Humans need dogma, spiritualism, fantasy, or something to believe in.
Throughout history religions became popular because it answered questions that people did not know the answer. It gave comfort where people felt fear, fear what they didn’t know. It answered questions about life that no one could know or understand.

Today due to science, biology, astronomy, and the growing technology we have answers to many questions we didn’t know back then. But this has also become a double-edged sword.

The answers are here but there still burns a flicker of flame within us we can not understand. Something we feel but can not explain.

Due to the answers we now have nothing to believe, we have no fantasy, no magic. We now have reason to believe that the creatures of the night are false. We can not learn magic from the witches, we can not become a warlock, vampire, or werewolf. We simply are what we are. Human.

Atheism is growing and now secular society is how we live and move forward. Logical Reasoning is now for the wise and all else is labeled untrue, false, or superstition. Science answers the questions of our life, destiny, biology, and world. Astronomy answers the questions of birth of the Galaxy, stars, and world. We now believe that it is us as a human that dictates how we must act and behave as a society. There is no higher power that tells us the way forward or how we need to conduct ourselves and affairs. Technology, consumerism, and media are how we now know we are to communicate. Materialism is God and technological advancement is the spirit and the way forward. Now that we know the all good, all-knowing, being is no longer in existence then we must turn to our elected government and the outspoken masses to tell us how we are to live. They tell us the laws, and “commandments” of conduct. The social media platforms and the celebrity is now our judge. The media and cancel culture is now our jury and prosecutor.

Now we know the way forward. Now we are “Progressive”!

But deep inside many of us feels the truth, the flame, the burn.

We feel but we also see, we see the lie.

We feel the coolness of the clamp around our wrist as we become slaves to a wage, consumerism and materialism.

We see the rot.

We see the lazy, the undisciplined, the lost.

We see the new age communication that is not nature’s or natural way of communication.

We see disobedience, lack of honor.

Lack of morals, dignity, and manners.

We see the uneducated even though we are at the Pinnacle of the possibility to learn and know.

We see the homeless and the hungry even though for the first time in history a person in poverty has another disease, obesity. First world countries that we call the epic center of progress yet people go hungry, cold, and no place to call home.

We see the homeless. How is it possible in a first world country with an abundance of all material value can a person not have cover and warmth?

We see the conduct. Undisciplined cultural rot. Overweight, suffering, depression, agony within modern society with all the answers and advancement.

We see the zombies. A glow of screens as people’s souls on their faces as their true lives pass by and their minds in a technological device made for communication and knowledge that is now become life itself. A spiritual journey of people wishing for others’ life to be there’s or a second life within what they call a game…is life, not a game? A war? With one life?

We see the lack of art, creativity, and dull miserable architecture surrounding is in concrete caskets. Art that is trash, literally trash and shit, equal to its creator, it’s mind and their miserable life

As Nietzsche said…..

God is dead…..

And if we look around regardless of your beliefs, yes, he is dead and has left this rock. He left…….


We call bullshit…

Yes, we……

The ones becoming….

The Deitus.

Therefore we look, seek, and have found. A philosophy, an answer, something to believe, a way, a guide.

We found magic and something special. We found spiritualism.

We found purpose in self improvement. Beauty in created art, architecture, and sculpture. Divine spirit in feminine and masculine energy. Spiritualism in the creative minds and the gifts of the primordial traditions.

We fight and defend tradition, justice, and the human spirit. We promote lively city dwellings, beautiful architecture and urban development for not only purpose but for soul.

We are the philosophical warrior.

Oh and…

Respect your women, mother and your elders.


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