Democracy denied

It is to be observed that the majority if not all the founding father of the US equally denied what is known as “Democracy and furthermore all parties involved was against calling it Democratic.

Today we will read what was written by John Adams.

A Defense of the Constitution of the United States of America By: John Adams (Volume III, new edition, London, 1794)

1. No democracy ever did or can exist.
2. If, however, it were admitted, for argument sake, that a democracy ever did or can exist, no such passion as a love of democracy stronger than self-love . . . ever did, or ever can, prevail in the minds of the citizens in general.
3. That if the citizens preferred the public to his private interest . . . it would not be from . . . love of the democracy, but from reason, conscience, etc.
4. That no love of equality, at least since Adam’s fall, ever existed.
5. That no love of frugality ever existed as a passion, but always as a virtue.
6. That therefore the democracies of Montesquieu . . . are all mere fragments of his brain, and delusive imaginations.
7. That his passion of love of the democracy would be, in the members of the majority only a love of the majority. . . .
8. That his love of equality would not even be pretended toward the members of the minority but the semblance of it would only be kept up among the members of the majority. . . .
9. That in reality the word democracy signifies nothing more or less than a nation or people without any government at all. . . .
10. That every attentive reader may perceive that the notions of Montesquieu, concerning a democracy, are imaginations of his own derived from the contemplation of the reveries of Xenophon and of Plato, concerning equality of goods and community of wives and children, in their delirious ideas of a perfect commonwealth..

Even Thomas Jefferson never called himself “Democratic” and only mentioned it as in reference that Hamilton called him that. Jefferson says we ate all Federalist and even said it in his first inaugural speech as president.

Hamilton, who held at the beginning certain monarchical views in order to exchange them later for aristocratic opinions, opposed the republic as well and reminded us that Aristotle warned that a majority can become a tyrant just as much as a monarch or and may become a despotism.

Unfortunately, as we regress as a society and destroy our own values, morals, and traditions and above all as we sell our souls to the machine we also drift from a Republic toward democracy.

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