Deitus on Traditionalism: The Warrior like Mentality Part.

This post is of course directed towards men but can also be used by women. There will be a post concerning traditionalism and women Deitus. Just adopt the philosophy behind it and use your common sense.

The Deitist must use resources from traditionalism to help succeed and conquer ones life in this modern world. Use the warrior like lifestyle and adopt his habits to help you succeed. Use the alpha or masculinity proposed in the ancient or traditional days. The Deitist does agree with some ideas from the Traditionalist movement. It is the basic ones that come to mind. The warrior like mentality, the physical and mental health importance in daily life. Also what is now known as the nuclear family. Another natural idea thats under attack is masculinity and the importance there of. The difference in masculinity and femininity and the importance in distinguishing the two. This blog post will concern the importance physical and mental health and a warrior like mental process.

What i mean is exercise you mind and body. Do not let American liberalism or the so called leftist confuse and lie to you and slander what is natural. They use the term toxic masculinity to slander men. This is foolish. Accept what nature gives us. This life is a war, we as humans get excitement from the violence and the tragic. People do not want to accept this but the Deitus accepts this because it is truth. We rubber neck at the crash on the road. We watch the blood sport in fighting or MMA. We love the horror or the violent action movie. you want to know the truth?

This is ok…

Its ok because its human nature and if we accept it we can use it to our advantage. We know that people are violent. We know that life is hard and tragic. If we look this in its face then we can make this a positive. Since humans are violent then you must train your body to be strong. You know life is tragic so you must train your mind to accept failure and hardship and keep going. To take failure and learn from it. To take defeat and see what you did wrong, rise from the grave, pick your bloody face off of the pavement and get back up and fight. To accept that bad things will happen, some horrible in your life. But you must live for yourself and above all, your family. You must be strong to support your life and the life of your family members or those you wish to help.

Use traditionalism and the caste system. Put your boot on the enemies neck that is lower than you. For you are Godlike. Others kneel to their God you stand before and beside yours. How can a Deity respect you if you cant stand as an equal?

So even though Deitus is a philosophy created for this era and our advancement we still use and RESPECT traditionalism, especially at the core. At the core Deitus see that violence is a gold standard. This is unfortunate but a common truth for humankind. Nature saw to it that survival of the fittest and natural selection is the way forward. This is the way science has shown us. Adopt it, accept it, and use it in your life. Use what traditionalist have to teach us, take the teachings of the Nordic All-father and the warriors of Greek mythology as well and seek to build yourself into that warrior. Stand upon your own mount Olympus, arms raised to the beauty of the landscape nature has given us, and accept your Godhood, accept that you are the Deicide, and howl DEITUS!

Arno Breker by Despiau, Charles

Now understand a Deitus also understands we must progress towards advancement. We do not remain in the past. We conquer the future, and along the path we use tactics born in blood from our brother and sisters of tradition.


The Pillars of Deitus

The Pillars of Deitus

To Become Homo Deus

Lesser Pillar – To seduce for self interest.

The Greater Pillar – To rise and use your success for passion

Factual Pillar – To seek knowledge in science, tech, and self

The Body and Mind Pillar – To retain health and seek healthiness

The highest pillar – To Evolve….

Lessar Pillar – To seduce or manipulate for self interest and to rise to success.

 Don’t let the name fool you. It may be called “Lesser Pillar” but it is one if not the best pillar to master and its tools are needed to achieve success and happiness. The lesser pillar is the pillar of manipulation and seduction. One way to think of this pillar is to think of the Salem witch trials. The true witches were not the ones who were being put to trial. They were the ones who were sleeping with the powerful men in the city. Be it the mayor, lawyer, or some rich business owner with influence etc.

We use this pillar to name what we do in terms of self-interest and the tools we have at our disposal to use in our rise. We can use body language, language itself and how to talk to people, our manners, our fashion and glamour and many other skills and tools to achieve what social goal we are trying to achieve. We do not judge those who manipulate and deceive their way to the top. Life is a blood sport, learn to fight. I highly recommend books written by David J. Lieberman to build upon your arsenal of tools and weapons. Also check out 48 Laws of Power, 33 Strategies of War, and Art of Seduction. They are all written by Richard Greene. Use these and rise to power or to achieve your passion and goals in life. It is a battle and you have weapons, it’s your choice to learn to use them. You are to become Homo Deus, to practice Deitism, SO TAKE THESE TOOLS AND BECOME DEITUS!

The Greater Pillar – To use your Passion and talents to rise to success.

Regardless of what your parents or the media or any other source try’s to tell you there’s a truth and many don’t want to hear that truth. That truth is not all of us are created equal. Not all of us are special and created with equal talents. Some are athletically superior to others. Many have musical talents that others do not possess. People are born and grow to different levels of IQ and intelligence.

This is why the Greater pillar exist. You must use what talents are given to you and turn them into passion and adopt a drive to achieve your goals.  The music star, the football star, all used their talents and passion to achieve greatness. Some have a strategist mind and become like Bonaparte and Alexander. Some are athletic and become a Jordan or Bo Jackson. This continues on down the line.

We must accept this so we can see the truth and move on. Hell, if I can do so can you. I’m not talented at much so I taught myself philosophy; economics and I can see society shifts and sways. I can’t even write but I wanted to share what I learned. Thus I built a philosophy. Again, if I can accept the truth, so can you.

Passion is a weapon. Many of you have a burning drive and you must act on that drive. Turn your drive and passion into goals and attain them.  If you are not athletic but have a high intelligence life has given you a space to thrive. Subjects like Science, engineering, and so on. Use your intelligence and move science into the next age. We need you. We need that passion to cure a disease to better humanity. To make us well, to live longer, to live happier, healthier, longer lives.

The Factual Pillar – To seek knowledge in science, tech, and self.

The Factual Pillar is a pillar that many have a hard time to accept. This comes in ways of spiritualism and religion. People find it hard to come to terms and accept Evolution over creationism. You must accept you being an un-special spec in the universe rather than a special being in the heart of God or gods. The branches of science have proved the capabilities of factual reasoning and achievement in 50 years over what religion has in 3000 years. This is why The Deitus philosophy is a philosophy of science and accepts science as truth or at least a better study on the path to truth.

 If we advance up the factual pillar then we can better humanity. We can better our individual lives and society as a whole. We can use technology to put into action the branches of science to make life easier for us. We can better our communication and work. We can use medical science and technology to usher in a better standard of living and improve living standards around the world and extend life expectancy.  We have already achieved this and building on this daily. We can take science and put it into motion using technology and achieve greater things like Nano technology and transhumanism. We can seek to be better humans, greater humans, instead of creating and writing and worshipping gods we can become the Gods. We are the Gods.  We are not just the top of the food chain but we have surpassed a food chain. But with this comes a responsibility for our environment around us. Because don’t forget, within science is a branch of Biology. The Earth and the creatures of Earth is a beautiful and magnificent thing. We must understand it better for the physics of the Earth and the way it works is the foundation of our science and technology. It was and is the backbone of where we have come from, to where we are today, and where we are going.

Support Science and all its sub-branches. So we can advance.

Support technology and accept its advancement. So we can have a discussion of where to go next.

The Body and Mind Pillar – To retain health and seek healthiness

This is common sense yet we choose not to accept it. Don’t get me wrong I understand why. I love a good cigar, I love smoking, yet I know it will kill me. Oh well I’ll do it anyway, so I completely understand where people are coming from. We know that eating unhealthy food and a bad diet will make us sick in the long run but damn food is good. We know to attain a healthy mind and body we must exercise, but I’d rather catch up on the new show everyone is enjoying. I understand this.


We must learn to accept this and also place moderation in our lives. We cannot achieve success and happiness without keeping our bodies healthy. It just won’t happen. History and science has both proved this. Speaking in terms of the Deitus philosophy we must both learn to enjoy the better things in life and to do the things that keep us healthy. I know many don’t want to hear it but it’s true. Also if we are to advance we must find ways to do this.

So to climb the pillar of body and mind we need to eat correctly, exercise, and do bad things in moderation. Also remember, that too much of anything is not good for you. This also applies to the mind. Drugs are a good way to exit reality for a while but we all know too much is very bad on the brain. Keep your brain healthy along with your body. Also, in the Deitus philosophy is a philosophy of self-improvement so this is part of our everyday lives. On this Blog there will be ways to improve one’s self so learn those tips and techniques and hopefully they will help you. The best advice is to do what you would tell your kids. Drink juice and take your vitamins. Don’t drink or eat too much sugar. Go outside and play. Be active and unplug for a while… The list goes on and we all know what to do to be healthier it’s just we as adults just don’t do it because we think we are grown and the rules don’t apply to us. But when we are 80 and our health is horrible then we will wish we would have chosen to listen to our own advice. Others will tell you to skydive while you can. J

The Highest Pillar – To Evolve into the compassionate but violent. The stand beside and honor the God’s. To be a man among the ruins. To clash with the modern man who does not understand nor respect tradition. To be the warrior and the philosopher, the wife, worker, and mother, father and husband. To become, to evolve, to be, Deitus.

So to the educator of the Deitus Philosophy, Eat right, exercise, and take those Omega 3 fats. And yes, go skateboarding down a hill from time to time.