About Hannibal La Croiz

Who am I and why read and head my words?

Many who seek self Improvement or answers to this life will come across those who say they have answers or can help.

I claim this and much more.

Life is a war, to some a game, to others a tragedy, and to some a comedy.

Because of the above description by those in the different disciplines and arts of life I strategize and study. I used my life to seek, suffer, and experience the ways of life. Peace and violent, ghetto to mid class to high life so to speak.

I study those successful in their craft, from business to war, politics to theory, and history to philosophy. Many generals have fought great battles and killed thousands; others have won without a shot. There are story after story of those who came from nothing to achieve everything and go on to greatness. Kings with visions as Alfred and others that believe all must go to the greatest as Alexander.

I study and strategize so therefore I am a warrior philosopher.

I have a vision myself, and I set out to learn and then create, I have suffered and sacrificed. I did this for both me and you.

I have created a philosophy that can be both simple and very deep. Basic self-improvement for the everyday man but long term effects for the long term life in which you may wish to live.

My name is Hannibal La Croix

I grew up a white boy in a very bad neighborhood, a black school in a majority-black city. I was a teenager in the 90s poor deep south. Where I stomped and lived was in the middle of Mobile, Prichard, and Eight Mile all the way south Alabama.

My city was poor and violent and I started out the wrong color on the wrong side of the tracks.

Simply search YouTube for Prichard Alabama, Alabama village, Tolminville, and Mobile down in South Alabama to see where I was raised.

Because of this, I suffered immensely. When you get jumped every day after school because of what color you are you learn to fight real quickly, you learn to survive.

I see Americans during this time period constantly complaining about victimhood and racism. Always complaining and bitching. Half of you don’t know shit about what it’s like to fight four fuckers everyday at school and after school all because of your color.   I do…

I Know racism, but I do not play the victim. That is for the weak.

Every day this was my life, Life in the ghetto in the poor south.

Growing up the kids around my neighborhood never looked up to the sports star or Hollywood flavor of the month. We looked up to who we saw.

The guy with the car, money, and respect. The dealer.

Throughout my teenage years, that’s all I ever wanted to be. A dealer. Money, girls, and objects were cool but what I really wanted to be the identity. Respect…

During this time I was introduced to another kind of knowledge and that was the occult. That started my love of knowledge and of reading. I bought and read as much occult, history, and new age books as I could. But in the end, I fell in love with the philosophical side of Anton Lavey’s Satanism. I read and researched all I could get my hands on.

As I grew older so did my so-called dealing empire. By the time I was 23 I was going through 35-45 pounds of pot a week, two eight balls every 2-3 days of coke, half going up my nose. I loved every minute of it. But by upper 20s I knew what the future held for long term drug dealers. If Pablo couldn’t retire, no one could. You either go to the big house, or die. So when I finally got married I got out of the game. I built one of the largest drugs expires in the south and never got busted. I strategize using Sun Tzu and seen the world philosophical through Ayn Rand and Lavey.

Before the occult, I was raised southern Baptist and when I was 14 I was doing occult magic and ceremonial magic with my first “occult” style group. Good times.

I said I got out of drug dealing but I didn’t get out clean. For the next 10-15 years, I struggled with addiction. Opiate addiction is a motherfucker.

I fought, I suffered, I went through the darkest of the human psyche, and I made it through. I went through withdrawal and detox.

Now during this time I worked construction and as any man who works construction or trades will tell you. That life sucks unless you absolutely love a certain trade in the construction industry. This type of work is hot, cold, tiring and the pay needs to be higher. Again some people love a certain craft and I’m happy they do because they get to do something they love. For me that was not it.

I needed to do something that paid well and provide an opportunity for where I lived.

So I became a type of engineer, a process engineer, which is an umbrella for a ton of jobs. Good pay and you are not stuck working 10 hours a day 6 days a week, unless you want to of course.

Above all, it gave me time to do things I love and to seek answers about life. I could learn, research, and create. I could study everything I wanted and learn what the meaning of this life is or could be. I have read every great classic in literature, history, and philosophy. I have studied all majority religions like Christianist, Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism and practiced several occult style esoteric studies, like Wicca, Paganism and the Germanic traditions to understanding Atheism and philosophy stemming from secularism like Objectivism and Satanism.

I have always been interested in the spiritual studies as well as the lessons on political theory and economic topics. I’ve studied all economic systems from Communism, National Socialism, Marxism, capitalism to the 3rd position and so on. I read collections on Libertarianism and Conservatism like Rothbard and Mises to Burke and Scruton. Ive had the not so pleasant experience in studying modern American leftist liberalism and their promoted progressive ideologies.

I surpassed the modern political ideologies and economics. I evolved. I advanced from modern view on esoteric occult and religion. I am guided by the Sophia Perennial and the primordial source and stand beside the qualities of tradition. I have returned to the Primordial tradition and performed Deicide and have revolted against the Modern World. I stand upon the ruins of superior civilizations while watching the world burn and wait for the rebuild. I ask that you surf this wave of ruin with me, to ride the tiger and rise above the herds of menace.

I wrote the above to give you an idea and to say a few of the things I’ve been through and why you should even give me the time of day.

I studied and challenged myself both physically and mentally. I researched and studied all avenues of knowledge.

Politics, political theory, economics, religion, history, philosophy, occult, MONEY, business, and of course self-improvement…

The words, knowledge, and wisdom within this blog and in the books I will be publishing is 20 years’ worth of pain, suffering, and questioning life itself. These are the answers, this is a path.

I have answers if you wish to listen. I will give you the tools in which you need and the knowledge in which you seek to live a life of fulfillment.

The Deitus philosophy after 20 years of study, research, trial and area, suffering and darkness is a creation out of a broken man who was mended, failure that was traversed. May you walk with me upon the ruins of a superior time and place.

The Deitus philosophy unequivocally and unapologetically postulates ideas which challenge popular thought. The Deitus is a publication for the Aristocrats of the Soul, a man or women of higher virtue, a life of fulfillment and meaning, creators and Artists of the Mind.

The concept behind the philosophy of Deitus presents a collection of lessons and knowledge from authors, philosophers, and artists such as Friedrich Nietzsche, Plato, Carl Jung, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Julius Evola, Rene Guenon, Oswald Spengler, Frithjof Schuon, Anton Lavey, Emil Cioran, Nicholas Gomez Davila, and occult knowledge of Aleister Crowley.

The Deus philosophy deals with topics that teach us lessons and knowledge in Art, Architecture, Sculpture, High Culture, Theories of Civilization, the branches of Philosophy, Aesthetics, Ethics, Morality, branches of the liberal arts, Cultural and modernity Criticism, Tradition, and Gnosis. From these artists and masters of the craft, we take lessons and heed their words and delve Into their minds and learn a system of self-improvement. We become a man of higher virtue and character. This is a philosophy stemming from the lessons of a tradition for the time of modernity, from mental spiritualism to physical style of how to exercise to what to wear to look damn good.

Mental spiritualism – physical health – style – knowledge – self-improvement – challenge


Becoming Deitus

Not belonging to a known political ideology and is void of right, left, and center placement but these ideologies are not safe from criticism as it has had its time, it is now time for modernity to defend itself.

We question your egalitarian viewpoints, we state that we are not equal nor are we or anyone offered liberty nor freedom and your economic systems are nothing more than wage slavery. We stand that democracy is nothing more than another God that has failed us, another force created by man to lie and cheat the true individual into false enlightenment.

You will be subjected to things that would break the mind and The Exaltation of Friedrich Nietzsche and Guenon and rise and rage against the modern world.
We will seek the Primordial source and bathe in the enlightened metaphysics and await the return of the Primordial Tradition and seek Confrontation with Nothingness and master nihilism. 

If you are weak, leave.

If you need a safe place, this is not it.

Hello, nice to meet you…

My name is Hannibal La Croix