Self Improvement : Loops

The Deitist Lifestyle

The purpose of life is to find happiness, to achieve, but also to produce. Be the prime mover. You will find yourself happier if you are a producer. The Deitist Philosophy is a philosophy but it is also a self improvement way of life.  Forever trying to improve.

We have things, habits, or situations that give you a unhappy feeling or depression. We call these negatives.

One of these negatives i call a loop. The best way to be happy or feel alive in the simplest form is to not live in a loop. A loop of doing the exact same thing everyday. Wake up, work, come home, say hey to family, eat, stream a show or movie, and then sleep. Then you wake up and do it all over again. I see a mass amount of people doing this. To some they see no other way to live and do not even realize their life has become this regurgitated pile of nothingness. Now with that said it is OK to work and spend time with your family and i actually applaud and recommend that. But most will look around eventually and realize they are unhappy and frown upon what they have achieved. They feel like they have achieved very little. This is why i said above To also PRODUCE. How many times have we heard someone say they wish they could have been this or achieved that. Or this was their dream or if they, “had it to do over again”. To stop the loop is the number one thing they can do to start on a better path or change, or to live your dreams as they say.

Make your days different. Make an effort to make your days different, learn something new, play a different game even, or simply try something different. But above all BE A PRODUCER. This single handedly will elevate your happiness. Study, produce art, write, or anything else that you have a passion for. Write or play music. If you do not have a hobby thats ok! sometimes its even better because you can go down the road of finding what you like. That in itself is producing. Do you love history? research it and share it with others. Trust me i will love to discuss history with you as will thousands of others. We have the world at out fingertips.

We all know things that we should do to live better. Eat healthy, exercise, stay active and on and on. But why do we not do these? Because of motivation. If you never get motivated you will never start to try and be happier than you are today. But i promise if you start to change and take a walk, start to write, you will want to do more. Start to warm up and move on to walking or lifting weights. Almost 100% of the time you will continue and get a full work out in. Just start!

In your daily life you must have a determination, a drive. Make your determination almost scary. Exercise to look good, dress to look and feel good. Take pride in what you look like when you start to be healthy and look strong. We have no sins here! So take PRIDE! Be constantly motivated to achieve and do be better, TO PRODUCE! Take what religion calls a sin and use it to your benefit for these things are what is natural and makes us happy. ENJOY THEM! We will look in the mirror and take pride in our look. Because of our hard work and exercise. The Deitist knows there is nothing wrong with this and is even encouraged. Then others will look at us and see lust! We all know what good things lust brings. Just be careful and make sure to be safe.   : )

Work hard, play hard, be creative, get determined and motivated. Go after your own goals and happiness. Strive to be healthy and achieve…PRODUCE! Be the PRIME MOVER! Use your mind.

We are animals but the difference is instead of claws and teeth we use reason, instead of the jungle we are kings/queens of concrete jungles and the Deitist are the ones who builds these steel sky rises in these concrete jungle and sit back and look and have a sense of PRIDE… But in the end we are also happy because of our achievement and our productivity.




Precepts of Deitism

From the alter of Hannibal

In an earlier post i wrote a quick post about the Deitist lifestyle. I will add on to that as we go along and discuss the type of lifestyle as we go. I will teach so to speak.

Also let it be clear, im not a writer. I kind of suck at writing. I do enjoy writing and discussing philosophy and trying to share the philosophy of Deitism. This blog is the best way i can see on how to do just that. So if i make a mistake in my writing, fuck off.

Today i want to post about the basic precepts of Deitism.

Deitism is a very straightforward non-bullshit belief system. Its very positive in a mental state. A humanistic outlook and way of looking at things. Here are some basic belief principles.


Stupidity and lack of common sense: lack of intelligence due to laziness and procrastination is not tolerated by a Deitist. A Deitist looks to learn about what topic he/she sees as a interest or passion. This is especially the case in a hobby, general knowledge, career, and business. Learn all you can. One thing that makes me cringe is to watch videos of people or college students being interviewed and the most basic questions are asked and they either cant answer or dont know.  Stupidity and lack of common sense is a virus in the united states mostly due to a failing school system and our importance on social culture and celebrities. This also applies to being manipulated or fooled by others. Everyone is lied to of course but we must use common sense and trust no one until its proved. With all the advancement in technology we should be getting smarter. so that leads me to this point.

CRAVE KNOWLEDGE! A Deitist will always support tech, medical, and scientific advancement. Its best if you yourself learn a bit about the basics of these subjects also including history. I love history so this comes easy for me. But be knowledge hungry. Always be learning a subject or even a skill. Knowledge is a beautiful thing and we live in a time when ALL knowledge is literally at our finger tips. I will never understand why people have such a gift handed to them in not only life but the ability to seek and learn all the knowledge they can handle and they shit it all away. They are more concerned with how a celebrity shits then how the Earth rotates. Not the Deitist. The Deitist craves wisdom, thirsts for knowledge and will grow and conquer this life and live fruitfully because this is the only life given to us. This is it, use it and learn. Common sense should be a given but i see people are just down right oblivious to modern everyday living. Use common sense and your better judgment everyday. Do research and make good decisions everyday in your life. Yes, you will make mistakes but make sure you learn from them. Deitist know we have one life, dont fucking waste it. Carpe Diem as they say. 

  Another part of this is also peoples allegiance to a political ideology or party. They will seemingly take the word of someone because they are of same political ideology as them. As ive stated before i am the opposite of a far left modern American liberal or Progressive. To me they are the essence of stupidity. Yes conservatives can be this way as well but i see the far left ideology blindly following and even protesting and using violence over beliefs they clearly do not understand or know. This is sickening and the very opposite of the Deitist belief. Just look up videos where protesters are asked what they are protesting…. THEY DONT KNOW. Hell, they dont even agree with the next person thats standing next to them. They also can not have a actual intelligent conversation about their own beliefs. Its ridiculous and….stupid. Many i see if using what they think is a cool thing thats happening. This i see a lot with the group ANTIFA. They call every one they disagree with Nazis and attack them. Yet what they themselves claim to support and believe is more close to the Nazi party than say conservative beliefs. Everyone of them are stupid and they are a virus. Unfortunately they will not sit and debate so when out and they are around. You have every right to defend yourselves. Smash them and break their face. Protect yourself, your family, and your property. Be assured i will post more about ANTIFA, liberal ideology and similar subjects in near future. Dont be an idiot, dont be stupid, and people, use common sense.


Their are no sins in Deitism so we take pride as a good thing. Taking pride in ones achievements, looks and health, abilities and talents, is a good thing in Deitism. This leads to self improvement and happiness. Set goals and accomplish them. Exercise and lose weight or build muscle. Dress with style, have good posture, look and feel good! This is all pride and thanks to pride we will do things to go higher in life, work harder and achieve more. Pride is the reason we look in the mirror and want to lose a few pounds, or want our chest and shoulder to look bigger. Take Pride and make it a asset, use it and achieve more than you ever dreamed.


The saying will go as simple as this. “Do unto others as they do unto you” Its that simple. Dont give an illusion that everyone is nice and happy and even likes you. They do not and will not. Never expect people to give you the same respect, kindness, or consideration that you would likely give them. Instead yes be kind and understanding and treat people fairly but if they betray you or you know they are the kind of person who lies and manipulates do not tolerate it. Do not act as if they will be a good friend to you one day. It is a waste of your time, plain and simple. They will use you, cheat you, and in the end, hurt you. It is better to have true friends who you can count on than to waste your much needed energy on someone who you will rarely think of in 5 years. This is not t say dont be charitable. If you wish to be charitable and help others and it makes you happy to do so then by all means i support it. But do not let others use you nor treat you unkindly or worst. Be kind to those who deserve it and dont waste your love on ass holes.   

Existence and Reason

This life is not a spiritual fantasy land. This is real and flesh and blood. Use Science, Technology, Transhumanism and medical advancement and not praying to achieve or help. Instead of pray, ACT. Instead of wish, ACHIEVE! Instead of sacrifice, CONQUER! Instead of forgiveness, Bash! Use reason and facts. Like it or not in the world Survival of the Fittest does work more often than not. Life is a chess game, play! You have one life, this is it, this is now. Use logical reasoning in your daily thoughts.


The habit or principle of being independent and self reliant. This definition says it all. Always hold this as a principle in your life.  Individualism is in your DNA. Look at the complete miracle it took just for you to be born. To let that miracle go to waste.

Support of Scientific Research

Alchemist working in his laboratory
Credit:Cristian Baitg Schreiweis

The support of Scientific, technological, and medical advancement. This includes Transhumanism, stem cell, and space exploration: I will repeat and repeat it again. Deitism is a philosophy of the human. A philosophy of reason and fact. A philosophy of self improvement and to live ones life to the fullest because this is the here and now and all we will ever get. With this and above all we support the advancement of humankind. In supporting humankind we must put first all the advancements that we can do to achieve greatness in ourselves and society. To advance our scientific knowledge to help us advance our planet and beyond and to understand physics and other scientific studies, which all is important.. To build better technology for us to live in a more advance technological society. To advance and improve medical science to help us live longer and more healthy. To help with viruses and cure diseases. To make health care cheaper and affordable to all.The better the technology, the better communication and knowledge thats offered to us is. 

To advance transhumanism and stem cell research is to make us better, smarter, and more powerful. To help in rebuilding our bodies. Stem cells to advance regeneration of limbs and cures. Space exploration to colonize other planets and to further the advancement of human kind. 


Thats right bitches….due to free markets the worlds poverty level as decreased significantly. This economic system trades value for value. It turns the need for competition in humans into something objective and needed by humanity. It takes a persons ideas and turns into wealth and in return provides jobs for all.                                                                                              Using this economic system a person, any person, can take an idea and a passion, turn it into a product that is needed by others and sell it. In return this person gains wealth. The demand for this product rises and in return the person hires others to help him build the product thus providing jobs and gives the opportunity for others to earn.                                                       This can be a world wide phenomenon. Free markets have already decreased world poverty and decreased infant death rates.                               To those who criticize Capitalism you probably never learn what Capitalism is nor studied it. Never studied Ludwig Von Misis, or Ayn Rand, or any other defender of free markets. you just fall in line because you are cattle. You are sheep. Remember!  True Capitalism has NEVER been tried! So you know nothing. You just know what someone told you. You and your liberal pal sitting around eating tofu talking about how cool socialism is. I offer to debate you any day. All of your so called economic systems are failures. The only way they even remotely work is due to low population and based on one culture Nationalism. Wait… liberals are against Nationalism right? yet they defend economic systems that only work when nationalism plays a part. Again, liberals are idiots. Do your own homework. If needed just ask in what direction and ill point a finger and you can study.  Also under Capitalism private property is honored. Under Capitalism Taxes are frowned upon so you can keep more of your money and above all, you can keep what YOU! the individual has earned.

Except your humanity

What does the seven deadly sins have in common? They all are basic human emotions and thats ok. Religion tries to make you feel guilty and blame us for what we are, HUMAN! They call it sins and such. No! these are basic emotions and its OK to have them. Yes to much of one thing can be bad, hell to much religion has proven to be disastrous. But to the Deitist we take these emotions and use them for our advantage and accept that we are human and feel guilty for nothing. We will not feel guilty or bad because of what we are. This is stupid and furthermore, insulting.

Types of Traditionalism

One is having the warrior mentality. To be healthy, strong body, strong mind. We see life as a war and violence unfortunately a common thing and a gold standard. Violence is in human nature. So accept it and be prepared in the event it happens. Be ready to defend yourself and family. Two is the return of beautiful Art and building architectural design and not the current garbage put on display. Some contemporary buildings are nice and neat but nothing challenges the great architecture of tradition. Architecture like Romanesque, classical, Victorian, Baroque and so on. As far as art lets go back to the beauty of landscapes, human body, and buildings. Look at the greats and the masterpieces. Today in our Art it shows the complete decay and garbage of society. Splashes of paint and shit and Christ in urine. It’s embarrassing. Give it away or burn it for all I care. Just don’t spend money on it. It’s not Art. It’s some bitches lack of skill on a canvas. She has no technique so she splashes paint and says, “oh but it’s in my mind”. Well you have garbage for your mind and shit for brains.

Also understand we see value in a nuclear family. We don’t sit around and criticize a gay couple or family but we will defend a traditional style family. We don’t criticize you so return the favor.  In this and other current affairs we may seem social conservative but we are not conservative. Deitism supports controlled borders, strong defense, against late term abortion (late term is for sick fucks) Also we are scientific and science, or biology says there’s two genders. Until you change natures mind you can debate your feelings all day long but we are right, because science and biology are right, now move on. As with genders Transgenderism is a mental illness according to Psychology. Not only that but there’s butt loads of evidence to support that Trans genders are simply sick and depressed. See suicide and depression rates.

I will go into detail in later blog post of course…..


We are the highest embodiment lifeform. Instead of claws we use intelligence and reason. Accept that you are more than just an animal. You are the king of the animal kingdom. Do not kneel to religions and Gods created by man, Honor the Gods and stand next to them, become one, become Deitist! Perform Deicide…..

You’re Philosopher



The Deitist Lifestyle

   The Deitist lifestyle

Below is the first article on the Deitist lifestyle. More will follow…..

From the desk of Hannibal

Hannibal – I look great

The Deitist lifestyle is lived with humanistic thoughts and code of conduct. Now with this said this is absent of what someone would think of religion or what religion they apply themselves to. For Deitist, we do not live the traditional way that has been bestowed upon us by hypocrites that say we must live to their standards and commandments that they themselves break or do not follow. We have no need to feel guilty of silly sins and immoral acts. We understand that human emotions are natural and our desires are normal and the very basic primitive thought form of being human. We rejoice in fleshly desire and indulge with our natural emotions of needs and wants. Our happiness is what counts and our success in life our ambition.

Moral codes and organized religions teach us to live by what they think is a moral standards. They have us feel bad about who we truly are. They give us impossible standards that we as humans have to ask for forgiveness for and be submissive to not only an invisible being but to other men. They tell you to get on your knees and beg for forgiveness and then ask for things you want or wish in return that may or may not come true. This is an insult as you could achieve so much without degrading yourself.

All humans with the exclusion of those with mental deficiencies knows right from wrong. These are the basic for any modern society. We know that rape, stealing, and killing are example of wrong doing and the Deitist even despise rapist and molesters simply because we are life loving. Hell we even encourage self defense and to kill or take revenge on your perpetrator. Deitism supports death to rapist and child molesters and see them as scum of our society.

The only moral codes that are needed is our natural moral code. You need no organized religion nor teacher to tell you from right or wrong. You need no commandments or even a guide or book to tell you right from wrong. The Deitist Philosophy is here to replace these said truths in your holy books that you yourselves can not live by. Not because this is just another book, blog, philosophy, or standard telling you how to live or how to do so but to follow your own natural thoughts and emotions. If you do that you will no longer need any book or person pointing the way. Do this and you will smile and the word Deitist! The teachers and preachers teach their commandments or moral codes and then break them. Monday through Saturday people in the west sin and are dis honorable. Yet Sunday they ask for forgiveness just to do it all over again. Why? when no forgiveness is needed. I ask you why should you feel guilty for what is natural in the first place? You desires and wants are perfectly natural and in Deitism it is encouraged to take action on them.

Below are the only so called moral code you will ever need and it is basic, simple, and natural.

  1. Do not kill unless for self defense and sometimes revenge or crime of passion. We all know things happen and sometime this is acceptable.
  2. Never rape another person.
  3. Never harm children.
  4. Respect nature and also never involve yourself in animal cruelty.
  5. Treat others as you yourself wish to be treated.
  6. If someone slap your cheek, or harm your family or intend to harm your family, destroy them.

The Deitist also have added Traditional values. Protect oneself, family, and property. We respect and honor tradition, although we may piety the religious and have no faith in its institutions we respect the traditions and honor them. Their right to worship and even enjoy the holidays with them. From parades of the dead to Mard Gras, we love and celebrate. Deitist are the devil…and the devil knows how to have a good time. 🙂

This goes for Architecture and Art as well. We love historical regions in Spain, France, Italy and other European countries and promote the cities architecture to forward that style to all cities. We see modern city life as garbage and a society in decay but support the traditional way of life within our flowering cities. We want beauty, not uglyness and dreary landscapes and rectangle skylines.

Strasburg, France
Strasburg, France
Barcelona, Spain
Bologna, Italy

The above examples is the Deitus mindset when it comes to Tradition. We honor tradition from the ancient warrior mentality to the beautiful Art and of course the old ways of architecture.

Until next post..

Have some pride, be happy, be safe, and work to achieve your success.