Cultural Gut Rot and Decay

The reason for the failure of the the American expirement is lack of unity. The country over 200 plus years has slowly divided itself Into extreme opposite parts with a center that just exists and many in this center is watching it burn only to walk and build among the ruins. Such as the Deitus.
In political philosophy there is left and right, conservative and liberal. In political parties there are Democrats and Republicans. In society there is classes with the middle class being slowly sucked dry and that is your taxed class. In education there are the leftist Universities that are destroying true Intellect that no longer discusses topics and shares ideas. It is indoctrine garbage regurgitated over and over. On the other side you have the tradesman and buisnessman or entrepreneur. Both of these sides are again, opposite. Even the geographical areas of the country are divided from North south and west. The northwest is a leftist shit hole with homelessness becoming and epidemic. The north is a bit liberal and southern states very Conservative.
And all of this to what end.
It is to the end.
There is no turning back. There is no chance for unity any longer. Only future generations can even remotely come to an agreement on topics and change course but that is unlikely.
What has happened is now the discussion of topics has become physical and if the leftist don’t agree with you or can not defeat you in a debate of ideas then they just call you a racist and a nazi and try to fix you and destroy you in public opinion as well as physically attack you.
They are cowards
This is the reason for no recourse.
They now attack anyone, men, women, elderly, everyone they don’t agree with. They are cowards with a mob mentality that pushes a socialist/communist agenda. They must promote government intervention because they can not survive on their own.

Take a look at the world’s wealthiest countries over in Eastern Europe that are high in the world health index. The Nordic/Scandinavian countries as well as the Eastern European or Slavic countries. What do they all have in common. Population is small in comparison. Due to their mixed economies they can offer free trade with welfare for it’s citizens as well as good health care and free education. They all also have an unsaid feeling of nationalist mentality that’s not supposed to be spoken of. But consider the amazing history of these parts of the world a sense of pride of folk will always be in the heart. Above all they are not huge multicultural populations that are divided such as the large Western European countries and the US.

Now with all this said im speaking of a cultural sense. Because in the US we see obesity among poverty. Wow! ask yourself how that happens? However cultural rot will lead to things getting worst and worst. It begins with cultural rot and leads to all avenues of a nation. Without cultural enrichment, pride, tradition, and good teachings people will slowly decay into ruin and rot. So it’s not like the US is doing bad economically so to speak but in a cultural sense it is gut rot! As the years pass it will get worst unless a generation comes to common ground. Even then they must choose the right path and in a multicultural society this is not likely.
Traditions are dieing.
Morals are no longer.
Manners are not taught.
Chilvary has been forgotten.
Unhealthy habits and obesity.
No sense of pride in nation.
No sense of who we are.
Universities are one sided.
We are undereducated.
Confusion even over genders.
Depression is everywhere.
Lack of unity and distrust.
Faithless and lack of belief.
Lack of identity.
Unrest and betrayal.

Cultural sickness
Which is a nation killer.

Be ready for the storm.

The Deitus

Know tradition.
Become strong and healthy.
Have children and raise your family.
Have faith in something.
Have individualism but know when to sacrifice for something such as family or folk….
Have manners.
Respect your women and always take care of the sick and elderly….
Have masculinity for men and feminine for women attributes and know these are nature’s gifts….
Work hard.
Do not get sick with lust and porn as it devalues your women and bleeds you of life essence.
Educate yourself on all subjects and topics including money and history…
Limit social media, news media, and TV/movies. Exercise or learn instead.
Always work to earn and learn.
Know that lazyness is a destroyer.
Workout and eat healthy.
Never hit your women and ladies, respect your man.
Never be cruel to nature/animals.
Believe in something… Something that will give you faith and strength that you will succeed or die trying.

Know that God, nature, or the Perrenial is all the same but with different paths and geographical locations that you are connected to God/or space material. Men/women may call God by different names and attributes but all paths leads to the truth and that truth is within YOU!

You are becoming…
You are…