Defiant unto death over censorship, creativity, and speech.

The leftist progressives are leaders in censorship and the silencers of free speech.

To the Deitus creativity and the ability to create regardless of discipline, Be it an artist, writer, sculpture, Architect, is a part of our spiritualism. With society becoming ever more politically correct and so scared to offend it hinders our ability to express and be open about our ideas, expressions. Our ideas and even more, our beliefs influence us to build, make, or create our works of art that leads to the Magnus opus, our masterpiece.
Imagine many of the scriptures or Paintings that are influenced by the Catholic religion being condemned. We would not have some of the greatest and most beautiful works of art that we have. This unfortunately has happened to many cultures and even at the hand of Christanity and the Catholic church. Furthermore our buildings of meaning and spiritualism that express us as humans would have never been constructed. Many of the cathedrals are embodiments of grand Architecture that takes the breath away for both the believer and the Agnostic.
This is the importance of the creativity of the Deitus philosophy and why we do not condemn such practices even though we do not agree on the same beliefs.
I myself may not believe in the same God but I am in love with entering a cathedral and witnessing the works of art within this holy structure. This structure of grand history. This structure of paintings that none can even compete. I walk outside of the structure and gaze at it’s magnificence. The sculptures placed upon it’s walls, due to its beauty, and it’s culture and history I will protect it with honor. I will not condemn their practice but fight for the right to practice so that many are influenced to build and create.
Modern art and Architecture has lost this sense of beauty. Some in part is due to lack of talent and literally equals garbage. Buildings and dwellings that no longer shows our souls as people, no longer shows our history, beauty, or creativity but is a gloomy structure of concrete made to house it’s inhabitants and structured as if we are all the same. Every dwelling has a layout of consistency that is replicated. Sky risers and apartments are all the same, looks the same. Is this truly a mirror of us. It is now the mirror of truth that modern society is becoming?

We must be able to express belief and especially ideas. From this practice we can share ideas and learn from each other and better our understanding. But above all these ideas, expressions and beliefs ignites the fire of creativity and the devotion drives men and women to create works that give us marvel beyond human understanding. It is these ideas that help us transcend to the “being” that gives us spiritualism. Works of art, written words of love and faithfulness.

If we allow political correctness and censorship to take root and grow we will lose out on the freedom to express opinions and ideas. It will be us that will be hurt in time. We already make trash art, buildings with nothing more than concrete death with no soul. Our leaders bans books and written works because if may be offensive to someone. This is a frayed end and a disturbing trend and the opposite of freedom of expression. This is remanents of dictatorships that used law to control what the public seen and understood.

This destroys and dumb downs our ability to grow our talents and creativity. The arts of Painting, writing and building sculptures is a dedication to history, Beauty and the very ideas we need to protect. We see our culture and our history in the paintings and the written works of men and women who was skilled enough to present it to us. They must be protected as well.

Let us be weary of censorship. Let us defend freedom of speech and expression even if we don’t agree. Let us have freedom.

Let the artist, the builders, the talented, the creators and the gifted give us Beauty, hope and above all…..

Let them give us spirit, protect our heritage, and keep our culture.



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