The Deitus Philosophy

About the Philosophy of Deitus

We use knowledge, strength, Tradition, and heart to act as a force of resistance and promote a revival of a warrior and legionary spirit, as well as building a culture based upon Traditional values, acts, and glory.
True power lives in cultural love, community, and pride, and an authoritarian rule based on merit and character not being ruled by Democracy and its voting herds of sheep ruling the masses that are lacking spiritualism, education, and lacking the will to succeed while promoting lack of common sense and degeneracy.

We view creativity in the Arts and architecture as a spiritual orientation and worldview while opposing modernism, individualism, cultural degeneracy, democracy, materialism, consumerism, and all socialist or Marxist myths; while upholding the spiritual, aristocratic, environmental, and warrior values of tradition.

Democracy is a false God.
Socialism and communism is the God that failed.
The only system that ruled for thousands of years is a system consisting of men and women of honor and virtue and based on valor and merit.

Let’s return to the aristocratic meritocracy of those that are of good standing, character, and of good leadership and merit.

We view creativity as a path to spirituality as well as give our hearts and thanks to the primordial source and will live the fullest until we return to that source.
Other paths of spiritualism are that of creative arts to create beauty. We use ritualistic psychodrama to build and direct energy to release our negative thoughts towards changing nature to our will.

The path of the Deitus is one of Warrior discipline and attitude. Legionary Spirit is the attitude of somebody who chooses to live life as a man of higher virtue. To grow, work, and raise a family. These are our glorious gifts. To build, create, and fight when needed.

Men are those that strive to that of higher virtue and the Homo Deus.
Women are those who return to that of elegance and seek the wisdom and power of the Divine Feminine. Through fiercely feminine may they be the future shield maiden and she-wolf.

We must strengthen ourselves and the community through the ideals of tradition and codes of honor and culinary so that through these codes.society will hold a mental attitude of loyalty, strength and better our manners and respect and build a community that seeks higher virtue. We must never half-hearted virtues and weak mind, no manners, and the code of the coward.

We must educate on the culture of tradition and it’s virtues. The traditions of that of superior civilization that we now live off the backs of. It is now that we see a dwindling society and crumbling infrastructure due to us no longer being able to live on the greatness of those of the past. We must teach, learn, and strive to return to tradition. through culture and education, we shape the political realm of forming people‚Äôs sense of morality, identity, and political viewpoints. We must teach the lessons of great leaders of the past.

Return to tradition.
Revolt against the modern world and crisis.