Something bigger than yourself.

Understand when I teach on individualism and it being as an ideal to better your life I mean it in a personal life virtue.

But when it comes to family, folk, culture. Then you must leave behind and do something that is usually against Deitism. You must sacrifice tour time for the. You must come to their aid, you must study and learn your tradition. You must research your culture and honor your ways.

I as a European constantly study European history. All of it, each age, each year. Every king, every queen, and above all, every warrior. I honor the warrior cultures of my blood and people. The Spartans, the Greeks, the Norseman, the Vikings. They all have something to teach. Of course as a lover of history I study all history, World history.

I am not one to shy away from so called guilt that plagues European’s or Americans. Because in Deitism racism does not exist. The Deitist knows and understand we are different and that it’s a good thing. We must build and grow our culture, then share it with others and learn from others. This is the way. Racism is a fake social construct used to pit us against each other. Because of it I see European’s act as cowards due to history when in reality they should be proud of it.

In The Deitus philosophy of speak of Modernism meeting Tradionalism. This is why. There are ethics and values that merits achievement that our ancestors understood. One being to live for something bigger than yourself, rather for family, folk, or nation. Through history there are many examples of this we can learn from. Spartans, Greeks, Romans and so on.

So yes, in the modern corporate world, climbing that corporate ladder where your friend will stab you in the back for the raise, where politics is blood sport, where the sport you choose you have to win, yes, be the individualist. Work hard and apply yourself, trust no one, fight! Use your passion and create, for legacy and profit. This life is war. And you and only you can fight when it comes down to it. This is your one side.

Your other side comes in the form of your wife, your children. This is what you live for that is bigger than you. To protect, to honor, and provide. You sacrifice for your culture and the history of it.

Be proud a take up arms for the individual self!

Take up arms and sacrifice for that which is bigger than you! Culture, family, and folk!

For you are the God of man, you are Deitus.


Capitalism Highjacked

Hello Gentiles and all other fellow brother and sister cultures around the world. Hannibal here to speak.

The economic system I speak of known as Capitalism. The one that Alex Smith, Milton Friedman, Lugwig Von Mises and others speak and teach about is not in existence. It was only beginning to develop in the US up until 1913. After that Capitalism in its most pure form up to date was hijacked, and destroyed forever. There have been slight showings of capitalism in the mixed economy’s of today. Most nation’s have to turn to a free market or “state capitalism” to increase and speed their economy’s. The Nordic nation’s, which are the happiest people on Earth have a .iced economy with free Enterprise on one side, and have high taxes and social programs in the other.

There can never be a true Capitalist nation as there can never be another National Socialist nation. The same people destroyed both. The National Socialist tried to tell the world and was destroyed because of it. Its no secret and if you start to think, all things concerning Germany from the 30s to 1945 are erased, destroyed, burnt. On top of that the very thought or spoken world about Nazi Germany you will be branded and destroyed. To talk down and consider Germany in that time is a billion dollar industry. How many books are there about WW2, Germany, Hitler, his generals? All are there to bash the Germans and their leaders. To speak of “Jews” is to be silenced.

Before you call me a Nazi or something stupid shut up, as you know im a Capitalist and I support a form of Capitalism as well as a Republic. So shut up and go bang your ANTIFA brother in the bedroom and get your supper made by mommy. We both know you have no idea what a National Socialist is. And this applies to the average young American as well. You are so under educated half of you dont know what happened in 1776 or who won the civil war. So for once, keep your mouth shut, and learn.. Now the Progressives, yes you know, but your idiots and suck off your Gods and have sold out years ago.

Understand I am not a Nazi sympathizer, I am a SOLDIER sympathizer. A man who respects and hold honor to he warrior and his/her spirit. My blog speaks of warriors all the time and the German Soldier was a warrior, a damn good one in the eye of warfare. This goes for the German people as well. Such pride and beauty in their culture only to have it destroyed by what would become the England and United States we are today. How can we in our current state of society criticize theirs?

Capitalism was high jacked through the federal Reserve act of 1913, signed into law by Woodrow Wilson as everyone was enjoying their holidays. Who was behind the federal reserve act? Rothschild and his peoples, his Jewish banker buddies… Look it up, dont take my word for it. Hell Rothschild even bought Jerusalem… look it up.

Heres what Woodrow Wilson said after signing into the federal reserve.
“A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.” Look it up….

You see after this act it gave the bankers the power to issue loans with paper. Today all cash is electronic and doesnt exist, its worthless. Last I looked theres only 3% of value thats actually backing the electronic money floating around. Your money, ITS WORTHLESS. This is how mass wealth is owned by the few. That few? is the Rothschild family and his bankers. The Rothschild’s have enough money to feed every person in the world. They can end world poverty. But they wont…ill let you figure out why. All you have to do is read up on this topic and you will find facts. Not the conspiracy theorists deal but actual facts. Look it up…

Has it never popped out at you that leftist and progressives preach about “Multiculturalism” and all yet say nothing about Israel claiming and being proud that its a 100% “Ethno Jewish” state? I have seen people starting to ask question however. Good for them. But be careful.

But hey here are some quotes from not only the father of Political Zionism and who formed the Zionist Organization but also who is known as the FATHER OF ISRAEL Theodor Herzl. look it up. do the research.

The quotes:

Zionism demands a publicly recognized and legally secured homeland in Palestine for the Jewish people. This platform is unchangeable.

Our first object is… the obtaining of sovereignty, assured by international law, over a portion of the globe sufficiently large to satisfy our just requirements.

If whole branches of Jews must be destroyed, it is worth it, as long as a Jewish state in Palestine is created.

Palestine is our unforgettable historic home. The very name would be a force of marvelous potency for summoning our people together.

How about some quotes from Harold Wallace Rosenthal. Now be warned that some say a certain interview of his is faked, others say otherwise. but either way, you be the judge.

The Quotes:

Anti-Semitism does not signify opposition to Semitism. There is no such thing. It is an expression we Jews use effectively as a smear word used to brand as a bigot, like you guys, anyone who brings criticism against Jews. We use it against hate-mongers.

We Jews continue to be amazed with the ease by which Christian Americans have fallen into our hands. While the naive Americans wait for Khrushchev to bury them, we have taught them to submit to our every demand.

It is a reality that we have complete control of organised Christianity. Almost anywhere, completely. We ‘Jews’ must become lawyers so we could control and strangle the courts, we should become teachers and leaders in all the churches.

Prior to 1968, the gullible gentiles could take a one dollar Federal Reserve note into any bank in America and redeem it for a dollar which was by law a coin containing 412 1/2 grains of 90 per cent silver. Up until 1933, one could have redeemed the same note for a coin of 25 4/5ths grains of 90 per cent gold. All we do is give the goy more non-redeemable notes, or else copper slugs. But we never give them their gold and silver. Only more paper.

Ouch basically called you white people stupid and gullible. And you are stupid. You are cowards and have no pride and you let guilt eat you up when you should have pride. What a wonderful culture the Europeans have… what explorations, what inventions, what art, what EVERYTHING your ancestors have accomplished. Shame really.

Speaking of, im currently writing a book on Europeans. I promise it will piss people off and kick some folks in the ass!

I could go on and on but most people feel uncomfortable about the subject. Not like i give a shit, your uncomfortable because your cowards.

Now if we could just try and promote a true Capitalist economy. Imagine! Before 1913 Americans kept 100% of the money. yep. It was the most industrialized country in the world. It was on its way to being a Capitalist Utopia.

BTW HEY SOCIALIST! Karl Marx was a racist and preached mass genocide of the Slavic people. Also, poppa Rothschild funded part of your precious Communist Manifesto. Yep, he sold out.

You awesome philosopher.


Pride and anger as virtues

The religions and philosophy that tell you that pride, anger, and self interest are bad qualities or negative virtues or even they are sins are incorrect in their analysis. They are wrong and these things written by cowards whom are afraid of false profits. Unhappy miserable philosophers with no courage and no answers to why they are unhappy. They seek out any reason to find others of whom they are jealous of or dislike due to their success and blame the virtues and characteristics that have made them successful. Then teach against it out of spite. Or their dusty sacred books does not allow them to have such carnal desires such as Pride and Lust. They also attack individualism as well because it is now a collective of unhappy people. The growing numbers of obesity and out if shape Americans for example.

Those that don’t have the motivation and drive to get out of the so called rat race, the idiotic coward know it all, known as the American Liberal leftist or Progressive who will sit there with his vegan buddies with bad hair and Che shirts on and make fun and say “I’m a real man” as in criticizing masculinity. Ha. They look at a gentleman who is dressed nice, clean and with style, and who is obviously in shape due to his muscles and they hate them from the inside. Criticizes this man’s way of life out of pure jealousy. You can lie but we all know it’s true. You dislike him because he looks better, is more successful, has more money, and your girlfriend wants to fuck him and it eats you up. That’s right, he walks in head high, shoulder back, biceps and chest pumped, good style. He mentally drinks your milkshake, he orders his shake but due to your jealousy he takes a straw, goes across the room and drinks your shake as well. He then pets your kitty, and what’s worst is there’s a good chance the girl next to you wants him to pet her too. You see but if you understood individualism and if you followed Deitus or hell had some PRIDE you would understand that jealousy you feel is OK, and good. Let go of the liberal leftist attitude, let it turn to anger, let your pride take over. Let your anger feed your drive to do better. To want to be better, look better, feel better, fuck better, to be the best, fuck just better. It’s OK to have role models and see successful people and want what they want. You see Deitus philosophy teaches a version of capitalism for this reason. A man will always want more. A man will always want what another man wants. Capitalism feeds off of this human nature.

To have human nature is to have and want pride. Feed off of your pride and the need to want more. Life is war.
You hide behind what you think is your intelligence. You comment and say things as “well, i don’t care what people think of me”. “I don’t give a shit about nothing”
Also what’s worst is you play the victim cards. You who live in a first world country and have the opportunity to pursue and dream, any passion, can learn any skill and yet you play the victim. Blame the government, blame another because of his political ideology.
It’s because of you we lose our freedoms in the first place. We can no longer have debates or intellectual conversation and pass around ideas because of your stupidity and so called social justice. Your jealousy, not accepting things for what they are, for what human nature is. You are a failure and won’t take the responsibility and step up and yes “be a fucking man”. Due to this we lose our freedoms. For example we no longer have freedom of speech. Say the wrong thing and it hurts someone feelings and your life could be destroyed.

Physical Beauty is a want of every human.
Can you achieve it?
Get up

Goes back to the beginning. Because you have no pride, you have no confidence. You are weak, and unhappy because you won’t use what is natural and earn, build, and drive your way forward. You must learn the same things you are against are the things that make people great. When you look in the mirror and want a better body, that’s your pride. So you go to the gym and build muscle. Look better, feel better, and guess what? You are better.

Oh and to the Deitus

Always remember to honor your family, true friends, folk, and culture. but do not self sacrifice for a world that would stab you in the back. Do not self sacrifice for the so called good. Only sacrifice for what you believe and why you believe in it, Your wife, either, and so on. Give charity to the homeless because it makes you feel better and you are contributing. Building the community around you. Not because a doctrine commands it. Be good because you can be, will be, and you are a gracious GOD. So yes be charitable especially to animals, always to animals and pets. It is their world as well and nature teaches us about life.

Get up and fucking work hard, study hard, lift those fucking weights or whatever work out you do and always keep learning. Learn, learn, learn. To educate ones mind and to feed and break down ones muscle is a road for the modern warrior. We have the knowledge of all at out finger tips. Do not waste this one live given, this one gift we have received. Since we have received we shall achieve. We know what we must do, what we must achieve. Wisdom, mental clarity, and physical fit. Your time is precious so start now. Rest later, trust me you are on your way everyday to the eternal sleep.
But never forget to love those who deserve your love, crush those who betray you, attack you, or stand in your way… This is your life, your only life, don’t waste it on individuals who will do you harm or is a waste of your time. If they betray you be done with them, if they ask for forgiveness tell them to kneel!! And sacrifice for you… A finger would do nicely. HA!

Why? Because you have fucking PRIDE!



An America

From the desk of the Great One, Hannibal…..

I was looking at pictures of a war of two American women standing next to a Jeep, the dead all around. She had a look on her face of humor yet pride…

Of an America..

American women mock the dead, smiling idiot smiles. In two generations their bloodlines would be drug addicts, criminals and misanthropes. Their beloved ‘democracy’ would lead their country into a growing hell. 
An America with a more than 50% divorce rate, murder rates more than countries at war and nation-wide apathy. 

An America with a prison system where millions (2,220,300, circa 2013) are imprisoned in privately owned dungeons, where prison labor, paying the inmates pennies, is used to make the owners richer and richer.

An America where over one hundred million (109,631,000, circa 2012) of its people are on welfare, and growing. That’s 35 percent of all people in the United States! 

An America where nearly a million (926,200, circa 2014, down from 1.06 million in 2011) of the unborn are legally murdered in women’s wombs each year. Where four in ten pregnancies are unplanned and 19% of all pregnancies end in abortion. If you are for or against abortion is regardless of the fact of the statistics. It still is…

An America whose leaders use its might to rob other countries, assassinate foreign leaders, and commit genocide against other peoples. All at no benefit to the American people, who are forced to buy the bullets and bombs used in mass murder.

An America of zombies, who don’t trust the government, nor the media, yet swallow their lies hook, line and sinker.
An America that smokes, swallows, snorts, drinks and injects escapism. Anything to briefly leave this hell. Anything to keep going a little bit longer. 
An America that waits impatiently for something to get better, but it only gets worse. 

An America whose government spends more on bullets than education. Whose teachers teach nothing but government approved lies anyway. 
An America where approximately 2.7 million homeless and unwanted dogs and cats are killed every year. 
An America where a third of its people are unemployed. 
An America where you don’t dare get sick or need a dentist. Where healthcare and healthy teeth are for the rich. 
An America where usury is allowed to rape the people with 30 and 50 year house mortgages and in the end you pay three times the price of the house. Vehicles are the same.


An America where Multiculturalism, transgender, and mental illness is praised and pushed upon its youth. Where the adults let there children decide if they are male or female at 8 years old. Where their 8 year old kid who should be playing on swing sets, a video game, Barbie dress up or above all educating themselves are instead dressing drag and taking pictures with a nude grown ass man. This is the America we were defending in WW2.

We are no longer given a choice to choose or debate our own beliefs or ideas but pushed and brainwashed by the net and TV in front of them. It doesn’t matter if they believe or not. Where if you do not agree with the above Progressive ideas and ideology we are ridiculed, called racist, homophobic when we should be able to believe and discuss this ideas freely and with repercussions.  But they can’t because free speech is no longer acceptable when social justice is used as a weapon to destroy and DOXX and individual. That is the tool the enemy uses to win a social war. The enemy are the Progressives, the weapon they use is in the name of social justice and it is nothing more than them letting people get destroyed to remove them from their path.

Study, learn, debate and share ideas. Lets not let this form go because of social justice warriors.

An America where a person of European decent can not say he/she is proud of his/her history and culture. I know, their racist. I know people cant stand to hear a ‘white” person say things in this context. But does this not prove my point? How about we look at it in opposite light or perspective. A European or “white man” gets to listen to individuals constantly complain and play victim hood while living in a 1st world country. A country built by western European culture. (Yes, i give credit to other races as well, especially the black American and would never take that from them. but speaking politically and government building this has been going on by European man for thousands of years and the US is a model of those years. Example: Roman Republic). A culture who has built many 1st world countries and even Empires in their specific times. And yet today in the 21st century we have MANY MANY opportunities regardless of your skin color. It does not matter what culture you come from YOU CAN SUCCEED and have a wonderful life in any 1st world country. I use European or western country as an example because there are MANY Western first world countries today. Yet, everyday, literally everyday to a ‘white” man there is a news article, a show, a book, an interview, a person who complains, bitches, and above all criticizes him and his skin color, her and her ancestors, white people and their history. Even though that history (for better or worst which, if you look around has come out a lot fucking better than you complainers whine and moan about or give credit to) has given us all opportunity, success, and to have more than we need. Most come from a American born and raised individual. From the rich ivy school student to the young man trying to get out of the ghetto. They complain, let me repeat, a person in a first world country COMPLAINS and accuses RACE for it. So How the hell is an individual racist for calling you out on your feeble weak minds. You are born with more opportunists as a poor person in the US and Europe than a young child does in any 2nd or 3rd world middle eastern or African country. This also includes small Asian countries as well. Many people literally have no way to learn, get medical attention, or have an abundance of food to eat and you bitch and complain. Above all blame a culture and its history that was from 1000 years ago to 100 years ago. Really? This is because you are a failure, you are weak and must find someone or something to blame. Americans truly have or are becoming a pathetic race of people. The individuals that built a fist world country where we all have opportunity are racist and the people alive today are racist as well lol. The institutions that have evolved into revolution and reasoning, then constitutional are racist and discrimination they LIE and say. Men all have toxic masculinity. Your hateful because you wont call me by my pronoun instead of my gender…

See where i went?

Venice, Europe!

Its all this, everyday, all day and somehow a persons culture and race have been added to the list to be blamed and ridiculed, everyday, all day. Yet, all of YOU are the tolerant ones. The Progressive Liberals are tolerant. Yet I get bashed for loving, discussing, and sharing my culture, my bloods history and loving it. Not just the US but all of Europe now. I discuss and learn from ALL cultures, ALL peoples. But I also discuss and love European history, art, and culture in this blog and it’s thousand years of it across numerous countries yet a person of European blood has been criticized over the past and even said they have no culture, no pride… And for what? What has the world been doing for thousands of years it just so happens that Britain, France, Spain, and the rest of Europe was better at exploration and other trades than the rest in that time period. That some of the most awesome history, best warrior cultures, greatest ideas and revolutions happened in Europe by Europeans. So end that silly liberal progressive racist guilt bullshit… The only racist in town is you.


Let me clear. If you criticize me for sharing and loving European art, history, architecture, revolutions and any of the above including Pride of my people and the Pride of the accomplishments of the United States you can slit your wrist, slurp and nibble me nuts, and go jump off a bridge. I will not bow low enough and be one of those individuals who defends himself and says “I am not racist because -insert reason-” because Progressives have already labeled me. Weak minded people have already labeled me.


I love ALL history, ALL art. Have family and respect of ALL colors. History is awesome, Art is spiritually amazing and all races should love, support, and share their culture so we may learn and build a wonderful place for all to live. But have pride of history, culture, and folk and if you dont like it. Fuck You.

The Beauty of Europe.
Dubbed the most beautiful Fountain in the world.
Nicola Salvi. Trevi Fountain. Rome, Italy
This is true spiritualism.
Florence – EUROPE..
No cities, on any continent, can touch the Art or Architecture in the buildings and literal design of the cities in Europe.

Thats right, the Progressive Liberal Democrat is the racist and discriminator. They discriminate against anyone who has a different opinion than them. Then they use true social issues and the minority culture to produce and maintain power. It is an enslavement of the mind. They take the scars of the past and use them as chains. The Progressives have been using the same tactics for years. We are now under educated, just watch late night interviews on college campuses they know so very little about the basics of history, philosophy, and economics. They are taught social studies and liberal arts by opinionated professors. They take the education and apply a documented and structured education system so you learn what they want you to with out any way of you questioning the ideals set forth…

Hell in school, whether its middle, high or college you do not learn one thing about money or investing. They teach nothing of life needs. They take and control your medical options. All the time they sell out both the majority and worst, the minority and sell them out for the vote. You know damn well you sell out for the vote. Rather it’s race, culture, sexual, and National security you sell out for a Progressive ideology. You even sold out the very Liberalism itself. Classic Liberals have to defend themselves or hold their heads low because their philosophy has been hijacked by American traitors.

You take with so called new deals and give women or mothers the incentive to be single mothers and say you will pay for everything. Like its a good thing for families to be separated when we know damn well scientifically and statistically children do better in full family homes. You take the fathers, especially black fathers and use the war on drugs lie to separate them from their families and destroy their communities and culture. They are tarnished by the past and whats been done by this government that they can see a way out of the spider web. Contra and crack… yes its true, the CIA and government back stabbed an entire community and for what? to destroy their leaders and now that their communities are struggling and you do the same to others.

The American community (especially European American) is now stupid, guilt ridden, shoulders low, head down, straight pill popping cowards with no knowledge of their culture and are more concerned with figuring out if they are a boy or girl and video games. European men and women use to be a standard, a high standard. Now they are so under educated weak, and with guilt ridden parents they see no other way than to go with society. Better to go with society than be called a racist homophobic and destroy. Yes… social justice on social media is an atom bomb of a weapon. Speech and beliefs are literally controlled but it.

You are a traitor. So how about keeping your mouth shut or meet Hannibal at the gates you weak American liberal progressive. We both know you are weak inside. That’s why your men are feminized, wear skinny jeans and watch Chris Mathews. Ha! 

I have the answer. I have the cure.

Destroyer of the cancer known as social justice warriors, feminazi movement, Anti speech idiots ANTIFA, and the Progressive army.

It is the epoch of Trans humanism meeting traditionalism. Cell regeneration and meeting your face with a cyborg metal fist. For the warrior culture will always be. I pray to die a violent death with a sword in hand, so I can dine in Valhalla! This is a philosophy of the modern that meets the beauty of tradition. To push forward but NEVER forget to honor the past. To use science to better us. To have pride in culture and share it with others to better and unite our communities of race, sexual preference and economics. A philosophical system of self improvement for men and women that identifies we all have differences, strengths and weaknesses and thats ok.

Become Deitus. A modern warrior, Life is war.

Yes, an America…

An America lost in an abyss. 
An America drowned in sadness. 
An America drunk on anger. 
An America

Your architect of the warrior philosophy

Peace Through Strength

From the Alter covered in black, candles lit, sword drawn.

Peace Through Strength….

This is why the Deitus builds his body to be a brick wall. So that the first thing a person enemy or friend sees in a well built gentleman or lady. In this way it is hopes to start relations peaceful. But of course we live with a mental warrior like philosophy and battle life for our life can be a game of war at times.

Art By: Demolidorx

At no time do we wish violence upon us and others but it does happen, it will happen. Human nature and history proves so. It is like saying it happens to others but it won’t happen to me. And I hope it doesn’t but violence will happen, can happen. You must be able to defend your self and above all, defend your family and culture. Stand in defiance in defense of your folk. 

So again we are in hope that violence does not happen but when it does….be ready, be ready to battle and die with blade or six shooter in hand. May the battle smell like sulfur and brimstone.
Build your body to withstand the onslaught of the enemy. Learn of war and warfare. With the explosion of MMA there are schools if Muay Thai and Jujitsu all over the place. Exercise, lift weights and learn MMA. Train in fire arms. I’m not saying make this your total dedication but make time to train and learn.

Art By: DakaMP

Family, folk, culture is what your defending so take it seriously. The number one self improvement you can do is get healthy. With good health in body your mind will start to follow. When you start to work out you will get stronger you will lift more and accomplish goals. How much you life? What you look like in the mirror… These achievements in goals will make you feel look better and above all, feel better. Then you will start to have a positive mental attitude and other areas of life will improve.
So not only will you achieve peace through strength but you will achieve self improvement, positivity, and happiness. Thus live by a warriors Creed. Live by a philosophers mind. Live e and become Deitus.

Your philosopher

Art By: DusanMarkovic

Return to beautiful Art

To the Deitus Art, History, and Architecture is one of the most important pillars in the philosophy. Art including painting, music, and sculpture is our ritual. The fine Arts and architecture is our spiritual feeling. We see the shapes, lines, the meaning and the design and feel its presence, it speaks to us. It is a creation by A human in proof that we create what is divine. Through us WE create what is holy, what is divine, what is spiritual. Below are statues that are built yet speak. They are idols dedicated to the human emotion. To beauty, to accomplishment, to creativity.

Deitus Becoming

WAR is in out nature, violence and self defense is a natural feeling. Our passion for competition. Our pride to be better. Our greed to want more. The want and need to have more, accomplish more, and the meaning behind what you have accomplished and created. We need to be able to create, to build, and destroy. These are things that human nature is built upon. The need and excitement to explore, pillage, compete, and conquer! The human understanding to build something, grow something, engineer the bridge that connects us. This is what makes us men. And we are losing and being forced against a wall. The modern society and it’s culture now shuns this with criticisms. The tradesman in his workshop is a cave man dragging his knuckles. The society norms now promote feminism on men and call them brutes and nonintellectual and other non sense. They start and in courage “believe all women” and occupy wall street movements with lack of factual evidence and avoid statistics. Just look up the war of cops movement. Look at the discrimination involved. Yet they ignore the problem in our dinner cities. In truth everything that is traditional is shunned. Even though Traditionalism has proved that it has worked. Another example is Free Trade and Capitalism. It does not matter if it works to the current culture in the US. Everything that is traditional and what has made western society not only great but beautiful is being attacked. This where the Philosophy of Deitism comes in.

The Deitus looks at it like is every culture, every race and gender too, every economic system and every political ideology is being advanced, promoted, helped and given benefit EXCEPT ONE. Then the Deitus sees it as we are no longer concerned as being seen as the Good Guy. To us it is important enough to not care and to be seen as whatever our enemies sees fit. Conservatives are always concerned as being moral and being the good guy with their Christian values. BAH! WE are Deitus! We are the heathens! The fucking INFIDEL! We are the warriors who are marching upon your city with shileld wall and battles axe. We prefer to debate but you have made clear that can become violent. Just say when Hucklberry. We will defeat you in political ideology and philosophy. We will defeat you in debate. Buy, we will also beat you in iron and blood as well….

We see the skinny weak liberal go to college for liberal arts and racking up 250 grand of college debt and have no skills to show, no job, no life. He then has the guile to criticize the construction worker as a redneck and call him stupid. They preach collective philosophy and socialism economics Yet have never earned, never labored, they have never known what it is to build something when their own hands. They will tell you not to eat meat but eat fruit and look down upon the REAL man who grew that apple your eating you little shit. What’s worst is then they blame capitalism! Because they learn useless knowledge and have no skills they blame the very free markets that have built the 1st world country they live in. The country that has spoiled them with their higher learning and criticize the rights they do have, the freedoms that others have earned for them.

Deitus Man…Deitus Becoming

Because of your pride in history and culture they will call you racist and a bigot and that we should be tolerant and yet they are the ones who sucker punch a person not looking. To gather in a mob and then attack innocents because of our differences and you are the ones who preach tolerance Yet we all know the truth. You are weak, miserable and you eat antidepressants like candy. Others that can’t join the mob will sit behind their computer screens and type on their keyboard and act smart due to some article they read. Yes the internet has given us communication abilities, but it also gave everyone Information to the point where everyone thinks they know it all. Oh yes, you have all the answers, yet your a miserable little bitch. How if you know it all are you unhappy and miserable? Oh because of capitalism right? It made another rich and left you broke. Because of the government right? They hold you down and oppress you. Or wait.. it’s white people or purple people and on top of that you are so miserable because you know white privilege has given you what little success you do have… You have gut rot but vegan is the way to go huh? But you got to pay the bills right, so you throw on your Che shirt and skinny boy jeans and go out and get on your bike and ride to your 9-5 vape selling shop. After you get off you go to your apartment, alone, cause there’s a 90% chance you don’t have a women and haven’t gotten laid in 2 years. As the night goes by you either playing a video game, putting together that Game of Thrones puzzle, watching porn or googling vegan recipes.
Yeah I’ve seen these liberal guys. I’ve noticed this is a basic day. Ok and they tell others how to live and how to enlighten themselves. They laugh at “real men” with their D&D buddies.

What real Beautiful Art looks like, liberal art is the destruction of true beauty…

But hey maybe your one who after school tells your mom your going to play with friends and sneak in your room and throw on all black and go out and try to attack the free speech March because your buddy who just beat off to a picture of Karl Marx told you that what he determines to be hate speech is not free speech. Well one day you will have to answer. One day you will fail and fall. One day you face yourself in the mirror and realize your only. playing a victim card for show, that your a failure, an unhappy failure. That day return to the mirror and answer…answer to yourself..that the Deitus is coming…

Deitus Beauty in Art and Tradition

Understand when I say Liberalism that I mean the American Liberalism and so called LEFTIST and it’s movement that supports open borders, multiculturalism, feminism, promoting transgenders, anti- tradition and anti traditional families, socialism, abortion among other things. Not Classical Liberalism from Europe. This also includes modern day American FEMINIST who do more damage to women than the 60s treatment ever did,

Liberalism is a virus and a disease, Deitism is the cure.
Tired of being unhappy, Deitism is happiness and life.
You were weak but now you will train to get strong.
You were a coward but now you have courage and pride…
You no longer live for others and the collective but for you as an individual. You will love those who deserve it and smash your enemies.
You will become
You have become
Deitus Becoming

Your philosopher

The Evolved God Killer

Deitus: Free Thinker, Warrior, philosopher, creator and killer of Gods

I am Hannibal Killgrave, I am a philosopher, a fucking warrior, a Freethinker, a Homo Deus, I have Become Deitus……Heed my poem.

Are we not the God’s? Do the God’s/Goddesses of history and mythology now mirror human ways. To the faithful they will say it’s because God or gods modeled us after them. But I say it’s opposite because at any given time if we so choose we could kill the God’s we create.
Take your God but then destroy all written material, your so called holy books, burn them… Will that God come? If you or the people of Earth have no way of knowing God’s name or his ways wouldn’t he not be compassionate to his people and your children, your blood line and come and share his name, his ways, his teachings with us?
So I challenge all religions. Or should we not honor the God’s/Goddesses of old? More than the new? Look at the Norse God’s… Their religion was destroyed, burnt, their tree if life chopped down and roots dug up yet, many still speak their names… Now these God’s that we, humankind, created should be honored and thanked, Gods such as Odin, Thor, Zues, Athena and Aries. Have they not proved their worth? Yet you worship desert religions, religions that have supported slavery and servitude. The degradation of women and kill based off of sexual preference. This is the best you can do? Christ and Mohammed? One a sacrifice for so called sin that’s nothing more than what’s natural to humanity and the other who must spread his word through breeding and treat their women like shit. ha! and the women of the West is currently falling for your lies like the idiots they are. Yet when I honor Western philosophy and tradition I’m slandered.

The Biblical David

We model our God’s after us. Our religious beings are so similar to humankind not because they created us, but because we modeled our God’s after us… We needed to be able to comprehend a supreme power, and supreme being. So we gave them names, moods, love, hate, jealousy, lust…
Even the modern or newer religions and their God’s are similar to us. The Christian and Muslim God is so eerie similar to us petty humans. Is YAWEH not a jealous God? Does Allah not command respect?
The Deitus does not kneel before these man made God’s but respect them and stand next to them… As creators, as father and son. We should not give blind Faith to that which not exist but give them respect. Give them respect by honoring them in our art, our creations, our entertainment. To model ourselves after the strength and beauty we gave them. The strength and sexy body of hercules. The sexy beauty of Athena. The Intelligence and courage of Persius. We should be brave and command respect like the Norse God’s, love the nature around us as the viking God’s said.
Be warrior like and lead by example through those of war like Aries. To be brave and have courage to like a warrior on the battlefield and pray that the Valkyrie takes us to dine with Lord Odin!
Yes, the Deitus become Homo Deus. Yes the Deitus acknowledges science and technology and respects said crafts..
But we do not lie to ourselves that we are humankind and animals as well. That we are warriors and create our God’s in our images. We ancestor worship and give dedication to our Warrior like ancestor tribes. The Spartans, the Greeks, the Romans! Let us respect the wisdom and science of Athena, as well as our carnal animal instict of war and survival given to us by Aries. After all, did YAWEH not command Moses a war general to annihilate his enemies and make their women into slaves? Did Mohammed not kill the merchant? Was the Christian God’s chosen ones not war generals over and over again? Moses, Jacob, David!
We are the creator of God’s, we perform Deicide when we are done with them. For we are Homo Deus, we are Deitus.

Now do not forget love and compassion of course. The above may seem warrior like and masculine. That’s because it is. However, we must also enjoy the company of those who deserve our respect and kindness. Enjoy our time and memories with those who have proven their friendship to us. We must remember that we also have our God’s love, kindness, compassion and yes, of course our lust. We create God’s of myths and the stories of love and tragedy and read and reread them and are always excited and enjoy the tales of the God’s. That is because we are the same. We enjoy a good live story. A good hero or good vs evil story. The Deitus understands this and respects it. Not only respects it but promotes it.
Accept the traditional teachings of love and family. Honor and respect them, for women to have beauty and smell of the flowers, For our art and architecture to hint of tradition and have passion in our art, architecture, and yes, feelings. This is important, not only in our everyday relationships but our careers, work, creativity, art, buildings, and so on. As above I ask should we not honor the God’s of old? I also ask should we not learn and honor the ways in art, architecture, creative, and of course love of old? Of tradition? Should our cities not have the ancient style squares within cities with the sculpture in the middle? A meeting ground of beauty and full if life. I know, some will say efficiency over beauty, usefulness over architecture. I call bullshit. There is always room for us to show greatness and architectural advancement, to make our reality beautiful. These comments are from someone that needs to unplug and make his reality better. Let us build Rome!
Should our buildings not have a the look that we all love? The classical style? Baroque? Gothic? Renaissance? French colonial? Victorian? Mixed in with our mid century, contemporary, and pre or post modernism?
The Deitus proposes all cities to have a look of true traditional architectural beauty, should we not have a Colossus statue and stone archways and gateways into our cities? How can we truly say we have advanced and progresses when ancient cities look quadruple better and more beautiful than modern day present cities. In the US why should DC be the one with Romo Greco decor only?

The Fallen Warrior

Deitism is a philosophy for our modern advancement era. To progress and advance through Science, Technology, Engineering, and medical advancement. Add a splash of Trans-humanism in there to because that shit is just to interesting not to. But we are a philosophy that accepts, respects, and learn from our past and the most important thing the past has given us is history, evolution, natures patterns, and tradition. We must use history as a guide to what is important, successful and what has failed us. We must see past failures and build upon them to not make the same mistakes. What works and what doesn’t. Again, The Deitus Philosophy is modernism meets antiquity, tradition of the fighter meets the scientist of the present. The Freethinker of today meets the warrior of the past…This is Deitus. To challenge your religion but respect the laws of tradition that have proven its usefulness over time. The ways of the nuclear family, the honor of your women as she is the goddess, to respect our ancestors, to honor our own cultural history and share our traditions while knowing there is nothing wring with pride in ones culture and let no one tell you different. To have values but to know our so called sins is nothing more than natural healthy emotions.


The Philosophy of Deitus is an ever evolving way of life. As nature uses natural selection and evolution of species, Deitism is the evolution of Philosophy. Tradition meets modernism. Take the successful aspects of the past to advance in the present and evolve in the future. Well, now the future is here…That future is today! Time to evolve, time to slither from your skin. Go to the mirror and look into the eyes of a evolved champion. Arms up in a V spread about and knowing one is of a warrior stock. Stand upon the mountain and roar, “I am the highest embodiment of life form on Earth, I am the highest of the species that created the Deities, It is Time to perform DEICIDE! I am becometh! I have BECOME! IAM DEITUS!”


Homo Deus Performing Deicide and becoming Deitus

The term Deicide is defined. Deicide: the killing (or the killer) of a god. The concept may be used for any act of killing a god, including a life-death-rebirth deity, who is killed and then resurrected.

As a individual who wishes to commit to the philosophy of Deitism and become a true Deitus the individual must perform Deicide on his/her Gods or Goddesses. I know for the religious conservative or Libertarian this is hard to hear and accept. But in a logical or rational thought the belief or having faith in a supreme being does not co relate with the philosophy of Deitus. Deitism is a scientific philosophy based on reason, logic, and rational thought. We base our belief in Science Mathematics, Biology, and the advancement of these subjects and the progressive advancement of medical and technology industries. We also use reason to advance ourselves and achieve happiness in or lives.

You see the Deitus see two Gods. One that is becoming (him or herself) as we grow, adapt, and learn (Homo Deus = DEITUS). The second is one that is in the future and it can either go in a positive light or a dark light. We can see this God as optimist or pessimist. This second God is one that we can not see as well, and is becoming more of a reality as the days past. This one is becoming more apparent as our technological advancement progresses. This God is the future of AI or artificial intelligence. More on this later in a near future Blog post. But is it not fascinating! A true created GOD! Created by humankind! AI…! But this could also be a dark and scary topic as in if we give AI complete control. Remember world Elon Musk warned you……

Since Mesopotamia, Babylon, and Sumeria humankind has created and gave birth to its Gods out of the unknown and fear. Answers were needed and they had no way of knowing or understanding the nature, Biology, Mathematics, or Astronomy of this world. We do now. We have all the pillars of Science to give us answers everyday and even more answers on a daily basis. The research and development giving us knowledge of the building blocks of nature and life is truly astonishing. So much as to prove that it is us that are the Gods. We invent them and even copy them every few hundred years. We also kill them.

Human kind has always created his Gods, now we must perform Deicide and kill our Gods.

As Science has progressed and knowledge acquired we now know the probability of a supreme being is next to none. That belief in a supreme being that dictates our daily lives is based on faith and faith alone. There is no known evidence to support a supreme being that controls the scenarios of our worlds affairs and what plays out in our daily lives. Until evidence provides the contrary the Deitist has to see reason and see that the advancement of humanity is based off of scientific method, rational thought, logical reasoning and use these to advance society for the better. To usher us into the next epoch. The age of religion is now passing. The Deitist accepts this. Now with this said the Deitus can also accept and entertain the theory that if anything, there is more of a possibility of a creator than some invisible supreme being. However due to evidence and conclusion the Deitus must remain Agnostic to this idea. BUT we will of course follow the evidence as it comes to be known. But as of now the leading theory is the Big Bang and far as humanity the theory of Evolution tops all and we base our knowledge and debates off of this probability as the evidence for evolution is far more superior than that for a conscious deity. unless its yourself of course :).

Religions of today are a hog posh and mixed beliefs of religions of yesterday. You can find traces of today’s major religions all throughout ancient times up to the current modern day religions. They all have miracle stories and some have miraculous births and Deities doing extraordinary things. It is simply impossible to list all varieties of religion as we as a species have created an almost infinite variety of religious and transcendental ideas. Even our traditions, basic everyday ways of life and holidays are based off of mixed religions and mythology. From Christmas trees, mistletoe to the names of the days of the week to the months on the calendar. Of course this is fine and we fine tradition and mythology a wonderful and beautiful thing. It is a part of our culture and history and should be kept, celebrated and respected. But we must keep our wits about it and know what is real or a myth. Celebrate for what it is and the history or culture behind it and not live our lives off of 2000 year old tales and books. So you see we as Deitist can of course go along with our families and celebrate all the holidays and enjoy ourselves and let the kids entertain. There is nothing wrong with a bit of fantasy, dogma, and wonder. We need more of it. This is why we encourage the arts. We respect, defend, and support all art forms, writing, music, film, poetry, painting and so on. We must bring fantasy and entertainment into the world.

Some point to morality being defined by religion but i find this comical. No human needs to be told right from wrong when the human reaches adult hood. As a society we know the difference in good morality and bad morality. We know we should not kill, steal, rape, and kidnap. We know right from wrong and is up to the individual if one decides to break basic human good moral conduct and decency. Matter of fact i think it is religion that hurts our way forward because if we stop doing good for a God and start doing good for the advancement of human kind we as a whole will do more. If we understand that we are here alone and must base it upon ourselves to improve the world and help all humankind that we MUST do it that we can not leave it to a higher power to do it, that we will take more and faster action to complete the task. To understand and find better ways to help humanity out of disease and poverty that these things will be a problems of most importance and work to better the world. Instead I see individuals say well i gave a buck to the homeless guy and went to church this Sunday so I have done my good deed and “hey God has a plan, so he will help the people of the world” NO! God, gods and goddesses has had 5000 or more years to help humanity and the only way humanity has progressed and advanced is us doing it! We seen God rule the world and that brought us the Dark Ages, it was a horrible time period. We and our ancestors deserve the credit of making humankind better and the world a more stable clean place to live. The poverty rate has lowered over the last decade due to us using free markets. The child death rate has gone down due to us advancing and donating medicine and giving it out to adults and children in third world countries. This is humanities accomplishment and we should acknowledge this and do more. What we have accomplished in ways of compassion and charity is astonishing but its not near enough. We can and should do more. We have the capability of giving the world a better place to call home. This does not take religion. This takes our minds of logic and reasoning. This is of more importance than do give it to an invisible deity that never comes or a God that stands by and watches all of the pain in the world. This God they speak of who tolerates disease, war, sex trafficking, rape and torture. This God is not present and hasent been since man can remember. Its always man that writs and creates these Gods to give humans hope to carry on. If this is your God then you can keep him and get out of the way! Let us fix his mistake, let us make the world better, without pain, hunger and misery. DEITUS will give the world hope! For we are no longer homo sapiens, but HOMO-DEUS = DEITUS! So it is our problem, we should fix it and finish this thing called misery. No person on Earth should be hungry. No person on Earth should be used as a slave of any kind and live in a world without hope, compassion, and alone.

The Deitus philosophy takes our natural ways and virtues and puts them to ways that will advance us as individuals. Because humankind is an animal and many of our traits and virtues are not based off of good moral. We are selfish and act in self interest, we are competitive, we are passionate to the point to where our drive will cause to have little compassion for those in our way. We get angry and want revenge. Religion tell us these things such as anger is a sin but this is complete bullshit. These traits should be acknowledged and used in ways that benefit us. For example Pride gives us reason to strive for our passion accomplish goals. Vanity and pride together gives us reason to get to the gym, exercise to look better and get healthy. Lust is always fun and we can release our happiness and use it for enjoyment and how to express ourselves. Greed makes us want to more so we work harder and come up with more ideas to not only benefit ourselves by profit but benefits humanity due to the ideas we produce. Because this greed makes us want the nicer house, the faster awesome looking car, the new toys on the market. All these things are significant to employment and economy. All based off of what religion calls a bad thing! HA! These are not sins in which we should be ashamed of and hide in the closet, how ridiculous and stupid to base our life off of these standards, the Deitus laughs at such teachings. We use our traits that make us different from the common animal. We use them to build a world of greatness. To rise to the stars and beyond. Yes we are greedy, but that greed leads to making more, to making an abundance, and to share that abundance. (think food sources).


Deitist do not go around criticizing people because of their religion on a daily basis nor do we judge you based on your idea of God or the supernatural. The philosophy of Deitus believes in religious freedoms or freedom of religion. The current situation with the American liberal going around not only criticizing but even physically attacking citizens is nothing short of stupid individuals acting like complete idiots with no sign of intelligence. ANTIFA are 14 year old liberals that cant get laid and have been brainwashed by a society that plays the victimized card. They are nothing more than cowards. We do not criticize or insult someones lack of intelligence due to ‘just’ their religion. Now we do not agree with them of course but as long as they are hurting no one they can believe in what they want. This is a great freedom and we respect and support this right. We will never sucker punch you in the face because you are a Conservative Christian for example. Now understand if a person of religion offers to debate a Deitist over religion or the existence of a supreme being or any other kind of debate then of course we are happy to oblige. The Deitist will take the gloves off for that entertainment and to share ones knowledge. But to go out and attack individuals at a day of prayer meeting or a march for free speech is insulting to humankind’s intelligence. We have no patience for this sort of individual. Also, a Deitist does not turn the other cheek. If you strike our cheek we will bash you in the other, then kick you on the ground. Not only will we entertain your notion of violence but we will enjoy it. Yes we pride ourselves on intellect but we are also realist and truly believe that one of humanities gold standard is violence. This is unfortunate but we are animals after all. If you wish to get your ass kicked, step up.

The Liberal section of the Democratic party have betrayed the citizens of the US by supporting such actions. The liberals constantly slander and criticize those simply because of being Christian. Yet, they will for some reason defend the religion of Islam. Ive never seen such lack of common sense and the horrible part is the destruction of the American college as their is no longer a sharing of ideas and debate if you do not agree with the ideology of American Liberalism you are shunned in these supposed institutions of higher learning. This slander and character destruction doubles if you are a Christian in these institutions. Your religious liberties are not protected on these campuses. Furthermore the ideology and lack of freedom of speech is even worst and all this should be protected! This is truly an embarrassment to our country as a whole.

Now with all this said some religious individuals in this country are not innocent as well. For years Atheist, humanist, and agnostics have been judged, criticized, and slandered in this country. Ive seen people befriended and even fired from their jobs due to being an atheist or even “not religious”. Ive seen relationships and entire families destroyed over religion and peoples beliefs. People lives ruined for a period of time due to being outcasted as an Atheist or similar. This is ridiculous as people should be free to believe what they want. This is a right in the good ol US of A. At least it should be. The Deitist despises any religious community that takes these actions just as much as any other community that judges or criticizes over religious beliefs. Now things have gotten a lot better over the last 10-15 years and many are becoming very open minded. Which is good for the progress of us coming together.

But with this comes another problem. When we tell others why we do not believe in God or why we are against organized religion people are offended. After all I tell people to kill their God and stand in his wake. Become God, perform DEICIDE and let no lord stand before yourself. So yes I offend people my philosophy will offend people. This will happen and always will happen. So there becomes a line in the sand. But this can be avoided but to some there is no way around it. I know its hard to not say “your an idiot that believes in a guy with a beard that sits in the clouds and judges people when there is no evidence to support that”. But you can always present it in another respectful way 🙂 for example, “I do not believe in God because i think the theory of evolution has more evidence behind it”. I know seems simple but in heated discussions where we strongly believe things tempers flare and sometimes you lose control. We all know this but the Deitus must use restraint as we represent a philosophy for advancement. People have dedicated their lives to a certain religion and if the teachings say to not associate or even hate those who disagree then there is no tolerance and so therefore there is not a way forward. These individuals are to be ignored and be told why there religion is wrong with no respect to them involved. Unfortunately that’s the way it is. To others who are tolerant and wish to discuss religion then it can be done on a neutral setting or even in a debate situation where both parties can discuss and debate in mutual respect to some extent. Deitist respect those who have earned it. Show us respect and we will show you equal respect. Show us kindness and we will return the favor. Attack us and we will turn the ground into a battlefield, rather with words or fists. This is very simple, we wish to debate but will not back down to a fight, especially in self defense.

Now when it becomes political issue a lot of times things can be agreed upon. situations like wanting to teach a religious class in public schools or having ten commandments posted somewhere. One example is i see no reason why religious study or a class can be an elective in school that way it is the students choice to take the class or not. Far as posting religious signs and such on government property there is a decision to be made. Either let everyone post or no one. That should be voted upon by the people of the state. These are just two situations but all can have an outcome that can be worked on. Some may not always agree but at least it can be discussed in a civilized way.

A personal word to my fellow Deitist. Religion is slowly becoming a small portion of individuals lives. As the years have passed it has become of less and less important and this will continue. People will always seek out religion or a way of life. The philosophy of Deitus offers them a way. It is up to us to share it with people. We take pride in knowing our philosophy is of self improvement for ourselves and advancing human kind into something more, something greater. WE are here to support the progress of advancement in the Sciences and of personal achievement.


Our Failed Democracy

Our Failed Democracy

From the desk of Hannibal Killgrave

Understand that the US is not technically a Democracy. We hear this term when especially talking about the Western countries (the US and European countries). The US is combined but established as a Republic. In basic language the difference being a Republic has a constitution that gives its citizens inalienable rights. A Democracy does not. The US is now more of a Democratic Republic. I encourage you if this interest you to do some research on the difference between Republic and Democracies. This Blog post is more of The US turning into a Democracy or Democratic Republic and in current times it failing us as citizens and why… I will use Democracy as it’s a term most people are used to.

To avoid a majority rules and the rest of us are shit out of luck setting we have a Constitution that gives us rights. So regardless there are certain things that if the majority votes on and we don’t agree they cannot do anything about. This is the very difference in a Republic and a Democracy. So with that said how is the US moving away from being a Republic and now being both, a Republic, and a Democracy? The answer is dangerous.

Some will argue the majority rules government is a bad system. Most cases they are correct but if you add in a Constitution then the system becomes a lot more stable. In most cases a majority of the country will want something and these policies can be debated over. This stops cultural shifts and overly progressive movements from playing devastation on a government and country and keeps it relatively stable.

But what the most damaging is to our Republic or Democracy is influence and profit. Introducing influence and profit into a scenario in which our reps vote on what’s best for us as a whole. This is a bad situation. The lobbyist and those with wealth and power can influence our reps on which way to vote. This is the exception to the majority rules and what I mean by that is the reps can know what is best, how the majority of the reps want to vote, what the majority of the country wants, and even know it’s the right vote, a common sense or even morally correct way and yet they vote differently.

With power comes influence on the reps and with this influence they can make them vote in which way they want and this can be led by a cultural shift or movement. This is how the American liberal and the Progressives in the US are changing the scope of the US like never before. Washington is now bought and paid for. A government officially using his wealth and influence to pass laws that will benefit his company outside of politics. A government employee using his position of authority to get a bill passed that he thinks will benefit many (regardless if it’s good or not, it’s what he/she thinks is good). Individuals outside of government buying politicians and votes to get a certain individual in office (this has happened many times).

Now understand this is why many is also uninformed on what Capitalism is. When lobbyist or wealthy individual buy or use their influence to pass legislature that benefits them this is CRONY CAPITALISM. This is not a pure form of Capitalism or any under the capitalism/free trade umbrella. This is where many side with a socialist market/government due to not understanding or being uninformed about a true Capitalist economy/government style.

So you have the powerful wealthy individuals tossing the funds around and buying the policies and laws they want but you also have another virus.                                                 


So now you have a yin yang wreaking havoc on our Democratic freedoms. But this is not the good philosophical yin yang the East has taught us. This a fire on one side and a flood on the other. Let’s use some examples. A lobbyist for an oil company that needs a law passed that benefits the sale of oil internationally. The lobbyist for a green energy company passing a referendum that will make parts for a new technology cheaper to get ahead of the competition. A lobbyist for a huge company that will help them monopolize an industry or technology. These are just example but you understand the importance and danger.

So, the answer…. ahhh glad you asked.

1. You ever hear the saying separation of church and state. Well I say separation of Economy and state. That will fix a large part of the issue. Law makers cannot make laws that will affect the nation’s economy. It will be a free market. Now I do understand monopolies and such but that won’t happen (another post and discussion for later).

2. No lobbyist in Washington. This includes all lobbyist. Now I understand labor unions and they should be able to fight for safe conditions and the pay scale for the worker. But far as throwing money around that’s a negative…. want your candidate to get elected, campaign for him/her.

3. Know the Constitution of the US is the most important document. Some say it’s now outdated and debate against it. They can shut up… It is important because it protects us from a majority rules type of Democracy. It gives us rights that cannot be taken away. The Romans knew this which is why they debated on political philosophy and adopted a Republic. This is why the founding fathers of the United States debated and now we have the Constitution and why we can read the Federalist papers among other writings on political philosophy, government and law. Unfortunately in the US our current culture doesn’t even know what the federal papers are.

I see some of the interviews done on TV shows, especially late night shows and it is horrifying what answers come out of people mouths. Education in the US have become a joke. Don’t get me started. Soon I will make a blog posts on safe places and the current college philosophy of today…. but I like to bounce around because sometimes politics and current affairs becomes a snooze fest.

So this blog post may have moved away from directly affecting the Deitist philosophy but this is important to Deitism and to us all. It’s important to the Deitus Philosophy because we must use this knowledge and understanding when studying and discussing Capitalism and why our current government system is failing us. In order for humans to become Homo Deus we must first free ourselves to better our lives. To be able to pursue our dreams and passions. To pursue Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This is something we can all fight for. This is Thomas Paine’s Common Sense.