Pontifex Maximus Hannibal

Walk upon the quest of Glory.

My name Pontifex Maximus Hannibal Killgrave, I am the creator of the Deitus Philosophy. I ask you to read the material and maybe it will help you in life and your pursuit of dominance and ambition. The philosophy is a Radical Traditional philosophy evolved into a path, way of life, and self improvement Grimoire to deal with the modern plague of society. A devolving, immoral, failing society of disgust and lack of merit.

The return of beauty, merit, Chivalry, feminine and masculinity

The Deitus philosophy has many aspect and pillars within a process of becoming something more. A Homo Deus to walk among the Gods created by men. To not kneel but to stand beside and learn. To practice spirituality without sacrificing a secular view. To promote advancement in your own life as well as medical and tech for the betterment of society.

We observe and respect the Traditionalist values and warrior ethos and seek to return to those ethics.

We see the modern world as a degenerate world that lacks the moral integrity, and creative talent that left us the greatest gifts of art and Architecture. We seek to return these talents and gifts and will lead our lives in honor, manners, and Chivalry. We will honor our ancestors ways as they were explorers, builders, creators, and conquerors, we say,

Act like it

We shall return to honor and knightly manners.
Painting by: Frederic Leighton

This as with all philosophy can be controversial as today everyone has feelings that seem to get hurt. The Deitist does not care about your feelings nor does he/she love or respect you. Love and respect is earned. Consider that your warning.