Hello, my name is Hannibal La Croix

Who am I and why read and head my words?

Many who seek self Improvement or answers to this life will come across those who say they have answers or can help.

I claim this and much more.

Life is a war, to some a game, to others a tragedy, and to some a comedy.

Because of the above description by those in the different disciplines and arts of life I strategize and study. I used my life to seek, suffer, and experience the ways of life. Peace and violent, ghetto to mid class to high life so to speak.

I study those successful in their craft, from business to war, politics to theory, and history to philosophy. Many generals have fought great battles and killed thousands; others have won without a shot. There are story after story of those who came from nothing to achieve everything and go on to greatness. Kings with visions as Alfred and others that believe all must go to the greatest as Alexander.

I study and strategize so therefore I am a warrior philosopher.

I have a vision myself, and I set out to learn and then create, I have suffered and sacrificed. I did this for both me and you.

I have created a philosophy that can be both simple and very deep. Basic self-improvement for the everyday man but long term effects for the long term life in which you may wish to live.

My name is Hannibal La Croix

I grew up a white boy in a black neighborhood, a black school in a majority-black city. I was a teenager in the 90s poor deep south. Where I rolled and lived was in the middle of Mobile, Prichard, and Eight Mile all the way south Alabama.

My city was poor and violent and I started out the wrong color on the wrong side of the tracks.

Simply search YouTube for Prichard Alabama, Alabama village, Tolminville, and Mobile down in South Alabama to see where I was raised.

Because of this, I suffered immensely. When you get jumped every day after school because of what color you are you learn to fight real quickly, you learn to survive.

I see Americans during this time period constantly complaining about victimhood and racism. Always complaining and bitching. Half of you don’t know shit about what it’s like to fight four fuckers everyday at school and after school all because of your color.   I do…

Every day this was my life, Life in the ghetto in the poor south.

Growing up the kids around my neighborhood never looked up to the sports star or Hollywood flavor of the month. We looked up to who we saw.

The guy with the car, money, and respect. The dealer.

Throughout my teenage years, that’s all I ever wanted to be. A dealer. Money, girls, and objects were cool but what I really wanted to be the identity. Respect…

During this time I was introduced to another kind of knowledge and that was the occult. That started my love of knowledge and of reading. I bought and read as much occult, history, and new age books as I could. But in the end, I fell in love with the philosophical side of Anton Lavey’s Satanism. I read and researched all I could get my hands on.

As I grew older so did my so-called dealing empire. By the time I was 23 I was going through 35-45 pounds of pot a week, two eight balls every 2-3 days of coke, half going up my nose. I loved every minute of it. But by upper 20s I knew what the future held for long term drug dealers. If Pablo couldn’t retire, no one could. You either go to the big house, or die. So when I finally got married I got out of the game. I built one of the largest drugs expires in the south and never got busted. I strategize using Sun Tzu and seen the world philosophical through Ayn Rand and Lavey.

Before the occult, I was raised southern Baptist and when I was 14 I was doing occult magic and ceremonial magic with my first “occult” style group. Good times.

I said I got out of drug dealing but I didn’t get out clean. For the next 10-15 years, I struggled with addiction. Opiate addiction is a motherfucker.

I fought, I suffered, I went through the darkest of the human psyche, and I made it through.

Now during this time I worked construction and as any man who works construction or trades will tell you. That life sucks unless you absolutely love a certain trade in the construction industry. This type of work is hot, cold, tiring and the pay needs to be higher. Again some people love a certain craft and I’m happy they do because they get to do something they love. For me that was not it.

I needed to do something that paid well and provide an opportunity for where I lived.

So I became a type of engineer, a process engineer, which is an umbrella for a ton of jobs. Good pay and you are not stuck working 10 hours a day 6 days a week, unless you want to of course.

Above all, it gave me time to do things I love and to seek answers about life. I could learn, research, and create. I could study everything I wanted and learn what the meaning of this life is or could be. I have read every great classic in literature, history, and philosophy. I have studied all majority religions like Christianist, Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism and practiced several occult style esoteric studies, like Wicca, Paganism and the Germanic traditions to understanding Atheism and philosophy stemming from secularism like Objectivism and Satanism.

I have always been interested in the spiritual studies as well as the lessons on political theory and economic topics. I’ve studied all economic systems from Communism, National Socialism, Marxism, capitalism to the 3rd position and so on. I read collections on Libertarianism and Conservatism like Rothbard and Mises to Burke and Scruton. Ive had the not so pleasant experience in studying modern American leftist liberalism and their promoted progressive ideologies.

I surpassed the modern political ideologies and economics. I evolved. I advanced from modern view on esoteric occult and religion. I am guided by the Sophia Perennial and the primordial source and stand beside the qualities of tradition. I have returned to the Primordial tradition and performed Deicide and have revolted against the Modern World. I stand upon the ruins of superior civilizations while watching the world burn and wait for the rebuild. I ask that you surf this wave of ruin with me, to ride the tiger and rise above the herds of menace.

I wrote the above to give you an idea and to say a few of the things I’ve been through and why you should even give me the time of day.

I studied and challenged myself both physically and mentally. I researched and studied all avenues of knowledge.

Politics, political theory, economics, religion, history, philosophy, occult, MONEY, business, and of course self-improvement…

The words, knowledge, and wisdom within this blog and in the books I will be publishing is 20 years’ worth of pain, suffering, and questioning life itself. These are the answers, this is a path.

I have answers if you wish to listen. I will give you the tools in which you need and the knowledge in which you seek to live a life of fulfillment.

The Deitus philosophy after 20 years of study, research, trial and area, suffering and darkness is a creation out of a broken man who was mended, failure that was traversed. May you walk with me upon the ruins of a superior time and place.

The Deitus philosophy unequivocally and unapologetically postulates ideas which challenge popular thought. The Deitus is a publication for the Aristocrats of the Soul, a man or women of higher virtue, a life of fulfillment and meaning, creators and Artists of the Mind.

The concept behind the philosophy of Deitus presents a collection of lessons and knowledge from authors, philosophers, and artists such as Friedrich Nietzsche, Plato, Carl Jung, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Julius Evola, Rene Guenon, Oswald Spengler, Frithjof Schuon, Anton Lavey, Emil Cioran, Nicholas Gomez Davila, and occult knowledge of Aleister Crowley.

The Deus philosophy deals with topics that teach us lessons and knowledge in Art, Architecture, Sculpture, High Culture, Theories of Civilization, the branches of Philosophy, Aesthetics, Ethics, Morality, branches of the liberal arts, Cultural and modernity Criticism, Tradition, and Gnosis. From these artists and masters of the craft, we take lessons and heed their words and delve Into their minds and learn a system of self-improvement. We become a man of higher virtue and character. This is a philosophy stemming from the lessons of a tradition for the time of modernity, from mental spiritualism to physical style of how to exercise to what to wear to look damn good.

Mental spiritualism – physical health – style – knowledge – self-improvement – challenge


Becoming Deitus

Not belonging to a known political ideology and is void of right, left, and center placement but these ideologies are not safe from criticism as it has had its time, it is now time for modernity to defend itself.

We question your egalitarian viewpoints, we state that we are not equal nor are we or anyone offered liberty nor freedom and your economic systems are nothing more than wage slavery. We stand that democracy is nothing more than another God that has failed us, another force created by man to lie and cheat the true individual into false enlightenment.

You will be subjected to things that would break the mind and The Exaltation of Friedrich Nietzsche and Guenon and rise and rage against the modern world.
We will seek the Primordial source and bathe in the enlightened metaphysics and await the return of the Primordial Tradition and seek Confrontation with Nothingness and master nihilism. 

If you are weak, leave.

If you need a safe place, this is not it.

Deitus Precepts

I AM Deitus

I am the becoming.

I am Salvatore Homo.

Homo Deus.

A Sapien of tradition.

A servant to no being, a slave to no wage.

I worship my life and stand beside the Gods of Reason, fantasy and learn from the tales of myth.

I stand and rise as a predatory animal and take pride in my ways.

I seek through the worlds of both fantasy and reason and stand above.

As I seek and stand I recognize both reason and my archetypes.

I take pride and honor thyself that the survival of the fittest is the highest law.

I release my energy through creativity and ritual to bend natural law and to act in my accordance.

Upon my alter I meditate on the esoteric philosophy with a base in psychodrama and ceremonial ritual.

I practice the philosophy known as Deitus.

I am the philosophical warrior.

I am the architect of aesthetic beauty.

I am the engineer of the occult.

I am the descendant of God creators so therefore I am the evolved God killer.

I am the Deicide.

I am Deitus.

I am warrior like and lead by example through those of war like Aries.

To be brave and have courage on the battlefield and pray that the Valkyrie takes us to dine.

I accept the traditional teachings of love, family, and the aesthetics of objective beauty.

My spiritualism is through creativity and pursuit.

I will support and encourage the return to the tradition of beauty in architecture and art.

I will encourage urban planning, walkable city living and its livability.

I recognize we are not equal. That some are superior and others are inferior.

I will break away from the herd menace, and the failed God: Democracy.

I will not fall into cultural decay and spiritual and moral gut rot.

I will be independent and self-reliant.

I will accept my humanity and discard so called sins as nothing more than human emotion that must be controlled.

I will be healthy, strong body, strong minded.

Life is war, violence a human nature and a golden standard, therefore I will be prepared.

I will love those who deserve it, hate those who betray me.

I will not waste my essence on weak minded lust.

Kings as slaves

So you came here to ask what I asked for many years….

Why do you feel unhappy and unfulfilled?

How to be happy and with purpose?

There has got to be more to life than this… Ever asked that?

So you came here for the answer……

Modernity gives the scenario where a slave mentality, an inferior human can become successful. It also enslaves the superior being and kings as well. Modernity has made slavery not only legal but makes it involved in every aspect of every person’s life.
But what has happened that a huge and even greater part of the population has become slaves.
Slave to the wage
Slave to the drug
Slave to consumerism
Slave to materialism

In truth, it is not your fault that you have fell victim to one of these.
We have so much worked against us. So much pulling us one way or another.
So much indoctrination and influence over us.

Literally, everywhere we look, what we watch, what we listen to. It is all designed to enslave you.

Even the very essence of living and how you make your living and what you are.

Technology dictates how you must communicate and what is to be bought in order to be in par with machines. Radio broadcasting and satellite dictating what we hear, the music giving us what is trendy and why it is cool this month.

The machines take all the mundane work away.

The media invented what is watched and what is believed.

You are a slave to Gods that are not supernatural but a human invention. The modern standards have replaced everything spiritual and in return built upon laziness and have replaced Gods with answers that are slave mentalities and needless materialism.

All of us go daily and know deep within ourselves something is missing. We feel hollow even with all these nice things, all this easy communication with others. We still feel empty with all the mundane tasks being deleted. We still feel soulless even when the ghost in the machine not only tells us what we need but gives us what it says we need.

Our daily commute to our daily job that pays us a small wage for what is most sacred. Time

To live a large portion of our lives in service to those who own us by literally holding back the things we need to survive. A wage in order to buy nutrition.

Those who we call boss, supervisor, judges and similar names are no better than we are and many are worst and are in no way better than us at the very job they have over us. Yet they literally dictate our lives.

We try and feel the emptiness with products and cover the misery with material things in order to try and answer the why question. These shiny new things and glowing screens that give us chemical releases with every like and share.

So you ask what I asked for many years.

And you came here for the answer.

The answer you have already said.

You know the answer.

Normally this is where I would say, “and for $24.99 I will give you the answer and blah blah”.

But I am a chemical produced out of the tears of the slaves of modernity.
The breath that came when the Gods returned and we’re born again.

I Hannibal La Croix the Aesthetic philosopher

You can not charge for these things nor can materialism or consumerism answer your questions.

Capitalism only answers how to build and sustain an economy but not how to produce happiness within the living organism.

The answer..

To become…

The answer is to turn away.
The answer is to do the opposite.

Imagine if your ancestors had their mentality with our technology. Their drive with our medical, their belief, and survivalism within our world, their passion for craft with our economies.
They had a basic need for survival and to work, produce, and serve the king and humankind.
To produce, to serve, to create, to perfect a craft, whether he/she be farmer or warrior.

To have discipline without even realizing it. But today we know we need it.

It starts with discipline. To build discipline to create habit.

To have standards, morale, spirit, and chivalry and to live by those standards.

So yes…

Turn your back on it.

End this shit!

Declare war and become!

Become a philosophical fighter with standards and discipline in modernity. To have our ancestors thought system within today’s society.

Fuck modernity…

You will find happiness and fulfillment.

I need you to do a few simple tasks for me. They will start to answer your questions. I will give you the Answer and show you these answers in action.

But you must act. To achieve And make difference one must first act and create energy. That energy will change life to bend to your will! This in turn ill manipulates and change life for yourself and have a better outcome.

Tomorrow when you wake up, make your bed.

But that’s stupid why?

Because you just completed a goal, your first of the day, maybe your first in a long time.

Get up and make your bed.

You just did something of benefit, positive and you achieved a goal and after a hard or good day, you have a fresh clean bed to come and rest in.

After that, if your house is not clean or declutter… start.
Straighten up your room. It doesn’t have to be perfect but remove stuff off of your dressers, straighten your desk, get stuff off of the floor.

Today you will begin working out. Just a little bit. Do 20 pushup 5 times throughout the day. A month from now you will be in the gym. Just a little more every day, you become better every day.
But today do 20 pushups 5 times throughout the day making it 100 in total.

That’s three small tasks to do today that will be the start of a changed life.

Why will this help?

Why is this the answer?

It becomes from these four tasks you will do over and over until it becomes a habit. By forming habits you will incorporate simple tasks that you KNOW works and will bring a positive outcome.

You will do these three and then add on other small tasks until your day is planned and you will have goals every day and you will achieve these goals.

But then….

You will keep reading and learning the Deitus philosophy and incorporating even more tasks, some small some large, some are very long term goal-oriented. All to the end of fulfillment and with purpose.

You see because after these simple three tasks you will realize they made you better, more positive and it will leave you wanting more, braving to be better and return to continue on the journey of becoming…

When you perform these three tasks and go through your day you will go to lay down and see that fresh clean bed and get in it, it will feel good.

Then as you lay there you will feel a sense of happiness and even fulfillment because regardless today you achieved something, you did something, you got shit done. It may have been small today, but tomorrow you will do it again, then the next day your task will be bigger. But today you can be proud..
You accomplished cleaning and organization.
You worked out.

You did something meaningful and fulfilling.

Read on and finish learning the answer to becoming..

Becoming DEITUS!

Hannibal La Croix

Science: The New Mysticism

Science is the new religion as it is replacing the religions of old to the progressive ideology. However, it in itself is also *Mysticism* as the primitive minds do not understand. Science is the new mysticism and no questions are asked any longer.

The peasant man believes what he is told so as long as the science priest provides the comfort of technology. Technical advancement has made life easier and better.

The peasant loves the priest of science as he now believes he needs this comfort, this safety. This comfort has given him a reason not to strive as hard and in doing so becomes men of weakness. He now wants to believe and only believe what he is told so he no longer seeks to be the Faustian man any longer. He has left Prometheus on the rock.

So he accepts these sciences as truth because he is told what to believe. He is now simple-minded so he does not understand anyway. He is uneducated and now part of the mass herd so he can no longer understand and if he questions he is frowned upon. Even if his questions are of sound mind.

So the progressive primitive peasant accepts these as said truths and no longer seeks other theories since the priest of science states they have the truth.

In earlier history scientists, philosophers, and astronomers and other members of the educated community would constantly strive to seek out new ideas and theories. Act upon these ideas and developed methods and tests. Each great mind would build upon the knowledge and lessons of another and so on.
This is no longer the case.

The masses accept current science as truth and fantasize about truth and theory no more.

Not only is nothing no longer questioned but entire disciplines have fallen behind in study. Psychology and even more philosophy is no longer enlightening and has fallen behind in study and achievement.

This along with home economics and the teaching of money, business, and free-market economics is not taught. A person graduates without being able to sign a check, knowing of a savings account, or how to buy a house.

These are signs of sickness in society. Symptoms of a dumb herd mentality of the masses.

False pride replaced primal fear.
Comfort replaced predatory needs.
Science is not comprehended because it is based on methods. Theories trialed by methods.

But, there’s AI
AI as people is unachievable. What they try and mean is artificial life. Because artificial intelligence is done and the greatest achievement stacked against human greatness is winning at chess and being used as an overachieving data collector and Information bend.  AI is great when there is an end in its programming. It has to have a goal. It has to have parameters. In these environments the AI will always seem great.
But, They will never have the human essence nor conscious. They will never have “spirit”. Humans have morel and creativity. Humans can create and solve ” beauty”.
They will never stand next to the deity.
Therefore it falls flat next to the philosophy and way of life of the Deitus.

What the peasant believes when using science and logic to explain all of life is trying to decipher matter as information.
The matter is not information. It is both, living and not living. Therefore it is information and not information, also it is above and beyond information. Mathematics is nature’s building blocks and God’s language but it takes the Primordial to breathe life, essence, and consciousness.

It takes us to learn.
To become
Diet is

Spiritualism from Art and Architecture

Art and Architecture is our spiritualism. Our ritual in creativity. The true artist of merit and talent. Sculptures upon our alter. Baroque, Victorian, Roman, Gothic, and Renaissance our dwellings, buildings, homes, and fountains in our lively squares in our beautiful cities. Libraries, hospitals, Universities, coliseums, and civil structures should be a symbol and rise to the skies in beauty. Resist modern art and Architecture and the destruction of our cities that are now ugly concrete structures with no soul.

Humans have a need for dogma and ritual. We honor Gods, goddesses myths, and legends in art as paintings, sculptures, music, and architecture like the Baroque, Gothic, and the Renaissance. You can feel that something is truly bigger than yourself. This massive architectural building, cathedral, or Basilica. It engulfs you, surrounds you, and haunts you. This is the religion of God. The religion of the Homo Deus. The arts are our spirit. It literally stirs in the heart, spills into the mind, hurts in our veins, and we produce creativity that makes God's of the old weep. 

They weep And show their power by using our passion and guide our hands and build greatness Through our paintings, our music, the beautiful sculptures. 

Also all around us, the glory above us, from the megalithic structures of architecture to the beautiful fountain in the square where people.feel alive and fulfilled. This is spiritualism, this is of the heart, mind, and of the flesh. 

Not only of spirit but of our carnal incarnate. We whisper our incantations and they spill out on the canvas the feminine body or scene of myth and legend and we raise up on a wall, around the dome, or the release of creativity molded to a statue of the Goddess of Athena.

But let us not forget the art of the word. Yes, did we humans of flesh not produce beautiful sounds as well in which we can communicate and build the towers of Babel? Language and the written word. Annals, histories, philosophy, FANTASY! 

Stories of the God's, support, and compassion of the Goddesses. War from Aries. The honor to fight during the day, and drink at night with Odin awaiting Ragnarok!. Yes, oh Valhalla

May the Valkyrie take my soul to dine and fight!

Way of the Deitus: First Step, simple Task

This is a quick lesson in self-improvement. You have begun to become a better individual by first reading this blog and exploring new philosophies. I applaud you for wanting to be a better individual. This is a step in the mental applications of self-improvement. By reading and learning. After we live and work in this life we usually come to a point where we ask, “Is this all there is”? A man works for a wage, buy a house, raises his family but he still feels empty and lack of purpose. He ends up depressed, weak, unhappy and in debt.

Congratulations, you found a secret within the pages of information, a philosophy and a self-improvement program. One that is different from any other.

But to be a well-rounded superior individual we must learn and build in all avenues of life.

Today we will start. It’s a simple lesson and a simple task I’m going to ask of you. If you do this it will lead you to other avenues that will grow into success and good habits.

I will ask of you this simple task and then we will move on to other simple tasks. We will build upon simple task and stack them together. We will build a manual, a guide, then a book and moving onto a life. Then we will have built a program of self-improvement. This self-improvement will in turn build and create a philosophy, A philosophical way of life, a noble life, but above all else, a fulfilling life.

This first small task that we will build a foundation on is to perform 100 push ups a day.

Oh no!  I hear you say. But this is nothing, just a simple task that can be completed. Do as many as you can at once or break it down into 20 five times a day.

Oh but you say you cannot do it. Yet you wish to change your life but you cannot get up and do some simple push ups? A simple task… I challenge you. For if you can do this you will not only build upon a good habit but do something that you will see results. Within one month you will see results. After you do this we will then add on and perform other small tasks. These tasks will build another person, build and mold a being. You will become more, fulfilled, superior.

Are you weak? Pathetic? Frail?

No, because you yearn to be more, you must make improvement of yourself an obsession. The time Is now. Get up today and start.

Start with this one task.

We will then move on to others.

We will build upon and together, be great, build greatness.

100 push ups, every day, divide them throughout the day.

If you cannot accomplish this, then how can you hope to be anything other than a life wasted, and another failure. How can you fulfill your life or destiny? How can you accomplish anything and become great? Quit dreaming and wanting. Quit praying and wishing for what you want to accomplish and take this first step, do this first simple task. This is a step; this is the start of training. This is the first foot forward. Take that step! Take this first step and move forward.

Do the fucking pushup.

After this task there will be more, then there will be many more. Then we will compound more on top of that and take many steps forward and build a life, a fulfilling life.

You will achieve!

You will become…



Humans need dogma, spiritualism, fantasy, or something to believe in.
Throughout history religions became popular because it answered questions that people did not know the answer. It gave comfort where people felt fear, fear what they didn’t know. It answered questions about life that no one could know or understand.

Today due to science, biology, astronomy, and the growing technology we have answers to many questions we didn’t know back then. But this has also become a double-edged sword.

The answers are here but there still burns a flicker of flame within us we can not understand. Something we feel but can not explain.

Due to the answers we now have nothing to believe, we have no fantasy, no magic. We now have reason to believe that the creatures of the night are false. We can not learn magic from the witches, we can not become a warlock, vampire, or werewolf. We simply are what we are. Human.

Atheism is growing and now secular society is how we live and move forward. Logical Reasoning is now for the wise and all else is labeled untrue, false, or superstition. Science answers the questions of our life, destiny, biology, and world. Astronomy answers the questions of birth of the Galaxy, stars, and world. We now believe that it is us as a human that dictates how we must act and behave as a society. There is no higher power that tells us the way forward or how we need to conduct ourselves and affairs. Technology, consumerism, and media are how we now know we are to communicate. Materialism is God and technological advancement is the spirit and the way forward. Now that we know the all good, all-knowing, being is no longer in existence then we must turn to our elected government and the outspoken masses to tell us how we are to live. They tell us the laws, and “commandments” of conduct. The social media platforms and the celebrity is now our judge. The media and cancel culture is now our jury and prosecutor.

Now we know the way forward. Now we are “Progressive”!

But deep inside many of us feels the truth, the flame, the burn.

We feel but we also see, we see the lie.

We feel the coolness of the clamp around our wrist as we become slaves to a wage, consumerism and materialism.

We see the rot.

We see the lazy, the undisciplined, the lost.

We see the new age communication that is not nature’s or natural way of communication.

We see disobedience, lack of honor.

Lack of morals, dignity, and manners.

We see the uneducated even though we are at the Pinnacle of the possibility to learn and know.

We see the homeless and the hungry even though for the first time in history a person in poverty has another disease, obesity. First world countries that we call the epic center of progress yet people go hungry, cold, and no place to call home.

We see the homeless. How is it possible in a first world country with an abundance of all material value can a person not have cover and warmth?

We see the conduct. Undisciplined cultural rot. Overweight, suffering, depression, agony within modern society with all the answers and advancement.

We see the zombies. A glow of screens as people’s souls on their faces as their true lives pass by and their minds in a technological device made for communication and knowledge that is now become life itself. A spiritual journey of people wishing for others’ life to be there’s or a second life within what they call a game…is life, not a game? A war? With one life?

We see the lack of art, creativity, and dull miserable architecture surrounding is in concrete caskets. Art that is trash, literally trash and shit, equal to its creator, it’s mind and their miserable life

As Nietzsche said…..

God is dead…..

And if we look around regardless of your beliefs, yes, he is dead and has left this rock. He left…….


We call bullshit…

Yes, we……

The ones becoming….

The Deitus.

Therefore we look, seek, and have found. A philosophy, an answer, something to believe, a way, a guide.

We found magic and something special. We found spiritualism.

We found purpose in self improvement. Beauty in created art, architecture, and sculpture. Divine spirit in feminine and masculine energy. Spiritualism in the creative minds and the gifts of the primordial traditions.

We fight and defend tradition, justice, and the human spirit. We promote lively city dwellings, beautiful architecture and urban development for not only purpose but for soul.

We are the philosophical warrior.

Oh and…

Respect your women, mother and your elders.


Quick Introduction to the Deitus thought.

Deitism or The Deitus Philosophy is a radical Traditionalist philosophy that has been developed for the modern world as a revolt against the modern civilization and it’s lack of culture, values, mannerisms, and ways. It is a counter revolution in a philosophical aspect and a way of life and an avenue for the future. We take the study of the past and we can see what works and apply it to modernity. By taking the achievements and what worked in the past and adding it to the advancements of the present. It starts as a self-improvement philosophy that promotes individualism in excellence, self-interest in success, ambition and survival, sacrifice for family, culture, and community with a promotion on tradition, spirituality and their importance. The Deitus Philosophy promotes the study of Science, propaganda and Art as it promotes advancement and creative spiritualism. The purpose of the self-improvement way has many avenues in which the practitioner can develop and progress his/her life and learn. He or she can use the philosophy as a self-improvement guide because it promotes the use of one’s skills, talents, and passion to drive success and be proud of their success. Other avenues are politics, the debate of morality or economics. Self-improvement is one of the most important aspects of Deitism, for accomplishing your goals in this life. To promote your ideas and advance society in the process, achieve financial compensation for your ideas. Ideas of individuals are the motors in which societies turn. We encourage men to learn a craft and master said craft. This is a forgotten study, a way that has been forgotten within current standards, the craftsman, carpenter, welder and farmer. These and other skills are needed to live a fulfilling life, to give purpose. Modern society has forgotten this basic principle yet it is told in every book of wisdom ever written. In a basic statement but a true one “put in a good hard day’s work”.  Physical work gives us strength. A craft gives us critical thinking. To build, to produce, to create and to see the end result rather it product or amazing architectural ingenuity it gives us spirit, gives us purpose and a fulfilling life. Something that is missing in today’s environment. All this leads us to building not only greater men/women, but a greater warrior, a greater man, greater women, a greater being.  This is Deitus. The Deitus school of thought comes complete with all aspects of a philosophical school of thought. It comes equipped with a self-improvement program as well as discussing all the branches of philosophy.

·       Metaphysics.

·       Epistemology.

·       Ethics.

·       Political theory and economics.

·       Art and aesthetics of beauty in concern of all the creative arts and architecture.

We express and build upon the theory of design in the discipline of sculpture, fountains and buildings to the complete layout of urban development, commercial use and environmental impact of cities to better society and the standard of living for all. We no longer wish to live in soulless concrete jungles but beautiful walk-able, breathable cities with great squares with fountains and sculpture. Store fronts with living quarters above. Greenery, artful detail as well as architecture that captures the soul with beauty and spiritualism. We promote and encourage the return of traditional beauty in art, sculpture and architecture. Art that is true objective beauty and not modern commercialized trash that gives no meaning and does not touch the soul. Art and architecture is a part of our spiritualism. Literature, culture, and myth as well as religion we seek through the perennial system and achieve our spiritual path through the primordial systems. We view all teachings as seeking happiness and the answer. We seek spiritualism in both faith and archetype. Where one does not have faith we find enlightenment in creativity, expression, and passion. We are the overgrowing, ever evolving school of thought and answer to the cultural rot and spiritual loss of modernity. We are the engineers of the next epoch. We are The architect of tradition. We are the philosophical warriors. We seek glory through discipline and knowledge. We seek the knowledge of the metaphysics of war. We seek glory and honor through tradition and chivalry. We are Homo Salvos (human savior) We are Homo Deus (Homo Deity) We are Deitus.

Action and movement, you got this.

Deitus becoming..
I can show you, I can help.
Start with one day. One wake up, one made bed, one pushup, one bench press.
You are not worthless.
You are special.
It was an amazing feat of spirit for you to be born. This was a mathematical impossibility but you were born. The big bang came from nothing they say, and from that starting history of rare possibility another one arrived, and that was your birth.

So no, you are not worthless.
You are important.

You are worth the breath of the Primordial God’s.
Accept their challenge and get up today and start. One step but above all, one smile…

Do not worry if you are lost and have no idea how to start improving yourself. I will show you. Even if you think yourself lazy i have an answer for you.

You can be lazy and weak but it all comes down to one thing, action.

Action and movement.

The answer to all of your problems is that first step. That required action. To get up and start,  to take action and start to achieve. To start the betterment of oneself.

To rise earlier.
To make your bed so you now have already accomplished one goal for the day.
To do that first push up. After that first push up you will move from that one pushup to that set of pushups. Come on, one more push up.

After pushups daily I promise you will then move on to weight lifting. That first bench press….

Because you will notice a change, a want, a desire. Then you will see a change, a physical change.
To make a change in your body starts with that first movement, that first action.

To make a change in your life starts with that first movement, that first action.

Then you will not only see but feel that change.

Get up

One thing, one movement, one fucking action.

I know you can, you know you can.

Let me help, we both will build a better life.
I made the first step, that first movement. Now it’s your turn.

This is the start of blog posts of the philosophy of Deitus.
The philosophy of a way of life.

Feel that you are becoming…

Becoming Deitus