The growing Primordial

She is the bang.
She is the growing of the universe and all of the molecular substance within it, within you!
She is the growing of things, from plant to tree to fruit.
She is the growth of the food you consume to give you the energy to burn away to only return in another form.
She is the growth of things.
The people.
The moon and planets.
The storm.
The tides.
She is the dampness under your feet and the smell of rain in the air. She is always there, let others worship and name their Gods. There is no need for you to do so for you feel her upon your face when the sun is above. The sweet taste of the nectar. She is the unknown sum in the language of the Gods.

The Architect. The Engineer.

She commands a balance. Her religion is the stone skipping across the pond, a smile, and the love of a dog. There is no reason to worship as she has already created you and does not seek worship. However she does seek respect as morals and Earth and if you lose both she will wash it away, she will melt and drown all, she will flood as the great floods of all cultures.

To further feel and seek the primordial we do it through creating and talent, creating beauty, the universal language. The marble sculpture, the classical architectural building, the musical masterpiece, or the painting that is breathtaking. This is how we celebrate the primordial. Creativity and the natural boundaries between man and nature.

The Primordial seeks true hierarchy not democracy.

As we turn from the traditional path laid down generations ago we will slowly descend into chose and away from the primordial.

We will slowly become far away from her, mother nature, and sell our so-called souls to the machine. Many already have, maybe even most without realizing it. Only use the machine in moderation and be careful of the advancement of technology. Many will call it progress but for your health, lifestyle, and well-being and the future of your community and even humankind it is regression.

Even today we as people can no longer share ideas. We seek a war that we do no truly want but you will get. First amongst ourselves, then the machine. Unplug from all social media and online and see if you are not already at war with yourself and the machine.

It is time for a new philosophy that has long been lost.

It is time for a true religion that jas long been lost.

It is time.

It is time to feel.
It is time to see.

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