Ritual, Magic, and Spiritualism

Science has given much to the standard of living as well as the knowledge, but we must be careful of a fact of scientific knowledge, for science has taken so much away from society.
Yes, we have gained an immense better standard of living and some of it is contributed to science. But through the different sciences, we have slowly chiseled away at things humans have held sacred.
The belief in beings that’s not of Earth. The belief in a creator. The belief in magic and fantasy have ann ben vanquished from belief to a huge degree. Science gave answers to things our ancestors feared. Weather, natural disasters, disease and famine, and so on.
However worst of all our quest in the sacred and for spiritualism and finding one’s spirituality have suffered. This is a regression from society’s progress because as humans we need something that is sacred, something to drive us forward. Something to tell us it’s ok because nature, human and natural is unrelenting and has no moral. We are confronted with evil and things trying to do us harm every day.
We are confronted with the fact that our lives mean very little in the grand scale of the universe. Matter of fact even Earth and the things living here, mean absolutely nothing to the universe.
Yes, science has given gifts, but at what cost?

We have been circling down the morality hole as we progress in modernity. Things become less sacred and we question things or morality. So much of moral is now obsolete and we no longer have the big man in the sky watching us and making us second guess the things we do.
The Deitus understands that humankind is suffering and will continue to get worst. We are miserable, depressed, all are above standard and getting worst. We are lacking the initial ambition to live a certain standard. We lack discipline and above all “meaning”.
Society is not progressing but we are regressing. Contrary to popular or mainstream thought we have been, I say since the fall of Rome in many ways.

The Deitus understand all of this and promotes spiritualism in many ways.
The first is the knowledge of the perennial. We understand the majority of religions all seek salvation in one way or another but all teach similar ways. We do not advocate golden rules or sins, not do we promote you burning in hell because you had sex or holy wars. But we do acknowledge we are beings with consciousness derived from a source. A source that can not be explained nor understood. This source is divine with a balance of both masculine and feminine and it gave us life and we must live life and leave behind a legacy of what we accomplish and who we leave behind. As we pass we return to the primordial source and energy from which our consciousness is born. This gives us our hope, gives us meaning, gives us a sense of being loved by something much greater than ourselves. The Primordial source and its divine energy gave us life due to unconditional love and make us understand through that gift and live that we are special and important.

Another form of spiritualism that is practical and used daily to release our emotions. We are human and we are in need of things. One is a sense of release, dogma, and a need to be meaningful. For us to understand that our life is meaningful. Each individual has gifts and a personality. It is up to us to hone in on these gifts, find them and use them to our advantage. But even if we are not quite sure of our gift we can still use the following to gain insight into spiritualism.

That gift is creativity and Art.

If you look back in history at the paintings, sculptures, music, and architecture you will see and hear things so beautiful, so magnificent that it can take your breath away. The very sight can make you mumble “beautiful” under your breathe. We read literature that are considered masterpieces because the story can move the soul. Or a story can be a true occurrence but put into words a way that moves us to many different emotions rather it happiness, romance, or horror.
It is this creativity that I speak of. It is your outlet and it can be generated through any hobby you may have. Today we have even more ways to create through technology. Technology has given us programs to make music and design buildings or help us paint the next object.
Take your gift and with all of your energy, all of your emotions, and all of your passion and creativity. Let lease upon the world, your masterpiece. Make the world a better place due to your creation. Even if it’s through a design of sadness or shock. Create a piece of art that gives emotion to its viewers. This is your true spirit, this is true spiritualism.

Just like (Insert masterpieces here) is still seen today as mesmerizing you to can give your own gift to the world. We as artists can make our living conditions better or make our surroundings and environment more beautiful. We can make our standard of living better through artistic design and engineering. Especially with the technology that we have now.

This is why the Deitus Philosophy supports both art and new urbanism using traditional architecture. To surround ourselves with beauty and with nature. If we can put our energy, passion, and creativity into making the world a beautiful place to live people’s emotions and moods would instantly become better with a more positive outlook. Imagine living in Rome in its prime. To walk the streets. Imagine living in many of the historic towns in East France or Germany as you wake up and walk upon the cobblestone. for your morning coffee. To sit and sip on your drink surrounded by the beautiful architecture of Gothic, Baroque, or renaissance influence. We must return to the beauty of tradition.
(More on new urbanism and traditional architecture on a later post).

With creativity, we find spiritualism, purpose, and meaning. In this, we find a better society, a better person, and a better atmosphere in life.
This is Deitus…

The third way of spiritualism deserves a post in itself but I will briefly describe it and write further about the topic at a later time.
The third is a fun time. We all are drawn to witches and warlocks, magic and witchcraft, rituals, and spells.
Well, so are we.
And we entertain the idea and promote you the practitioner to do so.
The third is one of the best ways to handle daily issues as far as stress, negativity, enemies, and just mood and mental attitude.

This is a ceremonial ritual.

There are hundreds of guides, spell books, and writings on magic and witchcraft to get you started but here we will talk about the function behind ceremony and ritual. What we do differently than most is at psychodrama. Think of aching or play write and it is used in the ritual.
The ritual is used to build your energy and point it towards a single source to release it. After this release, you will notice a release of burden. This release can towards someone you hate and see as an enemy or someone you love and wish was your companion. Now with both of these, we will say act in the real world to solve your problems. Ritual is used to remove stress and energy on to your burden.
You can perform a so-called live spell on a female but nothing will be better than talking to her and getting to know her and asking her out. This is rational and it’s what you need to do. The ritual again is used to release energy towards a given situation.

During these rituals, you must use all of your imagination, all of your creativity, all of your energy, and build upon that and act it out and release it!
Use any help you may see yourself needing. Writings, paintings or drawings, dress up and acting out, sexual stimulation and release, alter and ceremonial chambers also known as the ritual chamber.

This is for you and you only. If you have a partner to help you in release, say in a sexual way then make sure it’s someone you know very well and you are comfortable with.
This is your time, your release, your acting. Anything goes…

One of the best ways to perform ritual I have seen in print is the way Anton Lavey describes the spells in his Satanic Bible. I urge you to check that out.

There are other ways as there are many many books on witchcraft and organism and their ceremonies to get ideas to how you can perform. There are even the Necronomicons and the Babylonian religious ways.

No occult or magic system is off-limits to the Deitus just as there are no meditations with Buddhist or Hindu practices off-limits. Because the Deitus stands next to these occult/new age Gods and goddesses shoulder to shoulder and fear no man-made Deity. We fear no curse or hex.
For we stem from the Primordial. We stand with the very source that gives life and energy to the deities that have been worshiped for thousands of years.
Call yourself A church or temple, coven or grotto, stand in your circles, and cast your protections, makes no difference to us.
We embrace Tradition and that is of the Primordial source.
We are Homo Deus
We are the next in evolution.
We are the selected in the chain.
We are the Might.
We are becoming.
We are Deitus.

One action

This may seem silly. This simple technique but it’s not. In Bootcamp and military all around the world start with these simple techniques. To start down a path of improving oneself we must start with basic everyday accomplishable goals.

Deitus Xeper
(Becoming a person of higher virtue)
I can show you, I can help.
Start with one day. One wake up, one made bed, one pushup, one bench press.
You are not worthless.
You are special.
It was an amazing feat of spirit for you to be born. This was a mathematical impossibility but you were born. The big bang came from nothing they say, and from that starting history of rare possibility another one arrived, and that was your birth.

So no, you are not worthless.
You are important.

You are worth the breath of the Primordial God’s.
Accept their challenge and get up today and start. One step but above all, one smile…

Do not worry if you are lost and have no idea how to start improving yourself.
I will show you. Even if you think yourself lazy I have an answer for you.

You can be lazy and weak but it all comes down to one thing, action, and mindset.

The mindset to be better. The mindset to have the discipline to become better.

The mindset of action…

Action and movement.

The answer to all of your problems is that first step. That required action. To get up and start,  to take action and start to achieve. To start the betterment of oneself.

To rise earlier.
To make your bed so you now have already accomplished one goal for the day.
To do that first push up. Start small and you can easily accomplish a task such as making your bed so you can see and feel that you have accomplished something. This act tricks the mind into pleasure. You will then associate accomplishing a task and discipline with pleasure. I use the make your bed tactic because it is a task that can be done with ease and in a quick time. After accomplishing this task you are rewarded with the benefit of a goal achieved and after a long day or work and dedication, you will have a nice, clean bed to fall into.

After that first push up you will move from that one pushup to that set of pushups.

one more push up.

After pushups daily I promise you will then move on to weight lifting. That first bench press…

Because you will notice a change, a want, a desire. Then you will see a change, a physical change then desire more, more accomplishment, more dopamine from pleasure.
To make a change in your body starts with that first movement, that first action.

Then from physical change comes mental change and on to spiritual change.

But you must start with that first objective. That first action, that first change.

Make your fucking bed.

To make a change in your life starts with that first movement, that first action.

Then you will not only see but feel that change.

Get up

One thing, one movement, one fucking action.

I know you can, you know you can.

Let me help, we both will build a better life.
I made the first step, that first movement. Now it’s your turn.

This is a blog post of
The philosophy of a way of life.

Feel that you are becoming…

Becoming Deitus

Asceticism and Discipline achieves creativity

As we have discussed ritual, ceremony, and psychodrama to use built-up energy and release it unto the world to achieve desire and relieve stress to bring the body and mind into balance we also must practice a form of asceticism.

Every religion has its own form of asceticism because it gives achievement of discipline and sacrifice.

The Deitus philosophy uses it for this as well as traditionally. Asceticism traditionally consisted of values such as mastery over oneself, self-discipline, autonomy, and the leading of a unified life. Be good, be honest, be true but have balance even towards the best of acts. But also go without indulgence for a time to keep oneself disciplined. The Deitist always keeps balance of order and nature in mind. More in this in another post.

The asceticism practiced by the Deitist is that of no masturbation as to conserve our essence.

When we conserve our essence we have an energy that we can put into our work, hobby, exercise, and then to our significant other. We do not watch porn for this reason and other reasons. The porn industry is riddled with sex slaves and women who are bullied into acts that wish they didn’t have to do. But this is for another post.

We use discipline and avoid masturbation to achieve a source of energy. The female has this as well in the form of her Divine Feminine. Both a man’s sexual essence and a women’s Divine Feminine are gifts from the Primordial source. A source in which spiritualism comes and we use that drive or energy to create.

Our creativity comes in many forms. We write, sculpt, paint, dance, fight, exercise, and so on. Many Call them hobbies others call it work.

We call it spiritualism.

We call it a gift.

Divine Feminine

We strive for excellence and to the female she is the Divine Feminine. The mother, nurture, and sways with grace and elegance.

She nurtures us when we are sick, she creates life and continues our bloodline, she loves us unconditionally.

Return to the traditional women. The role of the goddess, the spirit of the Primordial mother.

She must be honored, protected and respected, this the practice and code of chivalry.

We give rebirth to a dying code. Our women gives rebirth to tradition. The tradition of mother, father, wife, husband and their creations of offspring and survival. We honor the tradition of the raising of family to parent and grow into the next generation of leaders and prime movers.

Deitus on love and companionship

A Deities man knows of chivalry and the code to live by.

We understand that we now live in the world of the fallen. Where people are faithless and lack spiritualism, dogma, ceremony, and fantasy.

This is why the Deitus must love more deeply than anyone.

To give life and to present the significant other to not just love, but to “fall in love”.

To be a superior man or man of higher virtue he understands that he is needed. He understands that she is the counterpart, the other half of the coin but different.

We must understand that the woman feels more, she must be felt touched, rubbed, held and attention must be given to her.

If you are with someone or married give your other half 30 minutes of your undivided time daily. This is her time, not others, not works, not your hobby, this is hers.
During this time you speak with her, about her, her likes, loves her day. Touch her, kiss her, run it message her. If this leads to other things then it’s ok. Kiss, hold, discuss, make love.

Always remember her and her needs and what she likes. Remember the things she says. A woman wants to know you listen, you feel her. She wants your attention more than to know what you did that day. She wants your heart more than she wants to know you succeeded today.

The way we live and the code:
We live by honor and chivalry.

Use the code of chivalry to lead you on a path of good treatment of your counterpart and partner.
Give honor to the one who creates life.
Sacrifice to the one who builds and supports history.
Cherish your lover.

Return to the primordial source.

Return to the mother and become.

Become Deitus


Divine Feminie

Divine Feminine

Our women are the creators, the givers of life. As men of the past was trying to make a name in history it was our women who were building our future for that history. For that the female counterpart is and will always be held in high regard and sacrificed for, loved, cherished, and in death shall we repay.


Democratic man PT.2

We have never lived in great and abundance conditions as we do now. Especially in the Western world. Heath, food, education, opportunity, water, equality, have never been more abundant than any other time in history yet we live as if we are suffering and in misery. In truth, we are, because of the weakness that easy life creates.

Back in history during aristocracy or a monarch, we see a different style of man. A peasant or (laborer) knows he must rise at dawn and work the farm, ranch, craft, or whatever he does to contribute. He is expected by his own family and crown for he must provide food, riches for family, and tax to the crown.
The nobility of a nation was even harder in some ways. Many of today think that nobles and aristocratic families had it made. This is far from the truth.
Examples would be the women and daughters were expected to marry for family opportunity or a nation’s treaty with other nations. A Noble or knight was the one to fly the banner and go to war and fight on the front. It was his duty to the crown, king, and nation. It was his dury to fight the wars as well as protect the lands of the king and farms of the laborer that was on his kings or elders lands. This means that through a knights life he must train and educate always.

All nobles was to be trained in mannerisms and etiquette. Every thing had a manner in which one is to respond. The Deitus takes from this as how he acts, caries him or herself and his or her dress code.

It is to be expected to be one of higher virtue, regardless if he is a man who creates or one who leads or one who fights.


Democratic man PT. 1

Democratic man is feminine and weak. Sentimental and emotional in character. This gives birth to weak, men with lack of courage, and herd mentality. Modernity is our evidence.

Many men of today see equality or egalitarianism as a sign of progress but this is a false and untrue notion. All things are abundant and easy to obtain. We have the simple things in life if we wish. The majority of individuals in the western world will have an education, have food and many will eat at restraints and shop fresh produce. A luxury to some. We have top colleges and all mundane services and work we do not wish to do we can hire someone to do. We have warmth, refrigeration, and access to tech that we could have never imagined possible. Even with all the prosperity modernity and especially the western countries, there are those who complain and think there owed something, even if they and everyone else is born with the same option to pursue happiness. Many today play victim roles and seek to get things for free. We play identity politics and social justice and then claim there is not enough justice. We try and we fail, many give up or settle for less. Settling for less is fine when you are happy spiritually. But it is those who make excuses, or blame others or play the victim that is the problem. This problem is now rampant and people in droves are coming down with this thought pattern.   All the above is a complete absurdity and leads to hard times. This abundance and the creation of the world wide web as an information highway and communication tool that has lead to many of these problems. Modern man does not understand balance and moderation. Therefore things that are supposed to help him he takes advantage of and becomes an addict of simplicity and ease. He becomes lazy! This also comes down to a truth no one wants to hear. That truth is we are not equal, none of us are equal. There are those that are smart down to not so smart. There are the strong and the weak. There are leaders and followers, wolves and sheep. But in modernity, we have given up discipline for ease and abundance. We have become lost in the world and we are now faithless and lack spiritual healing.

We have created new Gods that wish harm upon us. Old gods, we used to cure fear and to give hope and reason.

The new Gods of AI, Tech, IT, and scientism or evolution have taken away all dogma, fantasy, and faith. In this, we have sold our souls not to the devil but to something that will conquer our minds and will never debate the morality of human life. We have obtained Hedonism supreme.

However weak men create hard times and in retaliation nature will produce strong men to compete with hard times. These men will rise and live up to their standards and principles. He will no longer try and save the world but will “Ride the Wave” and walk among the ruins of superior civilizations than the one that surrounds him. However, what he will do is become a man of higher virtue and share this knowledge and in the process, help someone.


Reversing modernity

We can never reverse modernity. We as traditionalists, reactionaries, or what term you may use or identify with are a rare breed. Although rare we are intelligent and powerful.
But we will now never be able to reverse history or should I say modernity, because to change the landscape of the current political environment and even more importantly change the individual and collective thoughts, ways, beliefs and habits of people. Because people, especially Europeans and Americans are so brainwashed and mentally beaten to believe certain things that it would take breaking of their very essence to turn back the clock. So live with the fact this will never happen and we are alone.
But how do we live and go forward without beliefs and objectives?
First and foremost we must be the guardians of heritage, culture, and history.
This includes all of the subgenres of the above. History, a people’s heritage but a society or culture ART, sculpture, writings, and teachings.
All of the teachings of the ancients must be guarded, protected, and preserved.
Leftist cowards try to debate and accuse the past of being “behind” and of different values. Some of this may be true but they are all a teaching tool and many civilizations were far more superior than our own in terms of Art, Architecture, and of course Faith!
We the Deitus do not hide from the fact we hold up and ho or many teachings of sacred writings and hold a code of honor, chivalry, courage, and heroism from past civilizations and warrior societies.
We can not reverse history, not modernity but we can stand up to it and hold our ways sacred and our values and virtues to a high standard. As modernity brings filth, laziness, stupidity, and cowardness we will return as reactionary but above all with the defense of our high standards, intelligence, ritual, traditions, and virtue. We can and will criticize modernity and it’s political form of government, economics, beliefs, and way of life it has imposed upon us.
We are all now part of the information highway and world of consumerism. However, the Deitus practitioner can precise to be enslaved and shackled with the modernist view and way of life. We can use this I formation and fingertip knowledge to our advantage. We can research, learn, and share and debate using the tools of the online world. But we must be disciplined as we do so.

We are the man and women of higher virtue.

We are the reactionaries.

We are the guardians of heritage.

I for one believe the beauty of art and architecture. The heritage and history of the human race and the ways of its traditions and growth to be preserved, taught, and guarded is a noble cause and worth dying for.