Break free of the machine

The Deitis magician and breaking the bonds of slavery to be free.

A man or woman must seek the source from within. Using what many call meditation or breathing exercises. To conjure the source the exercise of counting breaths and to control the breath can be used.

You can use a candle and focus upon the flicker of the flame and focus on its energy, a gift from the primordial.

Nature is a friend when trying to seek the source. Be it in water or forest. The beauty of nature is awe-inspiring and you should use this to your advantage. The primordial mother will wash and burn away the earth and will always make clean or reset things to the way it ought to be.

Pain is also a way to seek the primordial form as it is of the condition of the highest of embodiments. Both animals and humans feel pain and it can be enlightening. Pain will take you to a darkness that you may or may not control.

Violence is a gold standard among the highest embodiment of life forms. Animals and humans, animals for defense and food. Humans in many ways, war, defense, survival.

Ceremonial magic can be used as well. Design your ceremony based off of any ceremony you may enjoy. Use symbolism, music, candles, or anything that will help you free emotional output to release your will.

We seek the primordial source to be free. Free of the tech age and the slave to the machine and the technology that controls the human emotion. We seek out the carnal side in which we have split from.  Humans being the highest life form are easily blinded as sheep and insulated by modernity.

Modernity and its technology, addiction, degeneracy and it’s slavery to things that divide us from the primordial source. We flow further away as the Years pass.

We seek to break the chains which bind us. This is our magic. Deitus magic.

Our magic is one way to reach spiritualism. Another way is through creativity. To use our talents and skills to create something beautiful and release our WILL unto the world. Painting, sculpture, writing, and architecture.

We must learn to control our own minds and not be enslaved by modernity and it’s separation from spiritualism. The modern man and women are lost in civil unrest, morality, and virtue.

The Deitus finds a way to stand upon the ruins of superior cultures and to reach the primordial source again.

Technology and the machine can be useful in many different ways. Communication and research is it’s most valuable tool. I am not of course suggesting do not use technology at all but do not become a slave to it. People of modernity depend on it literally for survival. It has become an addiction that is detrimental to the mind, body, and spirit.

A man/woman can not live life to his/her fullest behind a screen. The Primordial did not design the most beautiful and most advanced life forms to be enslaved by the machine. The machine is her nemesis and she will wipe the slate clean as she sees fit.


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