Masters of Self Sadism

Are you a master? A God? The God of emptiness? Are you a slave? A slave to the material and abundance?

Only in modern times do we find ourselves in an abundance of things in which we need to survive. Even 100 years ago people lived in a rough situation, even the rich. This is due to Central heating and air, refrigeration and the modern building supplies. The “super” market lined with products. We move further away from self sufficient every decade. We move further away from our mother nature and beauty. We not longer seek to master the skills of basic survival. No longer need to. But in doing this we also begin a oath to mental decay. To box ourselves in with no fresh air. We are in our box called home then we move further inwards Into a box known as the personal computer. The personal computer becomes and extension of ourselves. When this is used for growth and knowledge this can become and advantage but on the mass scale we do not use it for that. We use as life itself. Our life, our hobby, our time. Our soul is no longer nature’s fresh air but 1’s and 0’s.
The Japanese calls this Hikikomori and is a social withdrawal. Not to he confused with a path of enlightenment where one looks inward for knowledge but a path of self destruction. A path of loneliness, of death. The Deitus looks inward for creativity and knowledge as a swordsman looks inward to adopt his craft. The modern man feels depressed and a social failure. A Deitus man or women understands their is truth in both inward and outward. A path of the hermit can tell us what the spirits have to teach. Many of men of genius has to crawl within his place of solitude to meditate and create his Magnus opus. However he must not crawl away, rot, and wither into dust. This is the path of a failure. We seek to transcend to Deitus.
Deitus becoming! Becoming Deity!

Self sufficient from all.
We will (Deitus) never be satisfied, we must be more, we must seek Transcendence. However understand what makes us different. The modern man or women seeks more in the material zone. They seek abundance and more in materialism than in self improvement, health, transcendance, skill in craft and spiritualism. We must always seek self improvement. It is ok to enjoy the material world and it’s luxuries, but do not let yourself succumb to it’s poison. Let the world of degeneracy seek more in material value. It is them that will soon see it is a hollow existence.

What the warrior culture of the Samurai taught us was in daily life, think of daily death as well. In doing so the daily chore no longer seems mundane but a thankful endeavor. The strawberry fruit seems sweeter. The touch of a loved one is more delicate and means more.

Self – sadism.
The current generations practice a craft that has been mastered. Especially and prodominate in Western and 1st world countries.
First When we take away the strive to live to survive, or the drive to seek glory in the arena of combat rather in sport, personal improvement, or in war. When we take away the pride of culture and dedication to and through serving crown and countrt through either conquest or defending the sand with blood of nationalism. Nationalism to be replaced with false patriotism. To no longer have to awake with the concern to survive it gives us a sense of safety. This we are very grateful for our children’s sake. BUT we pay costly for this comfort.

Self Sadism is an art that each generation grows and masters it’s evolution. It is a disease of decay. A ruin, the ruin of our greatness from the very buildings we see to the black puss in our gut and scabs in our brains and boils on our bodies. Of course this is in imagery for the puss is formed from the lunch in a greasy bag. The scabs on our bodies is the fat growing and weighing down our bones and organs. The scabs of our minds is lack of education, lack of knowledge, decades of lies from this who seek to control all due to personal gain. In return philosophy is now a under study and unheard of to most young minds. Professors no longer seek positive debate but criticize and attack if a young mind disagrees. This spills from the University out to the street so those taught do not understand economic rather it on a massive scale or in one’s own pocket.

We are warriors among the ruins. We are the Ronin. The Deitus. Men with no master. Men whom are the slayers of God’s. Women who cures, women who nurses yet can clash with the sound of thunder into a shield wall. The Deitus women is the modern shield maiden.
The one true Goddess.


The Deitus Mirror

The Deitus philosophy is your mirror. To the American Progressive liberal it is your mirror and it is here to judge and keep score. It is here to do what our new culture lacks. To keep score on the children’s soccer game. To tell you your art is garbage. Your art is not good, you have no skill nor talent. Therefore you are not a true artist.
The mirror tells you that regardless of what’s on the cover of a magazine it is not beauty nor healthy to be over weight. You must lose weight and exercise to look good, to he beautiful. Your are unhealthy because you are lazy, in creative, unhappy and you make escuses as does society to make up for your down falls, lack of talent and bad habits.
The mirror of Deitus tells you that you are to be judged. That we are not created equal, we are not equal on terms of strength, talent, creativeness.
The modernity is based on feelings, false systems of I formation and lies from foolish intellects. Your universities are no longer a place for learning or changing of ideas but a place for indocternation.
The media you see is of a barbarian race that is second to a superior civilisation of the past. It’s seeks for political opinion from it’s on believers but can never defend it’s ideas and ideology against it’s critics. It is a false truth. It is vomit spewed forth from drone workers that repeat what they have been told to repeat.
Your instistutions have failed you.
Your religion can no longer defend itself and changes with the times.
Your art is trash….literally.
Your architecture is soulless concrete structures that can not compete with the great past masters.
Your modern masters have fallen and are failures.
You lack morals.
You lack manners.
Your code is failure and playing the victim


Education, Discipline and our children.

Everyone thinks they know everything it is almost pointless to teach. On videos you see the trolls and those that criticize, or those that think they know it all.
Yet misery, unhappiness and confusion is rampant. Humans of the current society are out of shape, over weight, lazy, uneducated, with no clue on basics of living yet on a YouTube video you would think with their smart ass comments they know something.
Most young adults starting out don’t know anything about interest rates, writing a check, credit, stocks or a 401k. Yet they think they got it all figured out.
Others have no ambition what so ever. This is unexplainable, how does a young man or women have no ambition? Not want for a good paying career, not want to pursuit something to either be proud of or help advance humanity.
Due to entitlement there are program after program, financial help and college loans to where you can educate yourself in any field.
The philosophers of Greece had to go on journeys to find a teacher and be at his Mercy to learn, they would be grateful to learn and be in our basic education systems. I mean we have lost all care and understanding at what a privledge it is to learn literature from the greats, and FOR FREE! It’s a public education that all must attend, this is a sign of first world society, institutions to advance your people and we piss on it. Does it have flaws? Yes many of them, mostly we need home economics and shop, and classes on money but to be able to go to school is such a wonderful thing and the fact our society spits on the notion shows we are in a cycle of decay. In Asia they go to school longer and have more difficult classes and even teach discipline, charity, manners, respect and above all a type of tradition. Yet in the US and the West our children have fallen behind in all categories, especially basic necessities, manners, respect, and again, how to manage money. Our children are more interested in dressing like a slut and getting out and playing a game or sharing a YouTube video than working to get that scholarship.
I see videos of kids cussing out there parents. Need i say more? Discipline must be installed. For we are becoming….

The Deitus absorbs in all education and seeks out more. We seek out the basics and then learn those in which “living” is based around. Such as money, credit score, finances, budget, mutual funds, bonds and stocks.
From their we go to philosophy as it is very important. It is education for the mind and answers life’s questions that many lose their way upon the path. Without philosophy we get lost. To prove them simply look around. Secularism is on the rise and that’s ok, but it’s not ok when spiritualism is dead at the same time. So the Deitus studies philosophy.
With philosophy we consider this the course of our personal spiritualism, other subjects involved is the the creative mind. We see Spiritualism in the meaning and beauty of ART. Sculptures, Paintings and Architecture. From painting of famous scenes of history to beautiful buildings in the Barouque design. From amazing cathedrals of worship and charity to paintings of violent wars and sculptures of God’s of old. For we are becoming….

As we walk we walk among the ruins. The ruins are that of greatness of our ancestors and we must look to them for the way back. We live surrounded by cultural rot and we must try a navigate not only ourselves but our children to grow and be wise and lead a good meaningful life. We must look to tradition in order to do this. We must speak with Oracle and learn ways lost.
Our oracles are our elders and men of philosophy women of motherhood, Tao, zen, and tradition. In parenting we install discipline, respect, and ambition and this needs to evolve nation wide. But with this said if how can we instill this discipline and ways of life in our children if we ourselves can not live with discipline. This is hypocritical. Be a role model, be an example. Not only to your children, but to all. We are becoming …

We are repetitive in the complaint that we are not good as our ancestors. This even is a remnant of the ancients. It has been an echo from one generation to another all the way down to the current starting with the golden age of knowledge and reason. Aristophanes said of the Athenians : ” In the good old times our youths breasted the snow without a mantle, their music was masculine and martial, their gymnastic exercises decorous and chaste. Thus were trained the heroes of
Marathon.” Isocrates, a Greek orator
said : “Thus our young men did not waste their days in the gaming houses, nor with music girls, nor in the assemblies, in which whole days are now consumed.” As you can see the current situation was discussed even then it just was not rampant. Morals we’re still very much a important component in society. As you will notice we as a society always get comfortable and leave discipline and morality behind and go pursue our carnal desires and entertainment. This is actually ok but only in modernity. We must not fall to consumption and materialism. Is is of course ok to want to build your legacy and empire and in doing so you must purchase material things such as real estate and such, but never let the objects you own, own you. Never let your hobbies get in the way of physical health. Every major civilisation earns their spot through battle, blood and strife. After they achieve victory and independence they set out and build an empire and expand. Once that empire is built and achieves greatness generations start to live off of the backs of the earlier generations that had to be hardened by a relentless time. Citizens, especially the men start to become undisciplined, immoral, lack of honor. We then start to think we can achieve the impossible such as equality and democracy for all. Everyone gets a vote. Countries try and offer this to all and allow mass immigration and as we look around at the current state of Western society.
This is the result…
This is the end game…
It is not victory or achievement.
But ruin….

But we are Becoming…
We are…
The Homo Deus
One who stands among the God’s we create.
We are Deitus.


Treat yourself like you treat your kids and pets.

Within the Deitus self improvement program or way of life there are techniques we use, even what we call “Magic” to add a sense of fantasy that the world is so lacking in these modern times. From meditation to rituals to better ourselves and to make us see ourselves and evolve from to what we want to be or look like. Today I will discuss one such technique.
Think about the way we raise our kids or take care of our pets, say our dogs. We feed them good dood that is healthy, we water the dogs and give our children good healthy juice. We take our dogs for walk and tell our children to stay active. We out them in sports, martial arts, or tell them to go outside and play. We tell them to make plans to help them with social skills. We support them in their education and try and make sure they learn and get the good grades.
We take the dogs to the vet and make sure they get their shots and make sure they are healthy. We buy the digs toys tomorrow their teeth good and their bodies active and so on.
Yet, we as adults don’t do this…
When we talk about our kids or our dogs we know what they need, we know how to make sure they are healthy, socialble, seeking knowledge.
So we must also treat ourselves as we do our pets, and our children. We must eat and drink healthy. Keep our minds sharp and creative. Be active and even socialble even if we don’t like or enjoy others company. We understand we must know how to talk and act around society.
– Exercise
-Educate our minds constantly
-Eat healthy
-Get proper rest
-Learn the art of social manipulation
-Get check ups from doctor
-Try to do what you love be as a career
-Be financial responsible
-Be creative
-Have discipline

We all know what we need to do to be healthy and happy. But along the line we adopt bad habits especially mentally. Unhealthy habits start, we get lazy, and then we get depressed and drown in a hole that’s hard to get back out.

You hear many times from people “I want a better life for my kids when they grow up” but why not make a better life for yourself while they are young? So you can show and lead by example for not only your kids but for the world. Not only are you showing a great example but you are building a legacy, an empire for your children. The houses you buy and other material value goes to them. The land they can use, the money in your stocks and so on. This is your family legacy. Take the example of the Traditionalist and Aristacrats and build your family into nobility. Make your son’s of into knighthood and your daughter’s the princess they have learned their ancestors were. Your the decendants of conquerors and express, builders and creators.
Act Like It!
Take heed and learn from the Plantagenets and build a dynasty.
Take heed and learn from Ragnar and his sons and carve your way into history.
Learn from history, learn from your ancestors. Give sacrifice and honor them for their sacrifice they have laid down for the blood to boil in your veins. They have explored this map, given us the knowledge of today, and built nation’s.
Now it’s your turn.
Learn the philosophy of Deitus. I but it upon truth and history. In high hopes that many will pass it along and help advance society. A evolving and advanced society that will leave this cultural rot in the past.
The Faustian man and traditional feminine shield maiden will have a hard future. Surrounded by a rotting cultural corpse. Decaying and de-evolving unmoral system of living. No honor, no truth, and filth the streets. Men with no testosterone and women who think of child bearing as a negative thing. When it is what makes wen God’s. To create life, to create energy, to do the impossible.
Yes, more than half of you are filth. You have no morals, you have no honor. I live in hopes of seeing you on the battlefield yet we both know you will run under your rock like the scum you are when the utilities and food runs out.
But remember, we are warriors, we are predators, we are hunters. And we all know what the best prey is.

So any of these sound familiar? Well take them and develope your own self improvement based on knowing what’s good for tour children and incorporate them into your adult life. We all know how to live a good healthy life. Start today, adapt a simple list of advice for your kids. Also don’t forget to have a bit of fun!

Yes this is a bit of humor but we can all learn something. (From our parents) 😊

“Heed your advice and teachings a parent will tell their children”.


Eat your breakfast, drink your milk, make you strong.

Drink your juice.

Make your bed.

Do your homework after school. (Work)

Do your chores. (Be clean and organized and declutter)

Not to much tv or games.

Don’t eat to much candy or sweets.

Not to much junk food, eat your veggies.

Eat everything on your plate to get ice cream.

Don’t be a bully.

Don’t be a taddle tell.

Stick up for yourself.

Stock up for the bullied and stand up to tue bully.

Don’t quit the team.

Do good in school. (College) (online classes)

Respect grown ups. (Talk and learn from your elders, especially vets).

Don’t talk to strangers. (Don’t go walking I to dark alleys)

Don’t do drugs. (Don’t he an addict, get clean, if you do some recreationally do so in Moderation).

Get your learning or (go to college type of mentality) basically “strive for knowledge”
Work hard.

Don’t lie

Don’t hit girls.

Calm down, be good In Public, mind your fucking manners.

Be respectful



Masculinity, technology, and commodity.

Access to commodity has made Western man weak. This is why the feminine social aspect has taken hold of society. We now hear the term “toxic masculinity” in reality they truly mean all “masculinity”. They teach masulinity in a negative light. Even though biology shows it is a natural healthy chemical structure in men. Nature has seen it fit to give mean testosterone to build masulinity. Yet it is now viewed as a negative thing in much of society.
So we have these two things working in unity to help decay society in a rapid speed. Feminine construct with access to commodity and an abundance of anything you want and need.
The third is technology used not in a way that advances us, but Henders us as a society. Instead of using it to advance us like medical, biological, and evolving us as a species it has de-evolved us to rely on it’s easy access. We not use it to cure boredom and to cure the mundane task. We not use it for all communication. We use it for all educational purposes. We use to literally live. Western Society in first world countries today can not go on without technology to guide us and help us live. Even though progressives and liberals condemn and criticize free market government’s in truth Western society can not live without it providing constant commodity, food, and useless crap that we but even though we have no need for it.

We would rather use technology for the next big social media craze than to research for advancement. We all know the very platforms we use for social media have enough money to make sure no belly goes hungry. Yet the very liberals who criticize corporations, the idiot feminist who walk naked in protest screaming about their viginas use the very platforms and buy products from the same companies they protest against!!

We must turn to traditional meaning of masculinity as a natural and positive idea. Not only masculinity but the feminine aspects of the female as well. Without the real feminine type lady we are doomed as she is the very creator of our species. Not only does the women give birth but she provides nurishment when we are sick and growing.

We must use technology in a more reliable manner. To be used for advancement and not a de-evolved source that draws us near uselessness. Medical advancement above all as this also opens up cures, regeneration, and longevity. Technology to be used in agriculture and ocean resources to clean and populate it.

The Deitus must understand and live with this in mind. To live and lead by example. To unplug and educate. To seek out and stand with the advancement of the proper technology. To stand up to those who wish to bring down masculinity and the feminine aspects. The Deitus must be more.
The Deitus must become….
Is becoming…



The Rise and the becoming of Deitus!

Your Democracy has failed. Freedom and equality a lie. Now we await for the fall only to return to the Golden age of Warrior culture, nobility based on skill, merit, and heroism. A society of knighthood and morality.

To replace the whore and weakling on stage with those that may lead society to inspiration. To create, build, and conquer again. As it appears mankind is to be ruled and lead to greatness and achievement. But let us hope not as with establishing a Republic all need to remember tradition, Nationalism, culture, moral and the spiritualism of the people. This is the way…..
Not of deity worship but for the spirit of human kind. Our Art and Architecture, dogma and ritual, morality and merit, skill and craft. These are the true Spiritualism that resides in us and in nature. Mythology and heroism…The Ubermensch, THE DEITUS!

May we once again build the Colossus at our gate.

May we build alters that are inverted, instead of alters to the Deity we build alters to the human spirit. The respect, honor, and passion of the warrior, The hero, The leader!

May the intellect and scholar not only see the beauty of humankind but the beauty of womanhood. Her touch, smell, and she, the goddess whom can heal with her touch. She is the mother, the wife, the nurse, the nourisher. She gives us love, honor and compassion. Teaches us wisdom pass that of strength and war and we should heed her lips.

This is the two sides, the coin, dark and light, yin and yang. Masculinity and feminine. Spirit and nature. Magic and science. Warrior and nurturer.

We are Homo Sapien becoming…..

We are becoming… We have become… We have evolved.. developed..
We are Homo Deus!

We are Deitus!

Never fret for we are here. Today we are criticized, tomorrow we will be begged. The men that have revolted. The men that walk along the ruins. We will re-establish humanity to that of respect and honor. Then and only then may we share compassion and love. For we will be at peace and our soul mates in love. But until then. We must sleep with the battle axe. Learn the will and fear of the shield wall.

Become a man of discipline.

Create, build, exercise, meditate, study, read, grow…….become…

Your philosopher



The Glory and of Heroism

What we view as progress, is it really progress? We give ourselves a picture that we are now evolved and are superior in morals and ways than civilisation of the past. But are we?

Our current civilisation does not touch the glory of previous civilisations. Maybe in digital and some medical technology but far as the spirit within humanity than flame is burning out.

We no longer seek glory and sacrifice for the empire. This is why many of us look towards the American soldier with gratitude and admiration because this flame is in so few. We no longer work to build the nation together due to Nationalism or for the collective society. These ways have been list to the West long ago. We do see a glint of it still in the Asian communities. It still grows a little in China and Japan. But I sigh when I see Japan and it’s culture now moving ever more I to modernity and being *Americanized ever more with each passing year. This and their addiction to degeneracy such as porn is now destroying any sense of the days of old. The glory of the Imperial empire it was.

The West is a culture that was grown and built on heroism. From the beginning of Homer and takes of the Greeks, Spartans, and Trojans and their God’s/Goddesses. The tale of Odysseus and his journey home. We look to the North and the Northmans tales of the mythology we all know and love, building a warrior culture and spreading it’s tales with battle axe and ship around the world. It’s God’s who is so very human, all to human.

The Greeks and Romans with their old God’s/Goddesses that blesses the warrior and even have human emotions towards many men and women of the Greek world. Through this both Greek and Roman build the world’s most amazing and beautiful structures dedicated to the God’s that drive their society. From temples dedicated the Gods to monuments to great men as well. Arch ways, libraries, aqueducts and dwellings dedicated to great Romans. We can nowhere compete with this achievement.

Even the basic residential dwellings of that time toples our achievement. Just gaze and wonder at the Alsace region of France. The entire border of France and Germany is littered with amazing cities and towns that seems to come out of a fairy tale novel. We can read Game of Thrones at a side cafe in a city that resembles what’s in the book. Gaze at a Roman Domus. This is pure superior society at it’s greatest. And we have lost it, abandoned it, turned out back on it.

Moving forward to the Great Constatine. Found his heart with Christ and in that started a era of beauty in art and Architecture that can never be rivaled. Just as the ancient Romans with Temples comes the Cathedrals found all over Europe that no structure can rival.

Back again it was lead from a spirit of humanity that is no longer found but with a selected few of us. The tales of the Crusades and the Knight Templar. The defenders of Christianity. The king’s themselves was generals lead by faith and ideals and now known as men of renown. Richard the Lionheart and many others.

In the history of the West we see this guilding light up until the modern times. Somewhere after the “age of enlightenment” yes we promoted the liberal arts and philosophy and all it’s beauty. But forgot and left behind the spark, the flame of the human spirit of heroism. Of courage and sacrifice to that which is greater. Family, folk, and people. It is in our blood and this is one of the things we know is there but we have forgotten and we are now lost. Cultural pride, and then passion of our ancestors.

Remember my friends. History, stories, tales and mythology is not only poetry but lessons. And lessons of not only heroism and glory upon the battlefield but of love.

Human love.

Of wife and husband..

Love of family…

Love of culture..

Yes we progressed in the liberal arts of the digital science.

We have come far in the medical advancement.

We lead the charge against slavery.

But let us return to morality and that of the warrior culture. A time that heroes are aloud to rise, vanquish evil and gets the wen he loves. Let’s not only read, dream, and fantasize about these stories, let’s live them.

Let’s be them.

The warrior exist. The hero rises. The love and touch of a women drives our desire to win and return home to her arms. The feminine smell of women in our minds right before the joining of a shield wall. Men to get out and build the homestead for his children, rise and leave a legacy. A legacy of admiration and not debt from a degenerate Society!

Do not let a thousand years of blood soak on our land and Earth for nothing. Rise for them. Protect for them. Rise for the future of our children. Rise for our different cultures that are special. The West is special, our ancestors explored and built nation’s that everyone loves. Remember as they criticize western man it is our land, our kingdoms, our nation’s they wish to live in. It is our culture of old they wish to imitate. Not this culture of modern shit but the culture of our ancestors they they are jealous over, that they feared.

Our ancestors built these lands of the West. Yes through blood, yes, through conquest, don’t forget it. That warrior culture and it’s blood runs through your veins. Now seize it and rise to he a better man/women.

The tales of the West is the stories they now make movies about, write books about. That is our story.

When the Indo and Hunter gathers spread to Europe remember…

Cro Magnon and Neaderthal

From the start we soaked the Earth in battle. Many say through genicide even and the Neaderthals were whiped out. Many in India say the tribe that would be known as the Aryans went to war with neighboring tribes through conquest and went North to what would be the Indo Europeans.. at least this is one side of the story but a very viable one..

From this the West gave birth. To a people that would grow into a people of Art, love, exploration, and yes conquest. War has been our birth. To the man of the West the ying and yang is war/love.

Let us continue on our take and story. Let us tell the stories of our heroes. Let us take back our society and instill the culture of beauty, of art, of Architecture, of morality. And above all…

The human spirit. To transcend into something beyond. Human spirit meets the physical flesh, improved with medical science. Each has it’s place.

This we will become

Homo Deus.



The Fianna Motto

Adopt the three mottos of the Fianna.

They had three mottos:

Glaine ár gcroí (Purity of our hearts)

Neart ár ngéag (Strength of our limbs)

Beart de réir ár mbriathar (Action to match our speech)

This refects the Mottos of many warrior cultures. Very similar to the Japanese Samurai, or the Spartan warrior culture, the Knights of Europe, The Roman Legionnaires.

Of course cultures have their differences, but they all have reflections that are similar. The above Mottos we can learn from.

Meditate on these.

Your thinker…



The enemy of Western Society

From the Alter of Hannibal.

Blessed and graced by Ba’al!

I smell the sulfur, a sign? A symbol?

A symbol for the Deitus…..

To European nationalist, the main enemy is the EU/US globalization view.

To Guillaume Faye is was Islam and it’s immigration.

To Evola Modernism is all mankind and of course European’s enemy.

The decendants of Europeans in the US is at total lost as Americanism and what it means is at total lost in debate, social unrest, social justice influence, multi culturalism starting to back fire, and all virtue is gone. The US use to still always be a Western cultural Civilization and still is but is changing into it’s on cultural divide between leftist progressive politics and the Conservative Libertarian right side of politics. This so far has been social justice warrior style and debate, although useless. It has at times fell out onto the streets but mostly because of coward groups like Antifa and the opposite defending itself against the coward socialist that occupy mother’s basements. Leftist cowards attack those rallying for free speech and prayer are blindly attacked.

Antifa and you call yourself warriors. Attacking the innocent. I spit on your shoes. When you are about to for once, fight against real men I will ask you to think of eyes, lips, and cheeks.

Because after the battle upon the field the Ravens and Vultures carve out the eye sockets, peck and tear at the lips, and stuff themselves with the fatty salty meat of the cheek.

You know nothing yet of even puberty. Walk on home boy.

In truth

The above is true and all enemies of Western Civilization and way of life. They are the enemy of European man.

But the number one enemy of Western/European culture and man is….

(In the US we are called “white man” even though this is not proper as Europe has many different cultures and even skin color. The term “white man” is term of stupidity as here is no “white man”. There are men/women with light, pale, olive, white skin. Oh the lovely ladies with pale skin and wine lips, long blonde or brunette hair. Natures gift and blessing of the Gods.)

But I must continue…..

The number one enemy is…


White progressives. White liberals. White socialist.

And again, ourselves.

If we do not fall into materialistic downfall and decay, society progresses. If we do not fall into a TV drama, Hollywood zombie of mental being then we advance. If we do not get red eyed and dreary on social media with lies that leads to depression for all, which leads to a nation on antidepressants and drug use… If we watch more porn than documentary, if we parade our sexuality in the streets in the name of fa and useless pride and promote pediphilia and 9 year old tranny’s dancing for grown men throwing dollars at him/her like a hooker. (By the way you have failed as parents and your a disgusting parasite upon society).

Well, Then we achieve a righteous conquest of life and seek to achieve in greatness.

Wait… Look at the description of the above and then take a look around..

Yes…the enemy is ourselves, Western man, European man, hell, white man.

But the above is already happened, and we are in the onslaught of decay. Deitus among the ruins. We walk among the virus, the diseased, but we are the strong and must never forget our way of life.

The enemy is ourselves….

European’s have lost the will of conquest, achievement, and above all pride of culture. They have let the progressives fool them into laziness and guilt for history. Which is nonsense, European cultural achievement has been a gift to the world. As has all cultures given something to the world to help achieve evolution. Of course we as a society have been degrading ourselves while tech, medicine and tech as evolved. But now we rely on the technological advancement. Now we have given up our chilvary, self respect, tribal loyalty, cultural pride. I tip a cup to the cultures that are still proud and providing. I wish you luck against the rising tide, it’s coming towards you next.

All cultures have provided.

I learn the Tao and simple “being” while doing daily task from the Japanese.

I learned and read the greatest manuscripts of war from the Chinese as their Warring history is something to admire.

Just an example, all provide.

As have the Europeans. I love my ancestors European history. I love traditional Europe. Above all I love Western Civilization and all it’s GLORY in present and especially the past.

And we must fight for it. Once again the beast is at the gates. Once again the Crusades are here. Once again they come to the shore.

You must build yourself up to become healthy, Intelligent. Stop living towards the expectations they have set for you. Expectations of commodity and over consumerism. We have made a material God. Materialism is fine, but in moderate. Instant gratification is fine, in moderate doses. But Americans are not trained for moderate doses. We buy buy and play play. We buy things that we will not use. Things that are useless to our progress. We play not for health but for entertainment. In the form of video games. Men, give hours and hours of their life to something that will not benefit them in the slightest. Ok, maybe in coordination HA, but so does basic exercise so that’s an excuse for stupidity. Play a video games for enjoyment for limited time. But NEVER let in betray your duties and deeds. When shopping buy materialistic items but in moderate supply and make it useful. Far as I’m concerned the whole not materialistic item worth buying are books.

Do not bow down to the God of consumerism upon their alter of commodity

I can show you the philosophy of Deitus. A warriors philosophy, a philosophy of love and life. I can point the finger.

But it is up to you to stand with me, battle axe in hand. Honoring our history, salute with cultural pride. Defending Western ideas not just for self, but for our people, children, and the world.



The Deitus Women

Why I despise modern feminism?

It has destroyed the beauty, the intelligent, the nurturer, the creator of life, the most highest form of human evolution. The female Homo Sapien

I seen a picture of American women soldiers. With the dead laying around them. They smile with Pride, laughing, taking pictures thought to be pictures of heroic history!

A few decades later the feminist movement will decay the Godlike structure and meaning of the female character.

Their grand children and blood line will stand in streets naked with words written in marker with meaningless terms yelling nonsense and making fools of the real feminist ladies. The ladies that fought for womanhood and freedom to think.

Real women who were heroes, mother’s, workers, and heroin legends.

Hail Queen Isabella of Castille!
Hail oh so many.
May the female Spartan warrior who was mother and soldier.
Hail the shield maiden who fought, conquer and pillaged for culture, pride, and blood.
Hail the Republican women who fought to vote because of their Intelligence.
Hail oh so many….

But in a society of decay they are an embarrassment. Progressive Liberal women are leading a charge of failure, ugliness and unhealthy habits.

They tell others that being fat is normal and a sign to express oneself.
No, it’s a sign that your unhealthy and have bad habits. Now understand this excludes those with health problems, that’s understandable. But to the majority, you are lazy, you are unhealthy, you are over weight and the truth sucks.

Now in the philosophy of Deitus we look in the mirror and take pride and use it. We take pride, anger, jealousy, and use it. We eat healthy, we exercise and hit the weights, we lose weight, Or gain muscle…

They tell women sleeping with multiples of people is freedom. Like men! But I take both men and women and say have some fucking pride. Sex is special, and having sex with multiple of partners is fine. But sex and love making is to be cherished and have meaning.

The traditional women and man knew this. Join in love and relationship, have children and raise them with moral and virtue.

A feminist will wear the marking that say whore and when called a wore gets insulted.

What has modern feminist done to advance the better living of modern women?

What I’m about to say will piss people off and they will criticize me.

The last time women was advanced in society was through the 40s 50s and 60s and during the 70s traditional society started to crumble. Technically it started in mid 40s but it started minimal and progressed from there.

Nazi Germany actually promoted strong women hood. Promoted strength, warrior mentality yet motherly responsibility. This lead over to being a strong wife in a relationship. Supporting her husband, supporting her children.

In modern day both is criticized. Traditionalism is criticized yet it made society better.

I’m all for women who has goals and want careers, I even teach to climb the corporate ladder and be a cut throat bitch because that is what we have become in modern society. Above all the Deitus women should accomplish her passions.

To have more both man and women need to work just about. This is modernism. There is good to it as for both men and women can achieve their goals and persue their careers and passions of choice.

The Deitus applauds and supports this.


The Deitus women knows the female Homo Sapien is the most advanced in compassion. She can nurse all back to health. She was built to achieve such. She is the best at such.

The female women is the true God’s if humanity. They give birth, they gibe nurishment to adult and child.

They are both Warrior that can fight and take unbelievable pain, and bring good health to all.

As if they we’re blessed by the God’s.

Many religions teach they we’re crafted from men or are second to men, are here to serve men.

This is bullshit

The Deitus women is above all that. They are more important than all other species. They create, they nurish, they nurse, they lead, they support, they give compassion.

They are our mothers, our wives, they are our life. They are the reason we survive, they are the reason to fight, protect, and cherish.

Women give birth to the people of our cultures, they raise, teach, and give support to the people of our culture. They use compassion and nurse us when injured or sick, give us advice when confronted, get our backs when we must fight!

They are…. The spirit of God. The highest life form embodiment on Earth.

And I give my thanks.

And to the feminist who tarnish the view of women hood.
Fuck you.

To the countries that treat women as second class.
Fuck you.

To the rapist, the Deitus seeks the death penalty.
As with the pedophile!

Let me add the modern feminist attacks men. I’ve seen article after article in popular magazines that say women promote feminine men yet want a “real” man. A masculine man. This they want and love. They want a man who is strong, nice body, a man of pride and accomplishment. Yet society has driven feminine so much that the “manly man” is an endangered species. This is stupidity as it’s natures evolution that men be masculine. Again, we as a society is not progressing be de-gressing. We are not evolving but de-evolving.

We are MEN among the ruins.

We are WOMEN among the ruins.


We are DEITUS so we stand in pride. We may be the minority for now but we will fight, we will grow, and…we will enjoy life! But never forget, we wage war and love all the same. It’s human nature, and we are on top of the social Darwin food chain. We let the social Darwin bottom die off with their stupidity. Sad yes, but Natural Selection is what nature sees fit to do.

The women Deitist have become..
The women Deitist is.
The women DEITUS
Homo Deus.


Below is a dedication to all mother’s. For you are the most special.

When men went to war. When the clash of the shield wall sounds like thunder, Swords drawn.

When a man charges a beach, a machine gun nest. When he lays down his life for country and honor!! When he sacrifices for you!

And a sword slashes open his stomach.
Or a bullet punctures his chest. When grenade shrapnel removes his limbs. When war takes his sight.

As he lay there dying, bleeding, holding on to his guts, blind and as he takes his last breath.

He thinks and wants one thing.

His mother,

He begs and cries for his mother. He wants his mother to hold him in his hour. He wants to feel her warmth and know that’s it’s gonna be ok. “Mother” he says. Even when other men sit around him his pride is gone for all he wants is his mother.

Nothing else matters as his breathing slows, as the glint of light shades. He only thinks of his mother’s love. He wants to be rocked and sang to. He wants a kiss on his head from his mother. In the end, great warriors fall and yell for their mommy’s…….

This is the honor of a western women. There is no greater honor than to give a warrior comfort when the Valkyries come for him. Modern women say they can and have a right to do everything yet they leave behind the best thing they can do. What no other can do. To have compassion, to nurse mankind. To be the creater, the nurturer, to be one with Gaia and feed mankind and the Earth with love and compassion.

To give birth and protect with killer instinct. To nurse her husband and son to health so he may swing his sword. To dress his chain maille.

Women can take pain like no other. Can give compassion like no other, to use strategic warfare of the homestead. She receives the warrior on his shield and See’s to it he is honored properly. For she looses, but she is strong due to human evolution of LOSS. The pain is unbearable but she takes it.
She can use her emotion to heal the sick, to comfort the scared, her compassion heals the plague..

And in the end when all hope is lost. When the darkness comes and you are afraid. Nothing else matters except for a whisper and a face.

That whisper is the plea for mom, That face is the face of mom.

Your philosopher……

Hannibal Killgrave

On your shield or with it! – Spartan saying