of the self improvement program has many avenues in which the practitioner can develop and progress his/her life and learn. He or she can use the philosophy as a self-improvement guide because it promotes the use of one’s skills, talents, and passion to drive success and be proud of their success. Other avenues are politics, the debate of morality or economics.

Self-improvement is one of the most important aspects of Deitism, for accomplishing your goals in this life. To promote your ideas and advance society in the process, achieve financial compensation for your ideas. Ideas of individuals are the motors in which societies turn. People using their own self-interest develop their passions for something and create it and then share it or sell it to others, thus in return providing for society. It provides advancement not only economically, but advancements in science, technology and what’s very important, medical advancement. The creator develops their idea and turns it into a product and then sells it. When they sell it, they turn a profit and attain wealth and in return they build a company and, in this way, gives back to society with jobs and boosts the economy. All along, using your own self-interest to be successful and having a life of achievement. This is Deitus.

Philosophy and Political Philosophy

The Deitus Philosophy is also a political philosophy. Deitism has a set of ethical ideals, principles, and offers some political and cultural blueprint for our wonderful society. Therefore, we are slap dab in the middle of the political debate and love to share opinions. We share our ideas on political standing, current affairs, and economics.

The philosophy can be used to destroy progressive liberalism through debate using examples of history and facts. Further we will use reason and critical thinking to prove the philosophical aspect of liberalism to be moronic, stupid and just downright ridiculous. It declares war on Progressive American Liberalism and all its evolved idiocy such as social justice warriors, Antifa like groups, socialism promotion and activism, the communist, the race baiters, and the safe places. Its card playing and baiting tactics such as race baiting and playing the privilege card to further divide us as a people and country. It is lso embarrassing how so alled “white guilt” has become a norm when your European ancestors were warrior cultures, creators, builders, explorers, and conquerors. Yet out live in shame and guilt. You re n embarrassment to our ancestors. The sheer lies to its people and the minorities as well in the US in intolerant. The so-called Feminist and their organizations who are a disgrace to their ancestors fights and successes. True feminist are women of success and female entrepreneurs. Women who have followed their passions and built a life and now stand in a place of power, achievement and wealth!

No Progressive is safe from the Deitus. There are no safe places.

Deitism is a way of life for an ever evolving and ever-growing society. A modern philosophy that is interesting, simple to use, and leads us in the right direction to be successful as an individual, a society, and a country on a worldwide scene.

Science, Technology, and medicine

Deitism promotes the advancement in Science, Technology, Medical/Medicine, and Education. Let me repeat: Deitism promotes the advancement in Science, Technology, Medical/Medicine, and Education. We also use these subjects to have conversations, debate and share our ideas. We reach our conclusions based on scientific data and accuracy, historical known reason, and statistical facts when available. Also, we use what many do not use and is now known as a relatively new concept, we use COMMON SENSE, CRITICAL THINKING, AND LOGIC. Did I mention common sense?

Science and the Liberal Arts.

The seven liberal arts as the Greeks taught we’re grammar, logic, rhetoric, geometry, arithmetic, music, and astronomy. The Liberal arts today considered to be literature, philosophy, mathematics, social and physical sciences. The Deitus holds true to what the Greeks held dear. We agree as well all the liberal arts should be studied before any civil service or one considered into adult hood. The study is important before we consider a man/women “learned” and considered essential for a free adult person or even consideration for being “worthy”. As we see this has weakened in Western society. In America we are deeply undereducated.

The Deitist sees the science technology as a way for human progression. We support and promote all the fields of technology. Fields are natural sciences, all Engineering, medical and health technological advances, agriculture, social sciences, and humanities.

Other fields of study we strongly support are Robotics, stem cell research, and Transhumanism. With these studies we can cure many diseases and make daily life more healthy for humanity. The achievements for Transhumanism and stem she’ll research are endless and should be studies and researched to the far extreme. All technology studies should be supported, financed, and considered important. As Art is spiritual, science and medicine is of reason.

We also promote that in growth our children must learn knowledge of money, currency and investing. From writing a check to investing in stocks. As well as shop and home economics to be a standard learning criteria in school systems. The student of a civilized country must be educated in life upon graduation to adulthood.

The Classical Arts

Art is also a very important study in Deitism. In Art we fine a spiritual sense. When the modern world seems to lack fantasy and magic or magik there is Art. I add in all types and studies of the Arts. Including the study of the Occults/Wicca/Mythology/Odinism and others. These religions of old offer many great artistic value and teachings.

We hold dear the classical arts. The three classical branches of art are painting, sculpture, and architecture. But are very critical of modern Art. The reason is we see and study the arts for the spirit of it. The ritual of reading the art piece. The maginificents of it. It speaks to us and we gaze at it and feel the beauty in which in conveys. Humans need ritual, faith, or dogma. The arts provide this. A painting or building conveys the broad spectrum of emotions, from anger the happiness, hatred to love. Architecture can show out greatness and it engulfs us in pure beauty and ecstasy. Not only for our important buildings that represents the greatness of mankind but also our dwellings we call home and official buildings of state. And sculpture shows us the beauty of the piece. The shapes of a beautiful women. The bulk mass of a powerful warrior. A bust of legends that we respect and admire and even fantasize about.

National interest in Free Trade, with programs for the sick, military warrior personnel and civil servant as our economics. Mixed government as our government, philosophy, history, and literature our study… but Art is and the Perennial spiritualism are our soul, our “spirit”, our religious experience and fantasy! We must tribe against society.

However understand the Deitus Philosophy may seem like a Modern philosophy but its deeply rooted in the aspect of Traditionalism. We stay true to Perennial and courtly manners but are not blind to the advancement of modern society. We see the rot and decay in the moral and manners of modern society. Even in a supposed secular world it has lost all common sense. In a world that wants to boast of logic and reason there is not logical reasoning in its actions. It is based on unmoral emotions and not reason at all. In the Deitus philosophy yes we have emotions, but of love, honor, glory, and beauty, the treatment of our ladies. The counter balance of masculinity and feminine. So Deitism takes only the technological benefit and medical advancement from modernity.

The Deitist wishes to advance and make society great and awesome with the two. Lets all live long happy healthy lifetimes with cool tech to make the time we have here more enjoyable and a awesome experience.

Don’t you think it’s time for something new? Have Americans not become sheep in the streets? The uneducated leading the blind. Leaders whom have no idea about the basics of life from the view point of a working man or women. They supposedly speak for us and make our laws yet live an entirely different life than the middle class family or those who are in the poverty level. We have no personal connection to the modern-day leaders. Modern society has truly grown into idiocy.

I promise, there is an order to our world……I will show you.

Part Two:

The Philosophical side of Deitism

I will go over the basics of the Deitist view points and beliefs. When discussing Philosophy people usually discuss 5 different branches (so to speak). Now, before I get started, I will make this simple as possible as to not bore those who could care less about philosophy.

  1. Metaphysics (fundamentals, principles, it is the foundation of a worldview)
  2. Epistemology (means of human knowledge, acquiring knowledge)
  3. Ethics (Morality, persons behavior, values)
  4. Politics (governance of country, economics)
  5. Esthetics (study of Art)
  6. Religion— we will add religious beliefs in there for good measure and discussion.
  7. Metaphysics: What is…is. Reality is. Existence exists. Aristotle A is A (Law of identity) but with a “being” in the end of “becoming”. Things achieved through transcendence and meditation. So even though we use A to determine A we also understand that spiritualism can be achieved through feelings or “knowing” and “being”. We must “do” to “know” and to answer when scientific hypothesis is not enough. (See or study Plato or Evola) we may see reason and logic but we will never discount the perennial thought system. As well as the Perennial spiritual concept. The course of all religions taking a path to come to a meeting of knowledge. We benefit what the many different religions has to offer in terms of their success in understanding human interactions and what they seek with truth in the meaning of heaven, Nirvana, enlightenment to equal “being”.

Facts are facts regardless of what anyone believes. No amount of wishing, pleading, or fantasizing will make it any different. Let’s embrace reality and use the tools given to us such as reasoning and critical thinking to better our lives and be successful and achieve happiness and purpose. However, understand there are more to some areas than what reason can explain. Feelings as we know can be described as chemicals in the brain, however, we know there to he a deeper meaning. Emotions and action leads us to an out one. The Deitus believes in a transcendence in spiritualism. The Deitist when spiritualism is finally found is not “becoming” or just “is”, but is “being”. This is more equated with the Eastern philosophical thinking but only because the West has forgotten and lost its way when dealing with spiritualism. So you will hear one say “become Deitus”!

  1. Epistemology: If we must use the metaphysics above and face the facts then we must acquire knowledge through REASON. Reason is absolute in the plain of the physical world, we must process reality and use facts to acquire knowledge through our logical reasoning and use critical thinking. We must see reason as man’s main tool of understanding. When dealing with spiritualism we must use the tools of metaphysics to aquire knowledge. This is a plain in which science can yet to explain and that is because it is not physical but deep within our human “being”. This “being” can not be explained in words. You must “do” to “become” and set towards a true path of self knowledge of “being”.
  2. Ethics: Self Interest, self-reliance and individualism. Ethics is concerned with a person’s actions and his best course of action s to act in his/her own self-interest and ones on values and virtues. Values such as integrity, honesty, pride, justice, and benevolence or compassion as he/she sees fit. Understand we do see the need for sacrifice for our families and communities and will do so but will not follow any government or ideology blindly.
  3. Politics: Mixed Government – As discussed and studied by Aristotle, Cicero, Machiavelli, Vico and Kant. Governed by the high born and a choices education provess. One must go through a rigeress school of thought and training to be even thought of for government rule. Free market Capitalism (not cronyism and no lobbyist in economics, not globalism rules by elitist set on a global economy that benefit and give power to a select few on a global scale. We can not let this happen. It is a nation and culture destroyer. We will be a souless world with no culture to enjoy) as a moral economical system, as a economic system it gives the proper role of government and separates economics with government. Capitalism is hardly ever defined correctly, and people miss represent it when speaking of it. Understand we are not against welfare where it is needed nor are we against taxes if the spending has a budget. Both are not the case in any big government.

“Capitalism” is conventionally defined along economic terms such as the following:

– corporately owned and development is proportionate to the accumulation and reinvestment of profits gained in a free market. Source: Dictionary.com

– Capitalism is a social system based on the principle of individual rights. Source: Capitalism.org

– Capitalism is an economic system based upon private ownership of the means of production and their operation for profit. Source: Wikipedia

Based on private ownership and individual rights we can live by reason with limited government interference. The proper role of government is to protect us from foreign governments, protect us from harm, and to settle affairs.

5. Esthetics: Modern Art has become complete shit except for what technology has provided. Simple as that. Now, this is not to say that there are many great writers out there now. There are many tv shows currently with awesome writing and plots. But far as painting and sculptor type arts the greats of the past surpass any of the new arts. Nothing will ever compare to the beauty of Realism and Impressionism painting. The modern Abstract art and even modern impressions is complete shit and should only be used as cheap decorations for your house of office. The great modern artist work should be sold in Wal-Mart for $20 bucks. Music is starting to become regurgitated and more tech than talent is being used.

6. Religion: Agnostic with esoteric Spiritualism. As a philosophy Deitism is an atheistic philosophy. (Meaning we have no one God, and so on) However, a person pertaining to a religion can use the practices, ways, and techniques found in Deitism. An example would be a Christian using meditation techniques of Buddhism. I believe in Science. Science has nothing to say at all about the nature of a creator, architect, or engineer of the universe. We do not know yet what the origin of the laws of nature is. We have no idea what came before the big bang and even that is a theory. But it is an Agnostic phylosophy. With this said we do use God’s/Goddesses as archtypes and give honor to those created to help mankind as well as honor the mythological stories that are part of our history, cultures, and tradition. We do seek Spiritualism however in the form of a personal path. The inner feeling in which science can not explain. Not faith in a God but to enlighten oneself with “being”. This is in common with Eastern religions or philosophy and is no longer understood in the west. It once new of this path but has forgotten and lost since the age of revolution. This has sped up its downfall has people feel empty. As the atheist says, “I wish I could believe in something but can’t”. I encourage meditation and deep thought into this. It is a very hard thing to find since true spiritualism has been completely forgotten by Western society, even by it’s religious population.

Tradionalism – The Deitist Philosophy is Traditional meets modernism. We understand the nature of tradionalism in the past. It’s virtues, pride, and culture. We take the knowledge our ancestors gave us and apply them in a decaying modern world. We are fathers and mother’s, warrior and philosopher. Deitus is an ever flowing philosophy and use what we know is a rich culture of the past and benefit our modern lives and society with that knowledge. The Deitist sees modern society as a falling, rotten, decaying society that relys on technology to live instead of advancing society. All the institutions that benefitted humanity in the past has been put aside but the Deitist uses this to our advantage. We do not live out of a fast food bag and sit on couches. We eat to stay healthy and we exercise to keep our minds sharp. We see a nuclear family as a benefit and live, not a hassle or waste of life. We protect our culture with violence and borders, but love our people and family deeply and with passion. We are compassionate and charitable, but know that violence is one of the gold standards. In the modern world of decay we must be intellectual and violent all at the same time.

The Deitist sees the modern world as a world in decay. We support advancement in the sciences for medical health and healing the sick. The soldier rebuilding muscle and limb. This is why we support. We do not support technology so society can furthers itself in degeneracy. To watch TV way to much. To do nothing but play video games. To use social media for hours and hours only leading to further depression.

Further the Deitist sees the modern world as a world of degeneracy. A world falling into despair and misery. The morality of the world is sick. We do not conduct ourselves as porn whores. Porn destroys both men and women. It takes away the want of relations and the competition of the aloha male. On the other side it takes women and degrades them to the point of no return. Sex in the streets. Sexual pride parades and nudity I’m front of the children of the future. Pimping our 8 year old tranny’s. This is disgust and we have no tolerance for molesters, rapist, and the pedophile. We will crush these offenders. We have no forgiveness in our nature towards these insects.

In the current state of the world technology is advancing but morals, manners, honesty, philosophy, psychology, justice, and tradition are all in decay. Even science is ignored when it promotes an ideology.

We will discuss everything in future blog posts in detail and with debate in mind.

Part Three:

A message from me:

I will do my best to make this blog fun even though many of the current affairs we face in everyday news is a serious tone. Let it be known now that I am not a writer so to speak, hell I probably suck at it. I’m a thinker and a philosopher. I have designed this philosophy over the course of 25 plus years. I have studied all the great minds of the most famous philosophers and have buried myself in the history of civilization. I have formed and created a philosophy for living on Earth and achieving success.

This is not only a philosophy and way of life with help in self-improvement, but will touch upon the political avenues.

At the same time this philosophy is a replacement for the Progressive Liberal ideology that has become popular. I can tolerate and share ideas with Conservatives and Libertarians. But Liberals have now become so unrelatable to that they use the techniques of hollering in someone’s face and even violence. We as a society will never progress and grow with this type of behavior. The Liberal gives us an option to only accept their way of life and nothing else. Hell, even that way of life sucks to be honest. At least with the other ideologies we can share ideas and discuss our concern in a manner where we can progress as a society and use the Socrates method of questioning. We can discuss topics and come to solutions and become better as humans. Well, liberal dick…. I choose to disagree, stand up, and debate you and prove your ideology is false, your way of life is wrong, and your just an idiot of whom you have grown into a culture who lives in your mother’s basement and blames the government, Trump, and white people for your failures. Id rather use debate to make you look stupid but ill kick some ass if need be as well…..

With that said about dumb ass liberals let me be clear. This is not a Politically correct Blog or website. If you are a political correct individual, then leave. If you are easily offended, then leave. Also, if you are a what is called a “goody goody” then leave. Many of you will LOVE this blog, at least I hope. I hope to write blog posts that you can relate to and we can discuss topics and share ideas. Hell, even talk about general crap and make our days better.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this introduction to The Deitus Philosophy. I will be posting many more blog post as well as videos in the future. I have many plans for Deitism.

I am currently writing a book introducing Deitism in full and will be available on this blog.

If you look on the right side menu bar of the blog, you will find links to my Facebook and Twitter pages. Come on over and drop me a line and start or join in on the discussion.

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