Action and movement, you got this.

Deitus becoming..
I can show you, I can help.
Start with one day. One wake up, one made bed, one pushup, one bench press.
You are not worthless.
You are special.
It was an amazing feat of spirit for you to be born. This was a mathematical impossibility but you were born. The big bang came from nothing they say, and from that starting history of rare possibility another one arrived, and that was your birth.

So no, you are not worthless.
You are important.

You are worth the breath of the Primordial God’s.
Accept their challenge and get up today and start. One step but above all, one smile…

Do not worry if you are lost and have no idea how to start improving yourself. I will show you. Even if you think yourself lazy i have an answer for you.

You can be lazy and weak but it all comes down to one thing, action.

Action and movement.

The answer to all of your problems is that first step. That required action. To get up and start,  to take action and start to achieve. To start the betterment of oneself.

To rise earlier.
To make your bed so you now have already accomplished one goal for the day.
To do that first push up. After that first push up you will move from that one pushup to that set of pushups. Come on, one more push up.

After pushups daily I promise you will then move on to weight lifting. That first bench press….

Because you will notice a change, a want, a desire. Then you will see a change, a physical change.
To make a change in your body starts with that first movement, that first action.

To make a change in your life starts with that first movement, that first action.

Then you will not only see but feel that change.

Get up

One thing, one movement, one fucking action.

I know you can, you know you can.

Let me help, we both will build a better life.
I made the first step, that first movement. Now it’s your turn.

This is the start of blog posts of the philosophy of Deitus.
The philosophy of a way of life.

Feel that you are becoming…

Becoming Deitus

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