Capitalism and Free markets Improve the World with Products, Value, Knowledge and ends Poverty, Starvation, and War

Capitalism and Free markets Improve the World with Products, Value, Knowledge and ends Poverty, Starvation, and War

From the desk of  Hannibal KillGrave

Knowledge is now the most valuable currency. Knowledge of advancement in technology and other subjects. In the past went to war over minerals and oil. Now because of the knowledge in tech advancement no world power has any reason to invade over things such as oil wells. For example some countries make in a single day of peaceful commerce what an oil well could produce and be sold for in a month. That’s after the cost of invading, loss of life and international complications. There are many reasons to support free trade and true Capitalism. Countries have invaded  over what is underneath the ground, how much farm land, or material they owned.  But in modern day would a country invade another over knowledge? No and the reason being is economics and capitalism. For example would China invade Silicon Valley over the advancement in tech knowledge. No they wouldn’t… Instead they would benefit more over using the markets. And that’s exactly what they did. They negotiated along with other company’s and countries over the business to manufacture the parts to build what  is needed for said product. I use China because they are well known for selling things over the US market. The benefits are many, such as having to sell products they have manufactured. Doing this, companies (and countries) provide jobs and provide many with a living wage and benefits.. While avoiding war and death. One point to free markets…

When markets and the economy is free they take the place of war and all benefits. The companies and corporations in these large and wealthy countries like and need to make money… They like profits, they like money! Because of this and their need to sell products for this profit they will do everything in their power and influence to avoid war between first world super powers.  Even the people who use to make millions off of war now make double off of peace and cooperation. They will very well avoid war between nations at all cost. This proves that free market Capitalism does bring peace and will continue to bring peace as long as the markets remain relatively free. This also serves the purpose to keep advancing all industries like tech, science and medical. Do to producing value through products due to knowledge we all benefit. The entire world benefits, and always will. This is why we must push knowledge of economics and free market Capitalism. It is this important. To benefit and prolong not only human life, but the standard of human life. Rather it be through health or material gain.

In this century statistics have shown that child mortality rate is lowest it have ever been. Starvation and Poverty is both at its lowest. Also War on a large scale is at an all time low. Where war is taking place is in small countries or areas with backwards way of thinking, such as religion being the dominate thought form and controls life and its living standard. In areas of poverty and war we can see that their economies are small or being held captive by tribal type leadership or a dictatorship. The true word for many of these in leadership and their governments is Socialism. It is failing them and have always failed them. Through history any kind of Communist or socialist type government has always failed. But in the end what is lacking is large free economies that produce and have incentive to innovate. This relies on having  A free market capitalist economy. With free markets war, starvation, and poverty can all be conquerable. It can be ended. It is no longer an act of God that we cant control. It is controllable and we can dominate it. The way to end this state of constant living in pain, hunger, and violence we introduce commerce. It would immediately make the standard of living better within a few years.  It will erase half of the problem for the areas people and surrounding areas as well as benefit on a world scale.. People or citizens like money, they like food, warmth, power, nice safe homes, and material things, but they also like safety. They like to have purpose. Safety to where they can concentrate on building their future instead of worrying with what to eat tomorrow. They can strive for passion, career, self improvement, instead of not planning for a future because the life expectancy is so low. They can have employment and careers. This again takes place of war. The people will enjoy this as well as the companies who employ the people and will object to war. The only people who wouldn’t are those of radicalism in their hijacked religions. and backwards thinking. All will not improve over night. But this shows the value of trade, commerce and wealth. We can alleviate the problems as a race of humans and help one another through trade and cooperation as we have for 5000 years.

If you make it to where war generals, terrorist organizations, and tyrants of a controlled territory are not the only individuals building and making wealth then you will conquer a poverty war ridden area. You do this with free trade, commerce, and pure capitalism.Companies will provide employment and careers which will make opportunities. The society and its people will thirst for knowledge and technology and in return tyrants and false leaders will lose their influence and wealth. When people have a reason to rise they will always fight for a type of freedom. By introducing commerce a third world country will rise to second world and to first. They will rise to topple a tyrant or tyrannical government. This also solves the problems with immigration and cultural differences which leads to problems. If a country is left to trade, build, and achieve wealth through being able to produce and sell their ideas as products they will achieve prosperity in their country, build a wonderful society and seek peace. Peace through wealth.


Capitalism and free trade is a moral obligation to our world. Free markets have proved over and over again it is not just a economy. It is a moral obligation. To be able to be innovative, use your passion to build a product to solve a human problem. Then to sell that product and achieve recognition and wealth. In return you hire employees and tradesman and those who are educated and give back. You give back to your society. In doing this you build a prosperous nation. A place here on Earth where we homo sapiens live without going hungry, ALL of our children go with full belly’s, we shoe the shoe-less, kids have access to medicine. All individuals have access to technology to make their lives better. We achieve our passions. One thing can do this, all of this. That thing is not only a economic plan, but a living breathing secondary philosophy.

Primary philosophy of life is Deitus

Secondary philosophy of moralisty is Capitalism

The Deitist is the stout defender of free market Capitalism.

Where Deitism is the way of life philosophy to live a good life, a life philosophy for here on Earth. Capitalism  is the seed of life, which develops into a sweet fruit that provides nourishment to build wealth and happiness.

Your Philosopher:

Hannibal KillGrave



Deitus Reading List PT 1

Deitus Reading List PT 1

From the desk of Hannibal Killgrave. Your liberal tear drinking guru : )

The following is a list that is required reading for the Deitus Philosophy.

This would be the bare bones minimum. I will add more later in time.

  1. Jordan B Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos
  2. The Gulag Archipelago. by: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Volumes 1, 2,and 3
  3. 48 Laws of Power. by: Robert Greene
  4. 33 Strategies of War. By: Robert Greene
  5. The following books by Ayn Rand: -The Virtue of Selfishness
    -Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal -For the New Intellectual
  6. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  7. The Prince. By: Niccolò Machiavelli.
  8. Atheism: The Case Against God. By: George H. Smith

9. The Transhumanist Reader: Classical and Contemporary Essays on the Science, Technology, and Philosophy of the Human Future

10. The Incorporeal: Ontology, Ethics, and the Limits of Materialism

11. The Wealth of Nations. By: Adam Smith

12. Human Action: A Treatise on Economics (4 Volumes)

by Ludwig von Mises

13. Capitalism and Freedom: Fortieth Anniversary Edition

14. The Portable Nietzsche. By:  Friedrich Nietzsche and Walter Kaufmann

Any reader on Nietzsche will do.

15. Freedom to Choose By: Milton Friedman

A future post will examine these books with my comments on them. But ive been asked about further reading to keep readers occupied until I release the next blog posts to describe the Deitus philosophy further. If you dive into and read some of these you will know near what the Deitist stand. These books also give you a defense against many Liberal or Leftist ideologies. I hope you enjoy. I hope to release a new detailed Blog post very soon. Thank you

Hannibal Killgrave


The Individual, The Man, The Women, Masculinity, Feminine,


The Individual, The Man, The Women, Masculinity, Feminine,

FROM THE DESK OF Hannibal Killgrave

Deitism supports science, evolution, technology, medical technology, tranhumanism, astronomy,  space exploration, biology and the study of our Earth as well as the universe. The advancement of humanist, True fucking feminism!! (and not fake feminism or modern feminism)

Ive already touched upon the above and feel strongly about it as you can see through the blog posts.

But let me move on to another aspect of the Deitus Philosophy.

The Individual……

The Man, The Women, Masculinity, Feminine,


First logical fact:

Scientifically the man and women are both good and bad at things the other is not. Some things both are good or bad out. Scientific studies have shown for instance that both are just as capable at Math and tech jobs. But when realism and common sense comes into place something just are…. Like take people on a battlefield. One: A 300 pound man with a battleaxe. Two: A 120 pound lady with a battleaxe. Most instances the man is gonna win this battle, sure, the women can win and sometimes will. But 90% of the time the man will win.

In nurture and care the women will almost always win. Women are more likely to nurture and care for others better than a man will. Women are better at handling pain than men. few thousand years of evolution and giving birth have given them a slight edge on child birth. 🙂

Second logical Fact:

This will piss off the social justice and social construct liberals and they will paint the philosophy in bad light as they always do. They will turn to name calling and such as always. Buy hey! who cares, i can easily tell them fuck off as always. Because Deitism is based off science and its easy as that. This is why the Deitist philosophy is a great philosophy for living and self improvement. A great philosophy for advancing society if you let it work. Anyway, to the point.

The second logical fact is men are men, women are women. Yes there is sometimes physical gender problems at birth and this is understandable and they should never be shunned because of their problems. Ever…

Science has shown in studies that boys are more likely to play with boy toys and girls are more likely to play with girl toys. Science has shown and PROVEN than men have more Testosterone than women, women have more estrogen. Just take a look at the study of David Reimer. The transgender community and liberals actually use this has their defense at times. Truth is it was a disaster and this young man ended in tragic. why? because a guy is a guy! Other studies have shown that those who get sex changes to young REGRET it later. Studies show that transgender individuals are usually unhealthy and very depressed. So i ask all this research tells you what?

Now understand:   Im not saying be an asshole to say someone who is a transgender. But dont for a second let social justice warriors treat you like shit for what science says. Liberals in the Western world will try and ruin peoples lives just because they dont agree on topics. They will call them racist, homophobic, and all the above. They will blow it out of proportion and attack you, PHYSICALLY AS WELL! So be prepared, know your facts. If they choose to get physical, make them regret it. Also, because you dont download an app to understand binaries doesnt make you an asshole. Their the assholes who ask this of you because of their feelings. Just be real.

If you dont like it then blame science, evolution, or God or Gods if thats your cup of tea.


Use the Deitist way. Accept these scientific facts and use them to your advantage. Understand that evolution saw to it that we have grown with certain strengths and weaknesses and we as humans have adopted and survived through being the fittest. We do not have claws, but we have reason.


You are Masculine, use it. life is a battlefield, you are a warrior. Be healthy, exercise, lift weights and bulk up. But guess what? Also be up on style…yep.. When you dress nice your confidence goes up. Wear clothes that fit. Clothes that are in style. Exercise to look good, be healthy to feel good. Dress nice and be PROUD! Use posture to help your stature in life. A proud confident man who has black sacks, nice shirt with vest, suit jacket, Ted Baker overcoat who stands with straight back, chest out, is always seen differently than a man who is slouched over, saggy baggy as jeans and crappy shirt. This is the status quo on the food chain. You can say i dont care what people think or it doesnt matter, i dont give a shit.

But it does matter, and you do give a shit. Everyone does. You do care if you are seen and respected. Those who say the opposite are unhappy and probably failures. 99% of men care what beautiful women think, and you want those beautiful women. History, science, evolution SAYS SO..

The advice above is the beginning. Next is money and wealth. You dont have to be rich to be successful. But you do need money. Wealth brings and helps with happiness due to less worry. Wealth brings nice material things (house, ride) and the ability to look and dress nice (clothes, watch). With this combo brings confidence (Pride, good posture, GOOD HEALTH). Also with wealth comes good health insurance and the ability to buy health products. 🙂

Sadly ive seen TED talks and such saying “break out of the man box” and this and that. Ive seen where some of these individuals says that masculinity leads to domestic violence and “acting like a man: leads to violence and treating people badly and all this due to masculinity. This is all non sense. If i say ” MEN, BE MEN” Im saying do what comes natural. Guys are gonna be guys. i dont have to tell you to act like anything. What i am telling you or better yet reminding you is:    ITS OK! Its ok to be confident, in fact its better to be. Im here to remind you to exercise, eat healthy, feel better look better. Guy traits that lead to men being happy with themselves and others around them respecting them as well as those in their lives feeling better with them.  Its ok to be strong. Be bulk, have good posture, like and enjoy what most will say “GUY STUFF). So ill tell you in confident. BE A FUCKING MAN. Also being a man isnt all about being a jacked up dude yelling like a wolf. NO, its also like ive said above, dressing nice, and being knowledgeable. Being stylish,

Know how to treat a lady. Open that car door or door to the establishment your entering. Kiss her the right way.

Being a Gentleman  So ill tell you in confident again.


(some or many of TED talks are good but again, use your common sense on all matters).

Painting by Rassouli


Use what momma gave ya. 🙂 Seriously i know the magazines and some TV shows tell ya things that you want to hear. Look at this plus sized model, this is the new hot, yeah! No. No its not. Dont let them lie to you. Dont let them tell you being over weight and unhealthy is the next big thing, that its the in thing. These are liberals and fake feminist lying because they dont want to except the truth and are to fat and lazy to get healthy, exercise and look the way they truly wish they looked. The modern feminist says that the patriarchy of MEN make women in an image that MEN says is hot. That men says that this or that is what is sexy. No we dont. Men dont and women dont. Both are just as critical to be honest.

Painting by: Pino Daeni

We both know what looks good. Exercising and eating healthy makes you fit, slender, and look good. That has nothing to do with men, thats your body. Also hell yeah you want to look good for others. For your boyfriend, husband, or even girlfriend/wife. You want to look good for your own confidence. You want your skin glowing to look great and stop the aging process. You want to be healthy not because a man wants you to but because you want to live a long successful life. Enjoy and accomplish your passions. Watch your family grow and spend as much QUALITY time with them. With all this said i do understand health problems, thyroid problems and such. Im not a complete asshole. But that brings me to the next phase, same as i said to men.

Wealth, get good medical and get on the right path to a healthy body, not only healthy but a good looking body. Get the body, have the wealth, get the man, or lady. Have ya babies and carry on. We know what we must do to be healthy, to be happy, to have success, to achieve and work on our passions. Hell adults tell their kids how to everyday yet we dont follow our own advice. Eat healthy, exercise, be confident. Be proud.

Look good, feel good…. success is here for the taking.


YOU the one reading this… TAKE IT!

It is also ok to be a Traditional lady. Most Conservative women will tell you they are very happy with the traditional life and role of the women of the house. Studies show that through history traditional families were more happy, less depressed, style of living at the time. There is nothing wrong with a women wanting to be the care taker of her family.

The Deitist philosophy encourages both the traditional wife/mother role or the bread winner role if she so chooses. I love it when liberals show a traditional look that women were unhappy and being victims of domestic abuse and such. Lets get one part straight, a man who beats his wife, is not a man. A man who doesnt want to spend time with is wife and kids, is not a man. So your view of the traditional family is garbage and based off your own crooked fantasy that somehow traditional values is or was bad. It wasnt. Traditional families and women are happy. Just the way it is. Ask any proud conservative women. Whats bad is when both parents have to work to provide a better life when the wife would rather be a stay at home mother and wife. I promote that if its what she wants, respect it and mind your own business.

With that said,  ladies…. You are the individual. You do what you want and have a passion for. If thats being a lawyer in a big city and being a career women, i not only support you but advise thats what you do. If you wish to go a traditional role of lady of the house, i support and even promote it.

Also dont get me wrong. Some of the ads in the 50s did women wrong. Many men did to. Not my point.

In the Deitist Philosophy let it be known:

 Women are the highest embodiment of life and top of the food chain. They give birth, they take pain, they nurture, they are the goddesses of men.  The women figure is the perfect painting. The female mind, a beautiful mind.  Women make the most powerful man weak in the knees and gives us the want of knowledge. Evolution has given us this blessing.

The warrior spirit in men is to protect and honor that of the lady.

Hygeia goddess of Health


Now lets go back to the beginning.

The Individual.

I touched on both of the sexes but in the end it is you. The individual. The individual philosophy is the true minority in the US in modern times. Individualism is being attacked. But it is in the end all you have. Yourself. Everyone else is taken.Your mental pride, your healthy body, your wealth, your success, your life! You must do what your passionate about in order to meet success. I understand you have to work to pay the bills but always remember to take time to work on what makes you happy and try a monetize it. Work your day job while building your passion whatever it is. If you cant do it for a living for whatever reason then make sure you always take the time to do it, monetize it if you can. Build your own legacy, your own greatness.

Educate yourself in all aspects. Better to know a little about a lot. Take time to learn, to read, to study history, philosophy, wealth! Im surprised at how many people know so little about topics such as history and wealth. Wealth is one of the most aspects in your life next your health and yet, people are ignorant to it.

In the basic knowledge learn to invest at least. Thats it… just learn to invest in stock, bonds, and above all at least mutual finds. Learn to budget and to save.

Again… only you can do this..

only the individual.

The individual and their ideas is what promotes a better society. An individual will use his/her passion to build upon their ideas based on their hobby or passion and build a product. They will in turn share that product with the world through markets and make the world better rather through enjoyment by people using it or solving a problem and making life better or easier.

In return the individual gets recognition for his/her idea or product and also receives wealth and success for an individual idea.

The Individual receives wealth, recognition, and happiness from an individual idea.

Now the world likes and enjoys said products so the individual will build more and hire others to build more thus giving employment to others to help in providing said product to the markets, to the world. Not only did this one individual provide a service or product to the world he/she provided employment to others as well. Wealth to many. Happiness to many.

The above is why we must promote the idea of of Individualism. We must protect the individual. We must promote the philosophy behind the individual and individualism.


To the last… Take responsibility for your life.

We must promote DEITISM!


Be happy, be healthy, work hard on your passions.

become DEITUS.

Hannibal KillGrave